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  1. Its all very well whingeing about waiting times to see a consultant, but please see it from their point of view. If people didn't have to wait, no one would be forced to go private and this would hit the pockets of these poor people only earning £185,000. There is no sense in reducing waiting lists because that would only reduce demand for expensive private treatments offered at the hospital. 2 year wait for a cataract or next week if you're willing to use your life savings. I know you may see this as cynical but its exactly what was offered to my mother
  2. I thought this headline wad a joke but these idiots really have put him in charge. What the hell were they thinking? Please please please come to your senses and get the no confidence vote in quickly.this man couldn't run the hospital shop let alone an island going bankrupt
  3. I noticed that the petrol has gone up to £1.17 again this week, isn't it supposed to come down once the visitors have been fleeced? Maybe the OFT can arrange a two year investigation and find nothing wrong again.
  4. I hope the scumbags up in the jurby hilton are going to have to pay to watch tv as well. Why should our pensioners be treated worse than than prisoners who get everything handed to them on a plate.
  5. I hope the farmer gets what he deserves, and his killer mate. He should never be allowed to keep animals again. Anyone who has such little regard for life has no right to be keeping sheep. All these farmers see is cash and they couldn't give a shit about the animals
  6. As for the post office, the reduction in the number of parcels is probably due to the fact that everything you try to order isn't available here. I ordered face cream from QVC and was told royal mail wouldn't touch dangerous items like that. Thankfully we have Hermes who dropped it off the next day
  7. Did anyone else notice how many Tt visitors were on the soft drinks this year? Funny how at closing time there were very few bikes left at the pubs and bushys. Were they all pushing them back to the camp sites? Or is our friendly force turning another blind eye
  8. I've heard that the jurby Hilton is already full of eastern Europeans so they have to let them off. No beds at nobles and no beds at jurby. Why else would these people who are endangering lives be given a slap on the wrist. Maybe if our police force spent more time on law enforcement and less taking selfies for twitter our roads would be safer
  9. My wife has just been refused a delivery from QVC shopping channel because they said Royal Mail has said it is a hazardous substance, and will not transport it to the island. the item in question was three small tubes of Liz Earle facial cream. I think this is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time. thank god for Hermes.
  10. Scrapping free parking at the airport and increasing charges in Douglas car parks - just two ways government is planning to save money. A raft of controversial measures is being implemented by the Department of Infrastructure in a bid to save £5 million in this financial year. They're set to hit taxpayers in the pocket - people will now be charged to park on the Douglas Promenade walkway - and free disc parking is being reduced to one hour instead of two. School children will be charged 50p per journey to travel to and from school and senior citizens will now have to wait until they reach state pension age for a free bus pass. The majority of the changes do not have to be approved by Tynwald - the department says they are designed to be as fair as possible in "extremely difficult circumstances". Thankfully all of my christmas shopping has been delivered by Amazon Ebay and Play, no need to visit douglas shops. my children no longer need to use these overcrowded dirty buses, and i have told my relatives to meet me outside the front of the airport so i dont have to park up. after years of no pay rises this government has to realise that they can only squeeze so much blood out of the people living here. maybe these extra charges will enable our politicians (????????) to give themselves a nice payrise, or roll out another big debate about how we can rip off the pensions pot again. the sooner these jokers admit we are broke and ask for help the better. IT WORKED FOR GREECE AND IRELAND.
  11. http://www.livinghopechurch.com/ after money like all of them they even have an easy give button for your convenience
  12. There is a funny show in peel this week if you're looking for something to do. DEATH BY FATAL MURDER. At the Peel Centenary Centre on 31st of october to 2nd november at 7 30pm. i've seen the others they've done and they are brilliant
  13. my wife arrived back on the island this week on a half empty flybe flight. when i booked i was informed that there were only two seats available for this flight and i should hurry with my booking. DROP THE PRICES AND THEY WILL FLY.
  14. how about offering tickets that the average person can afford. I would fly more frequently if the ticket prices were more realistic. I have cancelled trips away after seeing some of the quotes on flybes site. its no wonder the planes are half empty
  15. http://www.silentmajority.co.uk/eurorealist/isleofman.html If you have an article that you would like published here please e-mail it to Sir, I have conducted economic surveys of various nations for the past 25 years and I am concerned at the lack of information passed to the Manx people regarding the future of the Isle of Man as an offshore centre. I read Richard Corkill's interview in the Financial Times with great interest but I was dismayed that much of the truth of the matter was swamped in economic phrases meaningless to the man in the street. I hope to rectify that some way in this letter, by stating some clear and well known facts - well known, that is, in financial circles, if not the Isle of Man. I will use plain language, easily understood. The various "tax havens" throughout Europe, yourselves included, will cease to function as such possibly within five years, definitely within 10 years. That is an issue not open to debate and one over which the Manx Government and Manx people have no say whatsoever. The people should be informed of that fact. Despite government hints that "agreements will be reached", the cold, hard fact is that the financial sector will for the most part move on from the Isle of Man within that time. What will follow will be a period of recession unseen in the history of the Island and most likely there will be no recovery short of large quantities of gold-bearing ore being found in the Island. I am horrified that the government is allowing property prices to soar as they are at present When the merry-go-round comes to an abrupt halt in a few years, a great many people will be paying huge mortgages on homes that will see a depreciation of perhaps 50-80 percent. No doubt the state agents who have been lining their pockets will howl with rage and say I am wrong. They did so in the late 1980's when I predicted the same situation with London House prices. I was right then and thousands were paying mortgages for properties worth 60 per cent of the borrowed sum I think it is cruel that people are being dragged along with the present inflation in the Isle of Man for, unlike London, the Island has little left once the finance goes. The government says it has enough resources to run the Island for three years - not a confident promise and in the world of economics a time span of five minutes. One north African country has already made very comprehensive plans to assert itself as the new near Europe centre for finance, which turns the wheel full circle from the post-war years. This is no coincidence, because plans are being laid for massive investment in many African states throughout the first 25 years of the century. To the Manx people I would say, refuse to pay these inflated prices, sit tight! Who else can they sell to? Force them down and ignore the bleats of the agents who have got fat at your expense. To the Manx Government I would say - be prepared to pay massive compensation to trapped home owners in minus equity. It is your fault this situation has arisen by allowing speculators to push up prices. Professor St John Gregg Cheshire.
  16. What the hell were the farmers of this island thinking of? pregnant sheep left out in exposed places when a bloody blizzard is forecast? then whingeing because they find them dead. what the hell did you think was going to happen? how much does a simple shelter cost? if I did that to my dog I would be prosecuted and not allowed to keep any more animals. why are the MSPCA not up in arms about this? Why are these people allowed to keep animals? maybe we should look again at laws to protect animals on his island, and impose stiffer penalties for people who allow this to happen.
  17. These two photos show the same stretch of road—the Great Kanto branch—three days apart. By March 16th, just three days after the earthquake tore it apart, the road was rebuilt to the condition seen in the photo. Here's the press release (run through Google Translate) from Nexco East, the company that runs that stretch of regional highway. I'm sure there's more of a point to be made about such a stunning display of resiliency, or as Michael Cote described it, the "diligent efficiency" of the response. About whether it would be possible if the government alone—and not a private company—would be able to work so quickly and efficiently. About whether anything like this would ever be possible in the United States. (Doubtful.) But for now, it's just an amazing thing to see.
  18. i agree with truth doctor, why should i pay to educate someone elses kids. many kids now do media studies or art degrees which are a total wast of money. go out and get a propper job and pay some bloody tax.
  19. does anyone remember the black pages? they were closed down for posting things like this thread. what are they really up to that they are affraid of us finding out?
  20. i wonder where the extra money will go?
  21. if they put the price up i will stop buying their papers. thank god for the internet and manx forums who needs paper when you can get the same information online. or in the courier
  22. these pieces of shit need to be birched. the poor motorist will suffer higher premiums whilst these scum abortions will get a slap on the wrist. the MHKs should start making an example of these chavs and finally give them some consequence of their actions. we are far too soft with these people. name these pieces of shit and let the island know who is responsible for the problems in our society
  23. stop giving the workshy feckless alcoholic drug addicts handouts and make them work. if they cant work deport them. theres a boat every morning. stop subsidising these people.
  24. i would fly a lot more often if the fares were lower. if i think of going across i get as far as checking the price of the flights and decide against it. in the past year i have missed two family weddings and a 21st and an 18th, purely on the cost of flights. with a family of four the cost of leaving this island is such a rip off. let fly maybe go the way of all the other greedy badly run airlines. i wont miss them. just a shame easy jet doesnt fly to more destinations from here.
  25. take a look here if you want answers http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Isle_of_man
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