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  1. i would fly a lot more often if the fares were lower. if i think of going across i get as far as checking the price of the flights and decide against it. in the past year i have missed two family weddings and a 21st and an 18th, purely on the cost of flights. with a family of four the cost of leaving this island is such a rip off. let fly maybe go the way of all the other greedy badly run airlines. i wont miss them. just a shame easy jet doesnt fly to more destinations from here.
  2. take a look here if you want answers http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Isle_of_man
  3. this is crazy. on derby road in peel they have traffic lights around a roadwork by shoprite which extends just 2 feet out from the pavement. the length of this is just 10 feet, yet you have to sit there wasting expensive petrol because people ar too stupid to bypass a 10 foot obstruction blocking 2 feet of carriageway. i'm all for protecting people working on our roads but how about some common sense
  4. well its not the hospital, my mate told me that they are shutting that canteen at 3pm to save money. hospital staff have to eat heated up vending machine crap
  5. petrol now up to 1.48.9. is this to help pay for the MHKs pay rise? the OFT are doing nothing to protect the public from these thieving rob dog petrol station owners. maybe getting rid of the OFT would allow their pay to be used for something useful like reducing petrol prices
  6. just found out that Bernie Flint is coming over to peel. this guy is the funniest person i have ever seen on a stage, i saw him on a cruise last year and couldnt stop laughing all night. he won opportunity knocks for 12 weeks and is still the best act i have seen in the last 20 years
  7. i work in the public sector and have had a pay freeze for three years. since then the following has happened. pension contributions increased petrol up 1p per week sometimes 2p car tax increased vat increased gas increased electricity increased rates increased loaf of bread increased air pasenger duty increased and we can still look forward to the annual TT visitor rip off increases uk govenment increased tax allowance making it not so attractive to live on a rock where the politicians are milking the populace for all they can get, then complaining when someone dares to question their greed.come on UK take control of these idiots and let real politicians run this rock
  8. the police are actually pointless. lights are a legal requirement but they still turn a blind eye to this. how many more things are they ignoring? drugs, booze, prostitution, the police have become a joke in peel and the kids knoow this. i might set up a brothel and just hand them a few quid every month. bent coppers are available wherever you live
  9. What the hell are the police playing at in Peel? ive just nearly killed two kids riding bikes wearing black hoodies and with no lights on their bikes. this is not an isolated incident. if i had hit them i would be the one in court explaining my actions, what i want to know is. 1 why are the police not stopping theses kids from riding bikes which do not meet legal requirements? 2 where are the parents of these future organ donors? 3 is this a problem elsewhere on the island? 4 for the police, what would happen to a motorist who kills one of these idiots?
  10. heres my ideas for cost cutting 1 cancel the TT and Grand Prix 2 shut the railways, horse trams, villa marina and gaiety (all luxurys) cancell order for diesel engine 3 cancel all bus routes that lose money 4 cancel all planned work on the TT course 5 privatise the airport 6 remove 50% of managers from nobles, and 30% the year after. this will improve performance 7 increase income tax by 2 percent 8 scrap 0% business tax 9 force MHKs to contribute to their pensions ( the free loading parasites) 10 stop all capital projects till this VAT crisis is over.
  11. you lot are so narrow minded. shut all the schools and buy more tourist trains for the millions of visitors who dont mind paying flybes over inflated fares, and being ripped off by hotel owners cashing in on motorcycle races we cant afford in this time of government cuts. dump the TT, grand prix, youth games and all the other shit we pay for and reduce the price of petrol. 0 % tax for busness is a joke when these businesses wont even use our meat
  12. do people still actually care if these shops are going to close? apart from Tesco i do all my shopping online no hassle, no surly staff, no parking problems, and best of all ive saved hundreds of pounds over the past year not paying rip off prices these retailers like to charge
  13. i saw this in peel looked like a flare burning out
  14. 1 nothing will change 2 uk government will find more ways to make our government squirm 3 Tesco for Ramsey 4 Ben my Chree will be in dry dock during TT 5 millions will be wasted on things no one cares about (IOM Films, youth games, Ramsey Pier, MEA, TT, sewerage, bus timetables, etc) 6 pubs will close from lack of customers 7 harrods for TK max site 8 big blue penis on the wedding cake and tynwald hill 9 traffic chaos at all major events 10 a congestion lane for McDonalds
  15. i realised today that i have done 90% of my christmas shopping on the internet. it was so nice not having to traipse into douglas to face, roadworks on prospect hill, limited parking, arrogant locals and surly uninterested sales assistants. with the empty shelves thanks to the steam packet i am happy in the knowledge that all of my presents are wrapped and ready for my love ones to open. i dont care if the boat sails or if the douglas shops get their supplies. even my turkey is in the freezer ready to go. the steam packet is going to destroy christmas for many island residents luckily im not one of them. shop local? i would rather give my cash to people who treat me like a person.
  16. Well done Peel. i spent two hours there today with thousands of bikers, and what entertainment was on offer to these avid bike fans? 7 bouncy castles, 1 merry-go-round, go carts for under 10s, paddle boats for 3yr olds, 1 road safety van trying to see if anyone noticed their usual piss poor initiative,an inflatable bowel showing various types of cancer, and the usual burger and doughnut vans, because thats all these people eat and will probably give them bowel cancer. the high point for me was the evil clowns scaring the shit out of the kids and making them cry on this fun day,it really warmed my heart. this with the vendors charging kids £1.50 for 5 minutes on a bouncy castle just made my day perfect. oh and a special mention needs to go out to the local singers and bands who performed at the various stages along the prom, Simon Campbell???? is this really the best we can offer these visitors as we are syphoning the money out of their leathers? i am amazed that these people come back every year. by the way just a note to the twats in the flurescent jackets, you are not police officers and never will be so just remember that when your blocking residents from getting to their houses. we live here all year and dont need knobs like you telling us how it is. And vendors as you are ripping these people off please give them a smile.
  17. get your ticjets soon as this will be popular
  18. Why the hell are Manx Telecom wasting £45,000 sponsoring a loss making event like the bay festival?(manx independent may 20th) is it any wonder that their prices are so high when they can afford to waste money like this. Also they report that Manx Radio can afford to give a free marketing package worth £79,000. maybe the government can cut their funding this year as they obviously dont need it. I feel that these people should do some research before handing over large amounts of cash. try sponsoring your customers with lower prices during these hard times, instead of throwing money into the wind.
  19. why do they need Volunteers? the amount they charge to get in to see what is possibly the worlds biggest bird sanctuary is obscene. they should be able to pay for top class contractors. that is one expensive day out for a family in a recession, i wont get stung again. if you do go take a picnic or you may need to take out a loan.
  20. £12.00 for me and my daughter to look at a bunch of ducks and other birds.. cages too small< animals pacing through boredom. no trains running. and cafe full of uninterested teenagers who dont want to be there. this is a bigger rip off than the cafe at the villa marina.. £1.20 for a 40p bottle of water. stop taking the piss and provide some costomer service
  21. http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=50197 what is going on at nobles? is this true?
  22. i have done 95% of my christmas shopping online and saved over 300 pounds. i couldnt give a toss about local traders and will try for 100% online next year. money is tight and to be honest the attitude of shopkeepers on the island sucks, they dont deserve my custom
  23. what the hell is going on at nobles? 1 ENT consultant in prison, 2 eye consultants suspended, general surgeons told not to do keyhole operations following serious complications. police checks not being carried out on foreign doctors, and management turning a blind eye to several unexplained patient deaths following surgery. its amaizing what you can learn in the rosemount and cat with no tail for just two drinks
  24. i had mine fitted last year and never looked back. i have a multi fuel stove from feltons in ramsey fitted by someone they recomended. the heat from it is amazing and our once cold house is so warm. have tried wood and coal and both work fine. one problem we had to open the windows once because it was too hot.
  25. www.nobleshospital.com take a look at this web address. my mate on the wards told me about this site owned by the man in question. she said he is just out to fleece the people of this island.
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