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  1. I overheard an interesting conversation on satuarday whilst waiting for a bus transfer to heysham after the mananan sailing was cancelled. we were told it was technical difficulties, but staff were overheard saying that there were not enough passengers to justify sending the fastcraft out, and it was cheaper to transfer the passengers to heysham by bus. i wonder how many times the technical problems have been low passenger numbers? how many passengers have been inconveinienced to save money? why cant this company be honest to their customers?

  2. why are there so many narrow minded uninformed morons on here? i came to this island ten years ago having been recruited by this government. at the time i was promised the same pension that i would have got in the uk. i thought that their word was good and left my home and family on the strength of this. i bought an overpriced property and settled down to serve the people of this island. i now find a bunch of farmers and shopkeepers are playing with peoples lives and futures because of their inability to run a small population. no wonder the uk has stopped subsidising this haven for the rich, where if you have more than 100,000 you dont have to pay tax on it, or if you run a lucrative business you get zero tax to pay. wake up and smell the coffee. tax the bloody rich and stop screwing the ordinary people trying to make a living. they are messing with our pensions and health care and have no idea of the effect this will have on the people of this island.

    i know theres a boat in the morning but i was asked to come here by your government and i was promised the same benefits that i would have got if i stayed in the uk.

    why is there a pensions crisis? jurby prison, iris project (still not working) nobles hospital, airport extension. etc etc etc. i've paid in for 22 years why should i give that up?

  3. sorry it's late but i had to go off island. did anyone witness the pathetic attempt by peel town commisioners to put on a firework display? i drove to peel with my three kids and stood in the cold to watch their latest attempt to save money. the last minute was great but the rest were worse than my neighbours who spent £27 pounds. there were thousands of people there using local services, and expecting a good display. what they got was a limp cost cutting exercise, and a bunch of standard shop bought fireworks. the credit crunch has finally hit peel, can't wait to see the christmas lights bought last year in the B&Q sale

  4. corporate manslaughter this is an organised sporting festival and as such the organisers can be held responsible for each death during the festival. provision should be made to ensure the safety of the public during the fortnight, and not just when the roads are closed. these visitors are riding like twats and to be honest some of them deserve to be killed before they kill someone local just trying to get to work. there are too many senseless deaths on our roads so lets start holding someone accountable. i believe that the first time one of these unqualified marshals are sued for gross incompetence we will see an end to this carnage. i drove home tonight and looked at the marshalls setting up and i honestly believe that elder grange must have emptied so that these practises could go ahead. there wasn't one under 70 all the way to ballacraine.

  5. several thousand visitors need ripping off at this time of year, why shouldn't the oil companys and garage owners cash in on these poor idiots. they need fuel to find a place to watch with no yellow tape, and should pay through the nose for this honour. with the tt surcharges being added to all essentials i'm surprised that the air we breathe hasn't been taxed. or is it included in our rates?

  6. I work for this government and am sick of people saying they are subsidising my pension. i have paid into this scheme for 22 years and now find that they want to mess with my future. our pension fund has been used to pay for several capital projects and now they realise there is no money left in the pot. they paid for the MEA, IRIS, the hospital, the prison, and now the airport extension. why should we be punished for this governments mismanagement? why have the mhks opted out when you are funding them totally, they pay no contributions whatsoever towards their pension. they picked on us because we are an easy target, but this will ruin the health service on this island, and with the end of the health agreement with the uk where will you go? i am lucky enough to have sold my house and will be taking my pension back to the uk where farmers and shopkeepers are'nt allowed to waste public money.

  7. my girlfriend had an apointment last week with a dental consultant, and was told that the delay was because the consultant had gone to a meeting about a new computer system. obviously he thinks computers are more important than his patients. we were offered another appointment if we didnt want to wait. no wonder the bloody waiting lists are so long

  8. i ordered online to avoid the uneducated school dropouts that inhabit the store. i cant believe the driver managed to start his van let alone find my house, on the other side of the island. unfortunately he managed to loose £45.00 worth of goods on the way. no explanation, no apology and i get to be questioned by their call centre staff who cant believe my story. give me shoprite any time.

  9. How can heron and brearly afford to slash their prices like this? surely they have'nt been overcharging us for these past few years. or is it because there were only 5 people in the creek tonight and they have finally realised that people are sick and tired of being ripped off

  10. has anyone else noticed that amazon, and play.com will not deliver electrical goods to the island anymore? i've also been told other sites are following their lead. i've had things go missing in the post but i did'nt realise that this was such a big problem. could it be that the uk are cutting off all links to the island not just our health agreement?

  11. once again peel commisioners are using rate payers money to fund a ridiculous laser show as they turned on the lame lights of michael street. how much did it cost to employ the company and the four men ( 3 standing watching) to set this up? after wasting money on failed parking on the prom, zeus the falcon and plastic owls, i cant wait to see whats next. maybe we need a roundabout outside the white house, or a giant seagull opposite the creek. come on guys dont dissapoint me do something really stupid.

  12. So the government had to commission a report to tell us that freight charges are too high. we really are being governed by a bunch of farmers and shop keepers. of course they are charging four times more than any other ferry operator, THEY HAVE A MONOPOLY. why should'nt they rip us off everyone else is, you only have to look at the price of substandard bread from ramsey, or the cost of a taxi in douglas. even the airlines are cashing in on our routes. so stop wasting public money on reports that only tell us what we already know. How about a report into the cost of an indian meal on the island which are four times higher than liverpool, birmingham, manchester and bolton. or is that because of the shiping costs to get the spices here.

  13. I find local produce substandard, potatoes have all gone to seed, carrots all have splits in them . bread is hard and often stale, and for the price it should be hand delivered to, my house. i think they send the best stuff across and leave the crap for us. i will buy cheapest every time, i now own a breadmaker so i dont have to pay through the nose to keep someone in a job in laxey flour mills. and i now grow my own vegetables so the heavily subsidised farmers can keep the animal fodder they pass off as food

  14. i live in peel and the thought of these animals that stalk the streets being allowed to drink in pubs fills me with dread. imagine trying to have a quiet night out, listening to these foul mouthed scum, fueled up on alcopops looking for a fight. i would rather put up with the filthy smokers, than the uneducated offspring of the islands ferral families.

  15. i want to ask why some companies advertise on island. you have the MEA, Manx gas, steam packet all advertising in the papers and on the radio. where else are we going to get these services from? this must cost a fortune, when prices are so high for their customers. and to rub salt into the wounds manx gas have the audacity to sponser a team in the TT, wasting money that could be passed on to the customers to reduce their massive bills. im sure as pensioners are freezing this winter they can take some comfort in the fact that somewhere there is a motorcycle being prepared for next years spectator cull, paid for by their winter fuel allowence.

  16. i cant believe this thread you lot paying through the nose for drink, being served by rude surley ignorant staff who obviously dont enjoy their work. you spend most of your night trying to catch the attention of of some uneducated idiot who is serving and chatting to their mates. ending the night defending yourself from some hooded moron who cant hold his drink. then to get home you have to try to find an overpriced taxi to allow you to pay through the nose to travel two miles, sitting in someone elses vomit or worse. i on the other hand have friends over for the evening with reasonably priced booze from tesco served in warm friendly surroundings. not having to worry about pissheads or ignorant staff. and no rip off taxi for me, or my guests, just a pleasant evening. i would love to see all the pubs on this island close, and all of these greedy landlords sent packing. lets open a few more tescos instead and put them all out of business. H&B could hike their prices as much as they want to then

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