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  1. i think the MHKs who voted for this pension shake up are going to regret their decision. all of the people affected are now considering their future on the island. these MHKs have squandered the pension fund on stupid capital projects and now expect the government workers to pay for their stupidity. we have a hospital that cost the tax payer double the origional estimate, a sewrage system that will never work, and the MEA is a bottomless pit that will haunt us into the next decade. the new prison will also be well over budget but it does'nt matter the tax payer will foot the bill. whats next? the airport extension lets see who gets the contract for that gravy train. ( sorry capital project ). i think its about time the uk government took control of this rock and stopped these people messing with the future of hard working people. cutting of the pension link with the uk is going to kill the health service on this island. no health care proffessional will come here to work when the island is being run by the cast of sesame street.
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