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  1. Its a general warning. Don't buy Gift vouchers from them as they are worthless if you want the best available price. The Steam Packet are aware of this problem but do not seem to be bothered sorting the issue out.. More money for them if mugs turn up and ask for gift vouchers.
  2. A friend of mine was given some Steam Packet vouchers at xmas and decided to use them on a day trip to Liverpool this week. After looking on the website for the fair which came out at £25 he realised that the vouchers can only be used when purchasing at the ferry terminal. So down he goes with his vouchers to book his ticket. £37 the girl says. After a few questions exchanged it comes to pass that these vouchers appear to be worthless as they dont qualify for the internet deduction rates. What a con! Most people these days use the website to book their trips. Why can't the vouchers that have a number code on them be used to purchase on the net. Its not rocket science to create a system where these can be used on the net. Anyone else had a similar experience
  3. As I have said before Quayle Home Affairs ! Earnshaw Tourism and Leisure ? Cretney Dept of Trade and Industry !
  4. Earnshaw, Tourism and leisure?
  5. 3 posts I would question. Quayle ( Home Affairs) Earnshaw (Tourism and Leisure) Cretney ( Trade and Industry) I have my views but I will keep them to my self!
  6. Spare a though for the wholesalers who have delivered all the XMAS AND NEW YEAR supplies to the Castle Mona and are now sitting on a massive loss. I beleive this will maybe put some of the smaller suppliers in a right mess. A large, and I mean a large supplier is in for nearly £100,000 and they are MANX. Come on new elected government, here is your first crisis. I know it is a private concern but this could put alot of people out of work. Brenda Cannell have already voiced her conserns, any more? Watch them all run for cover!
  7. The drug problem is really out of control on the island. So many kids totally messed up getting cheap and I mean cheap kicks out of drugs.I am involved with a kind of youth organisation and the personality change in kids who do drugs is so obvious. I know alot of you guys don't seem to bother with this and treat it as a form of relaxation but I have seen a young girl of 15 with the world at her feet 10 years ago now reduiced to a paranoid skitzo because of Weed.
  8. What are peoples opinions on Income Protection Policies. I have had one for 6 years and have been trying to have an exclusion due to a medical condition removed without sucess until now. Having had this exclusion now removed, the insurers are now refusing to cover me over another matter which my doctor says I don't need any treatment for.I was asked to put down on a reassesment form if I had visited my G P for any reason this year of which I did. They tell me the outcome is, keep the policy but my original condition still excluded from cover or take out another policy with my new exclusions but with my original exclusion taken out. Are they trying to con me? I hope I have not made this to difficult to understand but hay! it's an insurance policy. I pay what to me is a fair bit of money each month for this policy and felt I needed it because I am Self Employed I now wonder if it is worth keeping. Comments please
  9. Hate to say it but its likely to be the same lot who have being conning people in Douglas and Onchan for years and they are well known to the Police , Trading Standards and people in the building trade. All we hear from the Police every 6 months or so is beware of rogue traders they are in your area. Most people know who they are, why can't they be named and shamed. We need someone to approch the TV programe Rogue Traders and put these well known locals behind bars.
  10. Subway coming to the island, so what! Another franchise like our MacD, so it will be substanded compared to the real deal. Anyone who raves over a sandwich must need their head testing.
  11. If you were a young single mother fiddling the dhss out of a couple of weeks dole money by an oversight on filling in forms, you would go to jail and there would be no sympathy from the judge. This stinks! There should be a public outcry.
  12. Why all of a sudden has winter vomiting started to appear in september? Before Dr Kashol ( excuse me if I have got his name wrong) became the government voice on heath matters, we had never heard of winter vomiting. It was called feeling shit for a few days or under the weather.
  13. Nick Griffin (Dangerous man) Government be warned! Shame on the venue who allowed him to preach his filth
  14. Do you want to give the venue some publicity. They may need the buisiness with the winter months coming up!
  15. 400 people, must have been a big venue and everybody Manx. How did you check that one out!
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