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    I'm interested in everything. You name it, I'm interested in it. There are a few exceptions, like South Park, soup, biology to name but a few.
  1. I used http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/ earlier this year to buy a new PC. I'd never used them before but I can highly recommend them now. Their customer service is top notch and I knew what they were doing from the moment they took my order to the moment it arrived at my door. They offer some pre-built systems but I'd recommend using the custom option to configure a computer to suit your needs since they build it and test it thoroughly and you can get exactly what hardware you want, if you want to that is. If you just want a bundle to build on I usually recommend http://www.novatech.co.uk/
  2. Ah this old classic! I think you have to hit the G key before a race for the gambling mode
  3. Jools

    F1 2011

    Interesting tweet from Jake Humphrey earlier today: Yesterdays #bbcf1 programme was the most watched show, on any channel, at any time, all day long. Wow. Thank you.. Even if it was a quiet Sunday and more people watched because F1 is in the news, 6 million viewers is still quite an achievement. The race was excellent, though I'm not sure if that Marshal who nearly got his legs blown off by Nick Heidfeld's Renault would agree
  4. Jools

    F1 2011

    I'm more on the Twitter side than the the Facebook side of things, so here's a bunch of names to get the ball rolling: @redbullracing @OfficialMGP @RenaultSportF1 @MyTeamLotus @OfficialSF1Team @WilliamsF1Team @MarussiaVirgin @HRTF1Team @TheVijayMallya @MikeGascoyne @tonyfernandes @PaulHembery @jakehumphreyf1 @MBrundleF1 @StrangAutosport There was a few teams I couldn't find any official twitter accounts for (notably Ferrari and McLaren), but I'll do some more searching the morning.
  5. Jools

    F1 2011

    I dont think anyone is happy, except maybe Sky Sports and their employees, and the BBC accountants. The BBC's head of F1 tries to explain the deal here but all it really says is 'we had to save money, so we chopped up a program that has viewing figures at a 10 year high' I'll be surprised if the sharing lasts the whole six years. Despite how many people are unhappy with this deal Sky are still going to be getting good viewing figures for the F1, and they'll just end up waving a big fat cheque at the BBC to buy them out. And after that, as it is with the football, we'll never get it back.
  6. Din's Curse on the PC and L.A. Noire on the Xbox
  7. Jools

    Ps3 Wont Boot Up

    Just looking for some advice from you ps3 owners out there. My brother went to switch his 60Gb PS3 on this afternoon and after a couple of seconds shut itself down. He fires it up, I can hear the fan kick in, then there's a distinctive click, and then it shuts off, all within a couple of seconds. When it shuts off the power led briefly flashes yellow then just flashes red on and off continuously. Supposedly this is the YLoD (Yellow Light of Death)? I went on YouTube to see if there was any help but I quickly got swamped with numerous problems and numerous fixes, with no definitive answers,
  8. Just in case anyone doesn't already know, its Double XP weekend, which has been extended til Tuesday. http://www.callofduty-community.com/black-ops/black-ops-double-xp-weekend-may-10th/
  9. Jools


    I've not been following it yet, but a friend of mine sent me a vip beta code for this week's beta, so I'm currently waiting for the update to finish to see if its as good as I'm led to believe. Given the disaster that was Final Fantasy XIV though I'm not shelling out a penny until I've tried the game in these next 3 beta tests.
  10. Jools


    I've been playing it for a couple of months now, only on single player though, I haven't ventured into multiplayer yet. Its a good little time-waster but some people playing it go totally overboard creating huge structures like the USS Enterprise or the World Trade Centre, and I believe one guy even built a working 8-bit computer, but I cant get my head around redstone wiring to understand it.
  11. Yeah, they keep counting back so if the race ended how you mentioned, Vettel would be champion because he has three 4th place finishes and Alonso only has two. The wikipedia page for Abu Dhabi 2010 has all the possible results and ways each driver can win the drivers chsmpionship and as it stands Alonso has mutliple ways of winning and probably the most likely, though I'm still rooting for Webber myself.
  12. Jools

    Titan Quest

    I just ordered the Gold version the other day from Amazon though I'm still waiting for it to be delivered. I heard its supposed to be a good alternative to Diablo 2?
  13. I was getting some serious lag about 7/7:30 this evening while gaming. I dunno if its related though I'm on ADSL2+ with WiManx but it was definitely out of the norm, I had to head out though so I didn't get around to doing a ping test. Just done one now and it still doesn't seem back to normal, I usually get A every time (Peel road btw).
  14. My brothers old ps3 went full tilt boogie on him a couple of years ago, no idea why but in the middle of playing a game the screen froze and that was it, switched it off and it wouldn't even fire up to the OS. He gave Sony a call and explained whats what. After a lengthy period of testing this and that and relaying the results they told him to pack it up in the original box and provide the receipt and they'd come and collect it and try to repair it. It wasn't even a week later that they got back in-touch to say it was screwed (not the correct technical term, but close to it) and they gave him
  15. Not really noticed any cut-scenes being skipped, I've seen the skinning animation not work a couple of times on animals I've skinned before that take a good 5 seconds to skin. Other than that the game has been pretty good and glitch-free so far which is suprising given the amount of glitches listed on gamefaqs and other sites. Tried the multiplayer for the first time last night, took a while to get to grips with how it worked and how to level up etc. but then I joined someone's posse and he took me and someone else to tumbleweed and proceeded to throw dynamite at anything that moved which
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