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  1. If you need any free advice re pensions (if either of you have one) let me know.
  2. Tris

    F1 2009

    Well mcLaren look like they are out of the picture at least for the first few races, probably for a lot longer. I think Brawn, Ferrari and Renault ar ethe cars to beat but we shall see
  3. Final price drop before it goes to a stealer dealer £3,950
  4. Tris

    Coffee Shops

    I'll rate my list for what it's worth on coffee, atmosphre and yum yums: 1) Java - by an absolute mile. I drink their cappuccinos most days (I've invented a money replicating jar) and they have a good range of hot/cold food and cakes fresh each day. The staff in the Prospect Hill shop are really nice people and Bruce who manages the store is grand. 2) Costa - I don't think anything here is 'special' but its a well run francised system I guess. Gary thow owner is a bit loud and I understand that popel feel the way they do but he is alright. 3) Igy's (by the post office) - Coffee is OK, food is nice, but the system doesnt work. Quite a few times I've been waiting ages for my coffee as they bring everything to your table at once. 4) Jabberwocky - I really wanted to like this place but the few times I have been in here, the cakes were stale and the coffee mediocre. I'd go there again though as maybe I;ve been unlucky. 5) The Caff - Spot on milky coffee if you want something cheaper. Popped in here a few times on an early Sunday morning. Goes great with a full English or Sausage and Egg bap. Nowhere on the list - Spill the beans - food is fine but the coffee is like piss. Maybe people who like weak coffee like this but I think its foul. Every now and then I will try it again but its always the same. It may be cheaper but I'd rather make a cup of Nescafe gravy granules. I've not been to the Velvet Lobster but Alan is a top guy and has worked for both Costa and Java in his time. It looks like a good set up and I'm sure it would be in the top two if I went but who knows...
  5. Yes I've switched the firewall off and the AVG anti-virus software but nothing changes unfortunately. It seems to be connecting fine now but it just keeps waiting for the pages to load.
  6. Hello I've had wireless for some time now, and in the past had my old computer and a laptop running fine. Had a new computer delivered and again, it started up and worked fine (although it was a bit tempremental). At first I noticed bad pings on World of Warcraft, then it progressed to disconnecting me. Then websites started to get slower and now it refuses to connect. Whilst all this occurs my computer sees the router fine and has a good signal - it just seems to have difficulty letting me do anything! I've had the ethernet cable attached and it does connect but sooo slowly. Now however, it just refuses point blank to connect, stating my wireless network security key is not correct (it is). The laptop (on which I am typing) connects fine. Any ideas? System details below. I have downloaded the latest drivers (that I am aware of) but to no avail. In the connection status it states IPv4 as local and IPv6 as limited. On the laptop its IPv4 as internet and the 6 as local. The IP4 address end 05 on the laptop but 03 on the computer, will this make a diff? Is there some sort of sharing conflict or bad IP address? Vista Netgear DG 834 router TP-Link Wireless N Adapter Quad core etc, 4gb ram etc Note: Amazingly as a type the internet apparently is connected, it sees the Netgear router and is trying to transfer data but again, its so slow nothing happens.... so much so it is trying to download the lates AVG patch at 17 bytes per second. Thanks all
  7. Nice computer for sale, never had a problem with it, works a treat and happily plays the likes of World of Warcraft on the highest settings (yes I've played far too many hours). Bought from Dell a couple of years ago. Pentium 4 3.2GHz 2 GB Ram Nvidea Geforce 8600GT Graphics card 300 GB harddrive Soundblaster X-fi Audigy 16x DVD / Re-writer 19" TFT Dell monitor Modem Keyboard/Mouse Logitech speakers & subwoofer Cannon Photo Printer Windows XP Microsoft Office 2002 (Professional) £299 ono Send me a message if you're interested. Thanks for looking!
  8. Tris

    Kids Puzzle

    Click here Click on the clock in the middle and try to light up all the lights. I cant do it, just wasted 20 mins of my life.
  9. Now only £4,999 - don't let a stealer get it for less
  10. Tris

    F1 2009

    The medals system is complete and utter tosh and I seriously think Bernie has lost the plot. Sure, reward people for winning races but it is not so unlikely that you could have 3 drivers all winning equal races (say 4 each) and then you would have to decide it on second places (which takes away the winning aspect straight away). Changing the points, OK but ideas like that will just ruin the sport.
  11. Aye well it originally started with 8 but then we are going back donkeys
  12. Yes if the old points system was in place, Massa would have won by 3 points.
  13. In fairness Lewis had his hind handed to him today by Vettel, an even younger driver in a poor car. He is fortunate to have met Glock within the last 20 seconds of the race...
  14. I swear that last 3 mins knocked at least 2 years off my lifespan
  15. F me Will you ever see something more exciting?
  16. Integer, I like the way you tried to use this solely as a Ferrari bashing thread and have now (realising proper F1 fans know about this) changed your tone completely. How many other teams have threatened to pull out if the FIA go ahead with what is simply a proposal? Its ridiculous. You do realise there has been numerous breakaway threats from the current FIA regime? Whether its TV rights, safety issues, Max Mosely dressing up in outfits... The main instance not too far back had Ferrari at one point looking like it was the only team that would back the FIA...
  17. Main highlight of the race was the Alonso/Kovi battle. Lets hope the final race is a little more exciting.
  18. Will be interesting. I'm sure Lewis won't c0ck this start up but if Kimi is fairly light he may be in trouble (though Kimi is on the dirty side). I guess what he has to watch out for is that if he tries to play it cool, Massa and Alonso may have him.
  19. Tris

    Japanese Gp

    Lewis/Kimi incident - Lewis is a cars length (and then some) behind Kimi. Lewis panics and out drives himself and the car resulting in, another Lewis lockup. The car now out of control with a total loss of traction veers across the track taking Kimi with him. This in all fairness cost Kimi the race without any doubt. RESULT: Penalised Lewis/Massa incident - Massa who was never a full cars length behind Lewis realised he wasn't making the corner and went up onto the verge/grass. It was a 60/40 fight which Massa should have pulled back from but Lewis' nose went into the corner first and Massa clipped him. RESULT: Penalised BOTH were incidents that could have been avoided and were down to driver error. BOTH were penalised accordingly. Anyone even bothering trying to argue against them either didnt watch the race, doesnt have a clue, or is blatantly biased.
  20. If you didn't watch it this morning make sure you catch it later on. Action packed from the 1st lap...
  21. Tris


    Nunnery Lane usually has loads
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