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  1. Hence the objections. They'd be absolutely fine with it if it were Windows XP, everyone wants that coursing through their veins. Still, they should just be glad it's not Vista.
  2. The closer we get to 2021, the more I'm starting to think we should have a moratorium on the cursed-2020 notion, if only because it's going to break our hearts when if 2021 is the same or even worse.
  3. Cake then. At least I can say that I died as I lived: making stupid decisions in an easily avoidable situation.
  4. Ok. Does the cake at least taste nice? I don't want my last moments on earth to be filled with indifference towards a bland bit of battenberg.
  5. I do have a Ph. D and already know a few medics, but the comparative levels of our qualifications have never really come up that much—largely because such a comparison is actually pretty facile when you consider the differing nature of the training (on-going, in the case of medics) and focus (incredibly narrow, in the case of Ph. D's) of each. Don't get me wrong. I'm certainly not denigrating Rachel Glover's expertise, but that's a different matter and one of experience and a skill-set that's been built up over years. As I say, I just found the simple comparison of a Ph. D, on its own, and a medical degree a bit silly and cringe-inducing because of that.
  6. Yeah, if I remember correctly, one of the last tweets was about getting such harassment—something along the lines of how she and people doing similar work should face some kind of Nuremberg-style trial. I suppose it completely makes sense to the kind of histrionic apocalypse-junkies who think we're now living in a police state.
  7. Last I read, Rachel Glover was also receiving a fair bit of abuse online from those who don't believe in the seriousness of the pandemic or have an axe to grind concerning the measures taken to contain it, which may be responsible or play a part in the disappearance of her twitter account. The comment about being a 'real' doctor was self-defeating and a bit cringe-inducing though.
  8. If Hooper is in favour of minimum pricing for alcohol, and it's difficult to tell either way from just the question, it's hard to see that going down well with his 1980s free-trader Chairman, considering the latter recently got into a right old mood over the mere idea of introducing a food-hygiene rating system on the Island. But that's just another illustration of how hard it is for the public to get even a basic sense of what the party stands for. Josem considers a food-hygiene rating system to be "a whole new layer of red tape and regulatory burdens", but is that the party's standpoint or his own personal view? Similarly, Hooper (possibly) supports minimum pricing on alcohol, but we have no sense that other members of LibVan would support such a measure if it were introduced. I hope they get it sorted in good time for the general election. I'm not a fan of party politics in general, but if we are to have political parties it would be nice if they could function properly as such.
  9. You forgot "unmitigated tripe, followed by accusations that anyone who disagrees, even if from a position of direct personal knowledge, is either ignorant or a liar". It would be interesting to know whether it was the candidate or the party image that contributed most to Liberal Vannin doing so poorly in the Derby Ward by-election.
  10. That's not really true. Mec Vannin have always put forward a definite set of specific policies, even if they've failed to put their money where their mouths are and actually stand for election, and I seem to remember Manx Labour doing more than LV to establish and ideological identity. The Celtic League, on the other hand, is a pressure group rather than a political party. To be fair to Lib Van, they did issue a proper manifesto and statement of their principles in the early days and looked much more like a genuine political party. Not sure what's happened since then, but they currently risk becoming the worst of both the independent and party worlds.
  11. The party has an ideology? This will come as news to many.
  12. For the residents, or does he just barge in to use their kitchen in order to save on his gas bill?
  13. I wish we could have our own clichés. At least "Great British Public" is a pun of sorts.
  14. VinnieK

    Prog Rock

    I've tried, but I just can't! When I listen to 'Train of Thought' I think, "hey, that sounds a bit like Death", and then I just wish I was listening to them instead. On the electronic side, I have a similar relationship with Autechre and Aphex Twin. I'll listen, because I feel obliged to and will appreciate it, but halfway through I'll invariably think " 'kin 'ell, wish I was listening to a bit of Orbital right around now". Don't know what it is, but I've just got a block as far as they're concerned. It might be the case that when it comes to metal, I'd like experimentation to move away from the already hyper-technical sound into something more visceral, like earlyish Napalm Death or Carcass, or something more theatrically silly like Arcturus's La Masquerade Infernale.
  15. VinnieK

    Prog Rock

    For me, it's Starless. But everyone says that...
  16. VinnieK

    Prog Rock

    It's almost certainly a deficiency on my part, but I could never get into Dream Theatre. I don't know if it's just that their stuff sounds over-produced (to me), but they always sound like they're a bit too much on the sterile side of prog-rock/metal. Then again, that might just be a consequence of coming to it from an early-90s metal background where the whole technical/vituoso playing thing was so prevalent that slapping some wilfully exotic time signatures can seem like it's over-egging the pudding a bit. But yes, to echo The Teapot's post, nifty video! Sure the gig will go down well.
  17. VinnieK

    Prog Rock

    Just what I was going to ask! More Frippertronics please.
  18. A pretty strong result for Manx Labour there, given the fairly moribund state the party has been in for a while now, and a surprisingly poor one for Liberal Vannin (Alan Buck is apparently their vice-chairman). Haven't been following the campaign very closely, but Labour seemed to get the online part more or less right by maintaining visibility and getting their position across without being too overbearing or overplaying their hand. It'll be interesting to see if they can build on this in the run up to next year's general election.
  19. It's turning into a halfway decent comedy-drama over there. The "racial politics" and lying farmer's daughter episodes are my favourite so far. Season finale looks like it might culminate in a meltdown.
  20. There are plenty of areas where such issues could crop up: the allocation of land for development, the siting of undesirable (or indeed desirable) facilities, or the relative levels of investment in infrastructure or local services, to name just a few. On a more philosophical level, there's the question of representation. In all-Island votes, it's questionable to what degree votes actually matter in smaller areas, so that while you might be pleased in one general election because a couple of the candidates you voted for got in, they don't really care about or represent you or your community because they can comfortably win elections with the support they already have in the Douglas/Onchan/Middle region—in effect, you don't really have any influence and might as well not even have a vote. Tsch! Typically supercilious Southern nonsense! Ok, now that's out of everyone's system, what next?
  21. The problem lies in the possibility that if one area dominates completely, then politicians begin to focus on that to the active detriment of other areas; e.g. by disproportionately concentrating investment on the one area and outsourcing a lot of its problems to areas with little influence.
  22. Had to laugh at the description of Godred Crovan on the the Manx Patriots' Roll of Honour, which reads "defeated the Manx at the battle of Sky Hill".
  23. Not sure about the name, but I love the idea of our own awards ceremony. No clapping for recipients should be allowed. Instead, when someone goes to collect their award, or even just when they're nominated, the entire auditorium quietly glares at them while the presenter reads aloud a constant stream of reasons he or she shouldn't win and/or general abuse; e.g. "...and the South Barrule Medal of General Competence goes to St. John Clementbottom. Look at him, walking down the towards the podium...smiling gormlessly like the big fool he is. Massive liar. Massive! And everyone knows his mother's a loon. But then the whole family's a bit tapped in the head. And they're not really Manx...he's only here because his dodgy grandad was on the run from HMRC back in the 50s. Oh, and he was quick to leave the first chance he got, but the big div soon came back when he couldn't make a go of it in England, didn't he ladies and gentlemen? Tsch! Look at him waving to the balcony seats like he's somebody! Prick! What a fuckin' joke. He only got this because his dad charged mates rates when he built that garage for one of the selection committee."
  24. And who exactly is going to make him? They're going to have to deal with a living, and blood-thirsty, simulacrum in bronze of Barry Gibb in his heyday—the falsetto alone is said to be capable of turning a man's innards to mince.
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