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  1. Nipper and Ans. You talking to me?
  2. That could be the secret mf signal then. Like they do in spy films and that, when someone asks for Okells the bar staff could give one of those surreptitious sideways glances at you and a nod to known mf'ers.
  3. I've done a bit of looking around and ages ago tried Pamela and also Pretty May. At that time I think Pretty May was better (for me) because it recorded straight to mp3 but Pamela could be set to record all calls automatically. I realise that these are both free but there is a recording time limitation, so I am happy enough to pay for the software. I'm not too bothered about recording video. Any suggestions or advice?
  4. Looking north east towards Snaefell, bottom left hand corner
  5. nipper

    150 Mph Naked

    At the start of the video you can see the leathers are put into a ruck sack being carried by the camera bike.
  6. 20100523 KW- KB 001.mp3 I would love to know too, which MHKs Kevin's campaign manager has helped. I don't think the program was live. The studio webcam showed an empty studio but perhaps because there was half a dozen guests MR might have used a bigger room.
  7. Manx Radio Opinion programme has all 6 candidates being interviewed just now.
  8. I'm not sure that it looks too good having an advocate involved with a particular politician like this. For example, John Quinn (dad of James, Woody's approacher) was the returning officer for Onchan at the last General Election. I'm not so sure that giving full responsible for the count to an advocate who could have a closer than is usual attachment to a candidate (or group of candidates) could be perceived as a good thing. I know on the Isle of Man some advocates are not particularly discouraged by deemsters to act in their cavalier way (sloppy document drafting, ignoring court orde
  9. I am amazed that anyone can even think about attempting to question Chris Robertshaw's integrity, especially in the way heifer is doing as a faceless 'anonymous' internet forum user. Having read through this whole thread it seems to me that heifer is simply digging himself deeper and deeper into his murky hole. As a resident of Douglas East now for 15 years I saw the Sefton Hotel change in the way described in Chris' last post. That was through hard work and dedication to the whole business of the hotel including the very design of that atrium, and on my way to work in the morning it w
  10. Sorry for being "anal" or whatever the modern term is these days, but I really do wish forum members would refer to heifer and not Heifer. A small point maybe but in this game a point is a point.
  11. Hey! Nice to see you back SugarBee! I thought you ran off into the sunset with vader.
  12. Listening to BBC Radio 4 today and a reporter was explaining how Greece has a glut of former government employees who were able to retire in their 50s and so now no longer contribute to tax. They have big cars, houses and swimming pools funded by the pensions. Apart from the swimming pools bit it really does look familiar
  13. It looks like the father and son reunion alright. I quite liked this one for James, which could be seen as a bit of an oxymoron: Interests: Spending time with family and friends and drinking Guinness I wonder had he had a few Gs when I saw him dancing on the tables in Bar George Oh, and James was advocate for the chap involved in the case which we are not allowed to mention on this forum. Or else it might get shut down,like the other one.
  14. When I came out they were talking by Spill The Beans. I don't think they were arguing or anything though. It doesn't make a very good story like that I know. I kind of feel sorry for Kevin Woodford and think that for such an educated man he has been very naive and certainly very much out of touch to have got involved with the people he has, especially for an election. A former politician was heard to say that making Buster an election manager was like putting King Herod in charge of a creche. I'm not too sure that KW's choice of other friend is entirely advisable in this matter either.
  15. It can take weeks for a website to appear on many search engines' results. Them spiders have got a whole www to worry about.
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