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  1. i saw andi peters in town on wednesday afternoon......remember him???!!
  2. im seein eddie tonite so i'll pass the message on for you....am sure he will remember you! glad you managed to get in touch with chris take care x
  3. i know eddie bennett if u wanna pass on a msg
  4. what did people think of the ghosts and legends dvd????? i honestly didnt think it was that good....not worth £15! love the curiosities dvds though
  5. ive got a samsung and i can get rid of the text display by going into phone settings, display, wallpaper then disable text display.....u should have something similar on your nokia hope that helps???!!!
  6. aww thanks polskimann!! just stay off the roads at 11 o clock!!! ha ha
  7. yeah its about 4 weeks i think......i have my 2nd drivin test on thursday am gettin nervous
  8. i always do that too... say sorry even if they walked into me and ive even caught myself thanking people even though ive held the door open for them! i think im too polite ....sometimes
  9. i cant wait to see this... am going tomorrow night am so excited
  10. i thought it was really good, kept my attention the whole way thru... cant wait for the next one
  11. was gonna say the anchorage..... erm not sure of any other ones!!
  12. i went to someone in onchan called neville a few years ago and he was very good, he did cards a swingy pendulum thing and then spoke to me and told me stuff that was very scary!! stuff he would ve never have known about! has anyone else been to him? my sister went to see a lady in laxey but she was really crap she kept asking her the questions!
  13. mine would have to be a malibu (and lots of it ) and lemonade with ice. mmmm
  14. we paid well over £200 for 2 of us to take a 20 min flight to liverpool oh and dont forget the half cup of orange juice! oh and what ever happened to the boiled sweets?! it really annoys me that we have to pay soo much to get off the island, i mean once u in the uk u find flights that are much cheaper and theyre going abroad!
  15. flew to liverpool with euromanx on the 2nd july. flight was supposed to depart iom at 1145....... didnt end up going til about 7 ish. they tried to blame it on the mist but it cleared up in the afternoon! then they cancelled a load of flights. it was ridiculous they gave other passengers who had waited all morning lunch vouchers but us who came later... nothing! would not fly with them again ever.....plus it cost too much
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