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  1. What memories this thread has brought back... Does anyone remember Miss Curphey the art teacher at Ballakermeen? A very large lady and a very talented artist. She must have dispaired at the dross that she had to teach, including me! Mrs Rodgers taught Geography at Ballakermeen, that is, when she could stay awake in the lessons! Mrs Musgrove taught English, she looked ancient, even then in the1970's. Miss Bashforth taught us Maths at Ballakermeen, she was deputy head as well when I was there, good teacher of the old school. Laurie Davies taught us Physics at Ballakermeen and Pinhead Kelly at St Ninians. Poor PInhead, he had spent all his career teaching boys and had to learn to cope with us girls! A bit of an old woman but a good teacher nevertheless. Also, Peter Clague who taught the girls Chemistry at Ballakermeen before we went mixed in 1976 (very fit in his day). He came up to St NInians when we went mixed. He used to have an assistant called Raymond(I think) at St Ninians. Mrs Beatson was the deputy head at St Ninians when we went mixed after being head at Ballakermeen (I think), she used to scare the life out of me, I can't remember what she taught. She used to wear two tone red and white platform shoes which you could hear from half way down the corridor, this was really handy so you could put your fag out and sneak out of the girls toilets before she caught you! Spider Webster(RIP) taught us English at St Ninians until he died then Harry Taverner took over, both OK teachers if I recall.
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