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  1. Just how many free tickets are Manx Radio news staff getting for the Phantom of the Opera? I know the station is a sponsor, but really, is this news? Will all the other AmDram societies get the same coverage? News editor please news edit! http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=75000
  2. How I will miss MrMoss telling me not to ride my bike though puddles and be careful on the roads with no line markings! Roll on August and retirement!
  3. To quote a MR exec on the launch of Radio TT 365 Its one of our/my better ideas! Many staff are not so keen. Seeing the money being flashed around Bar George at the resent leaving party for some staff there is some concern that spending money is still no problem to management. Make no mistake, setting up the station will cost money. All that content will have to be sourced and I understand Dan Walker is involved in that area. If the BBC was to undertake this sort of operation they would have to put a business case forward to the Governors. In MRs case they see DED have given them the green light and will help pick up the extra costs for promoting IOM PLC and the proposed world series Ongoing costs look to be low if that schedule is correct, but someone has to program the computers etc also I would imagine PRS payments need to be paid on all that music plus any commercials running usually cost more to go on extra stations
  4. Today's dross from Moss or how to talk down to the little people who listen to my show "Watch out at the new footbridge people might get distracted!" Admittedly its only just opened but its been there for months
  5. I've got to say I'm a big fan of James Davies on Mandate He gets on with the items. He informs you clearly of all the interviews on the programme, does not talk down to you and best of all he dose not play any terrible adverts! No manx2, manx telecom, manx life or barry curren motors! Keep up the good work James, I understand you take over the show fully later this year.
  6. Not sure why this tread has come back to life as clearly nothing has changed over the years since it started. As others have said before I think Alex, the person, is OK. But the person that gets behind the microphone needs help. In my view - he does not seem to listen to any form of constructive criticism. Many people at the station have tried to guide Alex but he thinks he’s the best DJ there. This appears to go back to when the station entered RAJAR and he started referring to himself as the most popular DJ in the British Isles, it was on his website at the time. Unfortunately he was not taking into account the fact that Manx Radio does not show a split for their audience numbers between FM & AM. Many more listeners are tuned into Mandate when the ratings are at their highest. So…Dear Alex Please stop listening to your family who say you are great on the radio! Your mother will always be your biggest fan but that does not help you form a proper judgement as to your presenting skills Listen back to your programmes. Once a week sit down and listen to your shows as the listeners would. Was that joke funny? Did you talk about yourself just a little too much? Does the audience really want to know about your work on the railway all the time? Are you talking to the audience in a way that you would like to be talked to? Listen to other radio stations and how presenting has moved on from the 1980’s Nicey and Smashy style. Think about the person you are talking to. How old are they and more importantly don’t talk down to them I think at the end of the day you has been let down by the programme controller who knew he had to take you of the breakfast show as it was damaging the brand for the rest of the day. He tried to help/dilute you with a co-host but is that helping? Why doesn’t the programme controller put you though a media training course at the BBC or help you more fully understand modern radio. Now the station is making the DJs freelance is it not a good time to try a new career? I worry you will find it very hard to work for another radio station. You could end up staying at Manx Radio for your whole working life! Please get some help. Hope you take this in the spirit it was written – to help you matey. PS Do you have to play so much Pet Shop Boys?
  7. Has anyone else noticed that Manx Radio seems to have doubled it efforts since the election to give the governments view of the Islands situation with out any thought of balancing the stories. Here's a little something to do over the next few weeks: Listen out for interviews with the Chief Minister. They are usually broadcast daily between 7.30 & 8.30, (over the last few weeks he has appeared almost everyday although some are repeats if he's not got anything new to say! Take particular note that there is no real interrogation just a basic statement of "fact" similar to Radio Russia news in the 1950's saying that the corn crop has doubled in the last year. The same is also allowed by any of the other ministers who can now safely go on to the Manx Radio airwaves and give out the party line without fear of being cross examined too deeply. Ditto for Douglas council members, the on-line news editor seems to always undertake these duties in a similar manner. Is Manx Radio doing all it can to keep the politicians sweet in the hope of keeping the public cash following ? What has happened to the stations rottweiler? Has Beth been gagged?
  8. Stu, I think its time you considered all these replies you keep posting on behalf the Manx Radio management. Its clear you are not allowed a write anything other then the party line. I understand you all have it in your contract of employment the clause stopping you from talking to the media without permission. So do you have their blessing to write here? Please not use the excuse that you alway make it clear its your personal views as I don't beleive that changes anything. You can't say anything that would bring the company into disrepute. I think if you gave even the slightest bit of criticism you would find yourself in trouble. I give you the example of Bernie Quayle who was taken off air for a month after he gave an interview to the papers. It's therefore very unlikely you could ever make a proper post on this subject under your real name. Having chatted with you on various occasions I know you believe there is room for improvement, there's nothing wrong with saying that, but you can't put that down here.
  9. manxmedia

    Rogue Trader

    What worries me is that none of the local media even pushed the OFT spokesperson as to why they wouldn't name him/company.That was the story and they completely missed it
  10. Well I just sat down to my lunch to watch the whole thing on telly but there was nothing on the BBC regional news at 1.30. Not even a mention that Bell was made CM!
  11. Manx Radio don't do themselves any favours. There must have been quite an audience this morning to decide on the new CM but they carried it only on dodgy MW. Then as soon as the result was in the presenter just handing back to the studio. FM had a news reader who was halfway though the breaking story. Then they go off and play two tracks back to back!
  12. They keep talking about the two new studios that have just been built, plus are they not looking to put a new bit on the building soon? As mentioned before, why not move the whole thing to an industrial site and either rent or sell the property. The report into the BBC licence fee showed that Manx Radio gets over £20,000 from the BBC each year to use the building and their news content. That is new money!
  13. Why has the 6th candidate not been interviewed yet on Mandate. Its been days since the 5th candidate was interviewed. Surely he's trying to leave it as late as possible.
  14. John Moss is interviewing all candidates this week at 8.10am. John can do a great interview – if would just allows his guests to finish their sentence. Can’t wait for KW as he will try and control the structure of the package.
  15. Am I the only one thinking Manx Radio are giving Mr Woodford much more air time then the rest of the candidates in the forthcoming by election? The other day a whole feature went out which was designed to highlight how Mr Woodford was the only candidate that most people had heard of. I think that could have been transmitted before nominations shut but to do so afterwards made it sound like a bit of PR from him and bias from the radio station. To have Mr Woodford on the radio this morning talking about a group of people, (a trust), he did not know but wanted to support him, was not a wise decision by the news controller in my view. I know they named the other candidates and said they would be talking to them all over the next week, but surely Mr Woodford has gained extra exposure from that interview. Should not all the other candidates now be given equal airtime to discuss this trust? Really if no one from the trust was available then no interview should have been broadcast. Mr Woodford is good at working with the media I bet he can’t believe how easy it is to get extra coverage for himself!
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