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  1. Your options are: We are all going to die. Storm in a teacup. Worth monitoring. Data can be found here: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019
  2. 新年快乐! 恭喜发财 Welcome to the Year of the Rat! Enjoying a day off and the CCTV extravaganza live streamed on Youtube!
  3. What can I add to this conversation. Not sure really. A large proportion of these issues seem to relate to behaviour and what is acceptable or unacceptable behaviour within a society. As a reasonably affluent, white, heterosexual male with liberal views but conservative behaviours I'm aware there is a huge gulf in my experiences and understandings. You've got to tread carefully in these types of issues, and there is no doubt in this intersectional time, where emotion and status signalling are to the fore, these can be a lot of heat and noise generated if you say the wrong thing! At its most fundamental I don't really believe in essences and categories - they are all the experientially formed outputs of evolved neural networks with no absolute (or supernatural) underpinning. Most people with an XY chromosomes have penises, but some don't. Most people with XX chromosomes have vaginas, but some don't. Most people with XY chromosomes are happy to behave within the cultural norms of masculine behaviour, some don't, and the cultural norms of masculine behaviour change depending on place and time. Ditto for XX chromosomes and behaviours. But not everyone has XY or XX chromosomes, some have more, some have less, and there are ways that the influence these chromosomes can have can be reduced - see Lyonisation, or look at a Calico Cat. Biology is complex and defies simple categories. There is no essential characteristic or behaviour that can be used to classify all people as either men or women, and when people claim there are essential characteristics behaviours all men or all women should (or should not) exhibit we are into the realm, not of reality, but of ideology. There’s nowt as queer as folk. All the world’s queer save thee and me, And even thee’s a little queer. There’s nowt as queer as folk. Thars only thee and me that’s sane And I’m not too sure of thee. It is useful to categorise people by biological sex as either men or women; and to presume certain characteristics and behaviours of people so categorised, but your presumptions will not be universal. It is simple reality that there are exceptions to the binary of men and women, male and female, both in external characteristics and in behaviours; and when it comes to the internal characteristics of organs as nuanced as the brain our understanding of how its form and resulting function subtly change under the influence of genes and environment is woefully lacking. I recently came across this post on the China Channel: Perverse Pasts and Queer Futures in Taiwan I am fascinated by Taiwan - in political; colonial; racial; and sexual and gender terms its society defies simple categorisation. Queer studies provides an interesting lens to think about society and how it categorises some things as acceptable and somethings not. A part of me is also interested in the concept of acting out a role, or a behaviour - straight acting, acting white etc. We are "meant" to act out certain gender roles, and when we don't suffer social opprobrium. I'm fascinated by the meaning of honesty in such interpretations of behaviour. Shakespeare has Polonius say: This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. The Daoist in me wonders about how this is ever possible; and how putting on a dress or a pair of trousers and behaving a certain way relates to truth!
  4. Vice. On Amazon. It's a very slick bio-pic on the life of Dick Cheney. It's very much from a liberal point of view, but it is a really good portrayal of one of the most enigmatic Veeps. Cheney was a man who understood how to wield power and with Bush and 911 did just that. The continuity of his relationship with Don Rumsfeld - initially as apprentice and then master - is at the centre of the film; while Lynne Cheney is the hard as nails wife who takes a drunk and funnels her ambition into him. A really good, if partial, primer on US politics 1970-2008 with lots of clever post-modern quirks.
  5. New York Times report showing CCTV of two missiles being fired at the plane: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/14/world/iran-plane-crash-video.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  6. Same purpose different sects.
  7. I always find it fascinating when a long long chain of causality is artificially broken at a particular moment to blame one party. The event immediately before this was Iran sponsoring one element of the Iraqi state to attack another element of the Iraqi state because it is hosting and training with US forces.
  8. They are the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution سپاه پاسداران انقلاب اسلامی (in Persian) Note Iran is not in the name or the purpose which is Islamic revolution unconfined to any particular state.
  9. Not a unitary state, can’t maintain a monopoly over the gun. Those revolutionary guards are an entirely separate authority willing to launch expeditionary actions and missiles with little consolation with other branches of government.
  10. Get them off the news. They don’t deserve the attention or coverage.
  11. And getting back on topic, Iran is a violent tyranny which suppresses its own population an exports its violence via the Quds Forces Suleimani commanded.
  12. You cannot abolish individual property rights without tyranny.
  13. In the case of communism I do not agree.
  14. Great BBC DOCUMENTARY https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0003871/shadow-commander-irans-military-mastermind
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