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  1. Ok. Slightly surprised that you’re articulating that but yep I basically agree. Im a technology optimist but think the eco background is needed to stimulate innovative thinking so expect it to be a lot better than she articulates. But the infamous Overton Window still needs moving to increase renewable investment etc so innovative ideas can replace old economy CO2 intensive technology. Greta is helping that occur for all the anger that generates with the doubters. ... and that cartoon is a wonderful example of scientific illiteracy. Wonder where it came from?
  2. I hope this link to Gapminder works as the data is interesting. You don't need coercive violence against women and babies and families to go through demographic transition. It is simply, given the CCP's mindset that it is the hammer, it is hardly surprising it treats every problem as though they were a nail.
  3. Rog, the laws Jewish fundamentalists say were carved on stone tablets initially by a deity and then by Moses contain commandments to stone and how to enslave etc. They are horrible documents What makes them so different than a similar set of documents dictated in an Arabian cave? Both claim a direct command from a deity and submission to its will.
  4. There is nothing wrong stemming population growth by bringing in contraception and giving a woman control of her body, but China went far further than that, taking control away in the most coercive manner possible. The Chinese communist party immiserated its population through disastrous economic policies during the Great Leap Forward, the great famine and Cultural Revolution, while other countries were developing and going through just as steep a demographic transition. Click here It'll take you through to the gap minder site. Are China's efforts so much better than other countries? But the others did it without coercion and violence and by unleashing people's talents rather than regimenting people into political madness all in praise of Communism. There were better paths than China's.
  5. Watched One Child Nation this evening. The One Child Policy was hugely de-humanising on a scale only possible in a totalitarian state which juveniles over a billion people through thought control, violence and fear. It is a hugely poignant documentary especially in the simple manner it discusses the cruel impact of the policy on girls. One Family Planning officer, now wracked with guilt at the thousands of abortions, many of them forced, she had performed charitably offers fertility advice to help create life after earlier extinguishing it. An extended family talk about their attempts to get rid of unwanted girls born the wrong sex in a society which demands a son. An uncle is overcome with emotion remembering leaving his daughter in a basket in a market, but having no one show pity or care and how the tiny bundle of life died of exposure two days later untouched; another aunt laments handing her daughter to smugglers never to be seen again. An artist, who started his career photographing rubbish strewn in Chinese gutters discusses how his artistic career changed direction when one pile of trash he found to photograph contained an aborted corpse. He then spent his career documenting this human waste thrown carelessly away in a society which traditionally respected and buried bodies with multiple rites. He is chilling talking how years of indoctrination are needed to persuade young nurses to become mass practitioners of death. 集体利益高于一切 Jítǐ lìyì gāo yú yīqiè The collective above all else 个人服从集体 Gèrén fúcóng jítǐ The individual submits to the collective 党是不会错的 Dǎng shì bù huì cuò de The Party is infallible A younger brother sneaked through against the rules is wracked with guilt that his elder sister was refused education so he could receive his, while old men glory boys for carrying on the family name while women leave to join another patriarchy. Then child smugglers who took abandoned babies from streets and bins and desperate mothers to sell them to orphanages tell their tales - imprisoned by the state and mingling their tale of monetary greed with a care for the bundles they passed on to be adopted by rich foreigners. A family tells of officials, desperate not to exceed their quota of births, kidnapping new borns and if the family does not pay up selling the child once again to be adopted abroad. A twin cries for her missing sister and hopes she is happy far far away, eventually reunited via the internet. An adoptee American dedicates his life reuniting children adopted in good faith as orphans with the families they were torn from. The film ends with the documentary maker noting the irony that they had left one country which forces people to have abortions to go to live in another country which is working to restrict women's rights to abortion - both desiring to take away an individual's right to decide how to control their bodies. I am very lucky in that I've never been placed in a situation where I had no choice but to do evil. Person after person in the documentary admits a brutal state and mass poverty again and again resulted in indifference, acceptance, even agreement with a policy which was dehumanising and had terrible consequences for millions of mothers whose only crime was wanting a child; all approved by smiling propagandists, who threatened any one who disagreed with the void. We need to remember this evil and the Party who still control China who infallibly thought it good.
  6. MA, if you notice the date of the post P.K. made in that link and today you will notice it is a certain time period ago. If you look at the date I joined the forum it is a certain period after the said post. We all know you have an military fetish, but there are other meanings of the word "joined". Of course you are allowed to goad P.K. and I am allowed to goad you - to the extent the mods allow. Your goads are boring.
  7. Yes, come on China, we've been down this road before somewhere. What's the independent variable? Yeah y = Areas carbon budget x = number of trees in area is too complicated for some people.
  8. Erm ... here for example in one of the world’s most prestigious Scientific journals summarising decades of work. More info here. Yes, you are more ignorant than the clerk in Douglas Borough Council who penned the announcement. Oh dear.
  9. Which was PK’s advice right at the start.
  10. It is amazing when the equivalent of all your pub chats are saved for posterity on the internet. I was searching for the various hints of P.K.'s past to provide some context for Manximus Aururaneus's goading of him and found this: https://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1808-the-right-to-defend-your-home/&do=findComment&comment=19483 I suspect he still has a similar opinion today. 15 years ago ... and 9 months before I joined. A long long time ago ...
  11. Oh dear goodness. You do understand this is an internet forum don't you. But carry on midshipman. Others = plural. Plus you want an answer ... 95. Are you going to keep on dick waving as everyone ignores you until you get to 0?
  12. Does this seem like a demand? Anyone?
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