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  1. Chinahand

    Strange circular structure

    Yes it does sm-iom’s link shows it clearly.
  2. Goodness Assange is a fool. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-45915017 Cant even look after a cat.
  3. Chinahand

    Flat Earth?

    ... and this thread was full of bullshitters right from the get go. This a science thead. Pfffttt.
  4. Chinahand

    Flat Earth?

    Science isn’t some Platonic ideal easily separable from messy sociology. Rather than seeing a clear line between science and non science you need to fill it with a large area grading from poor to bad to not science. People may be trying to do science but so poorly that the conclusions don’t have any basis on evidence. Nonsense can come from bad science just as easily from non science.
  5. Chinahand

    Chinahand's Random Stuff

    Cool optical illusion. The horizontal lines are just that - exactly horizontal. I had to copy the image into Excel and lay a line over them to confirm it!
  6. Chinahand

    Flat Earth?

    Though I will say the idea he can measure the twist to 1/100 of a degree farcical. He needs to redo his first year labs on error bars!
  7. Chinahand

    Flat Earth?

    Which observatories have been closed down Manxy?
  8. Chinahand

    Flat Earth?

    Nice demonstration of a Foucault Pendulum:
  9. Chinahand

    saudi embassy missing journalist riddle

    Told you: Rogue killers to blame says Trump
  10. Chinahand

    Animal News

    Try the Centres for Disease Control: If you had a contact with an armadillo and are worried about getting Hansen’s disease, talk to your healthcare provider.
  11. Chinahand

    12 Rules For Life - Dr Jordan Peterson

    Yes, but I've listened to his lectures, interviews etc - believe it or not nowadays we have other media to understand people's opinions than the printed material they produce.
  12. Chinahand

    12 Rules For Life - Dr Jordan Peterson

    I've listened to his lectures and read critiques of his work, but no I haven't yet read his book; but that doesn't stop me being aware of what other people have said about it. This is what first made me interested in him - it was a barn-stormer of an interview!
  13. Chinahand

    12 Rules For Life - Dr Jordan Peterson

    There is a huge controversy over the balance between ideology verses evidence; and essentialism verses cherry-picking in Peterson's work. I've not yet read him - what makes him brilliant, Stu? I categorise him in the interesting category; a bit like Freud, Ayn Rand and Karl Marx. Most likely wrong, but wrong in an illuminating way. PZ Myers, another "interesting" thinker, hates him for going on about Lobsters and Serotonin - in this area I think PZ is correct. Peterson is distorting evidence for ideological gain. He's conservative and is using poor biology to justify social institutions. The problem for me is I think Peterson is right about something also discussed by Antonio Damasio: Some people become leaders and others followers, some command respect and others cower. This can have little to do with knowledge, or skills, and rather depend on how a given individual’s manner and certain of their physical traits promote a certain physical response in others. Peterson views that fact about people as being inherently biological and deep rooted in explaining society's current form, while PZ Myers, as an egalitarian socialist, sees our current society as being full of social blocks which mean some leaders are held back, not because they don't have those biological traits, but because arbitrary biases stop their skills being recognised due to their gender or skin colour etc. Society is on complex thing, and how helpful Peterson's rules for life are for a black inner city kid verses a trust fund frat boy is worth debating; and why the social advantages and disadvantages both face are so different.
  14. Chinahand

    Animal News

    Beware sheep?