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  1. Chinahand

    Why be shy

    Why be shy? Because quite often there's not that much of interest to comment about. MF is the proverbial haystack, full of chaff, horseshit, and bull, but also every now and then you find something worthwhile. Let the chaff blow past without comment, but enjoy passing the needle back and forth through our weft and warp every now and then. Leave me out of the agro, though, it's childish and tedious.
  2. Video from right inside the melted core at Fukushima. More info here.
  3. Oh come on, they've issued statement after statement calling for terrorist attacks on the UK. We've actively engaged in military hostilities against it.
  4. I don't think her returning to the UK excludes her being brought before a court. She's surely given aid and comfort to an enemy and should face the consequences of that.
  5. Chinahand

    How do you live without a god?

    Bit of a thread resurrection as this probably doesn't deserve a thread of its own. Gresham College has a series of lectures up on the origins of atheism. They're by Professor Alec Ryrie and based on the first three they are going to be excellent. The first one gives a curmudgeonly nod to Flat Earth-ism in explaining how anti-clericalism existed in Medieval Europe. Enjoy.
  6. Chinahand

    Guilty of GBH, consent irrelevant

    Just to add, the area is confused, but in many ways I agree with this: "Surgical procedures must be carried out by properly trained, qualified and regulated surgeons or healthcare professionals," senior prosecutor Rhiannon Jones said. GMC guidance says doctors must be appropriately trained and experienced before practising cosmetic procedures. It adds doctors must consider their patients' psychological needs and follow protocols for safe interventions. If a doctor failed to do these things, aren't they assaulting their patients and opening themselves to criminal charges? I realise this bloke wasn't passing himself off as some regulated professional, but issues about having a duty of care prior to undertaking something as radical as cutting somebody's ear off doesn't seem unreasonable. The duty of care trumps the consent and doesn't allow you to just mutilate people because they agreed.
  7. Chinahand

    Guilty of GBH, consent irrelevant

    Complicated issue. Regina v Brown et al 1993. Consent during sadomasochism. Law Lords Concluded there were matters where consent wasn't enough. Lot's of details here. Lords Templeman, Jauncey and, to a lesser extent, Lowry start from the basic premise that the causing of actual or grievous bodily harm, including wounding is prim facie unlawful and therefore an offence. ... The minority [opinion's] approach emphasises consent as an element which legitimises the harm-doing. The majority [opinion] marginalise consent; it becomes one possible relevant element within policy reasons for creating exceptions to the rule that causing actual bodily harm is unlawful. The practicality of paternalism triumphs over the theory of individual freedom. What should the rule be? Should it be complete freedom to act consensually, a liability for all harms, minor or not, consensual or not, or some compromise? Modem society for the moment seems to demand a compromise. It is the nature of this compromise which has been asked of their Lordships and, by their failure to grasp the issue openly, they have produced no clear rule. ... This is judicial law-making at its worst and most confused - unchallengeable because unacknowledged. Paternalism triumphs, and it is the paternalism of an unelected, unrepresentative group who use but fail to openly acknowledge that power.
  8. Chinahand

    Basic Maths?

    Never mix up your debits and credits and remember your assets must balance with what you owe. Jeans + cash = debt
  9. Chinahand

    The Last Film You Saw....

    Manchester by the Sea. Brilliantly acted drama. Draws you in.
  10. Chinahand

    which is the most unbiased news source?

    Typical socialist. No understanding of the role of price within a functioning economy and thinks a politician/expert/bureaucrat/him can easily set it to provide jam tomorrow for the people while punishing those evil capitalists.
  11. Chinahand

    Astronomy Stuff

    There was a rather cloud covered lunar eclipse a few days ago and just as the moon fully entered the earth's umbra a meteorite smashed into the moon. These two tweets capture the start of totality (and the meteorite impact) and its end very well. Click through for the entire tweet thread with lots of different exposures giving different details.
  12. Chinahand

    Donald Trump

    Oh I love this one - try the slider on this BBC page to compare the original and "enhanced" pictures used by Team Trump. Most especially note the fingers. I have to relate a certain childish glee - short fingers, long fingers, short fingers, long fingers while moving the slider back and forth. What is it with this man and his "I don't have little hands" fetish!
  13. Chinahand

    Astronomy Stuff

    Woolley, hanks for the heads up about the program, it was very interesting as is the wired article too. The Dark Energy observations have blown a huge hole in cosmology and there is huge competition to explain it. The total failure of the current models, with the huge theoretical gulf between their predictions and observation, has opened up the science to find better explanations - and with an error of 10^35 or whatever there's a lot of scope for improvement! Are Dark Matter and Dark Energy connected as Verlinde suggests? We don't know yet. It's a really fascinating time - the gravitational wave experiments are also bringing data to the table, and my understanding is that it complicates modified gravity theories like Mond and Verlinde's extension of it. See this Ars Technica article. Fascinating stuff. A whole new theoretical understanding is needed, plus more data - Susskind, one of the inventors of the holographic universe idea, very strongly thinks Dark Matter is just an as yet undiscovered particle which could emerge at any moment out of CERN. Happy times for both theoreticians and experimentalists. Long may the science continue! One further point - the Galaxy NGC1052–DF2 is at the centre of the Dark Matter debate, as it seems not to have any. This demolishes altered gravity theories as they should always apply over galactic distances, something which isn't happening in DF2. This Forbes Article summarises the results, which point strongly to there being no dark matter in DF2 which, slightly counter intuitively, is very strong evidence that exists elsewhere and that the effects attributed to it isn't from modified gravity. More data, and thinking needed!
  14. Chinahand

    Prince Philip in car crash.

    I think Daniel Dennet’s retort fits Sentamu’s superstitions: Did he also sacrifice a goat?
  15. Chinahand

    Chinahand's Random Stuff

    Nah GPS has nothing to do with the Earth’s magnetic field.