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  1. Just incredible. What the heck was being kept there?
  2. An era ends but the music remains.
  3. It's visible basically looking North from midnight onwards - you can find details here for Castletown. We went out to view it at 2 in the morning last Friday night, Saturday morning. The clouds were coming in and my youngest couldn't get his camera to work ... ah the delights of teenagers, but my eldest took this which catches the night well. Sadly the comet was already in a slight haze of cloud and within 10 minutes it thickened and wasn't seen again, but we enjoyed Jupiter and Saturn, a fly by of the ISS and various satellites, and one really odd and unexplainable flare of what I can only assume were two geostationary satellites, but which is still a mystery - aliens! As we headed home the moon rose, a thinnest of thin sickles so low on the horizon it was rusted orange rather than the usual silver. A night I hope to remember for the rest of my life.
  4. Fantastic lecture by Professor Peter Holland FRS on the diversity (and evolution) of animals. https://www.merton.ox.ac.uk/event/diversity-animals-darwin-dna
  5. Read this today from Henry Van Dyke. "Be satisfied with your possessions, but not content with yourself until you have made the best of them."
  6. Here’s the butterfly diagram showing how the sunspots move over the 11 year cycles.
  7. Love it - loads of science there! If you look carefully the sunspots start off towards the poles and then come closer and closer to the equator, and as they do so they become sparser and sparser until there are basically none, and then right at the end they start appearing again, but once more far away from the equator. A solar cycle has come and gone and is restarting.
  8. Thread resurrection! Measurements point to nuclear incident. Russians say it isn’t them. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-53214259
  9. I don't know the exact figures but the number originally displaced has been vastly increased via demographics since then. But they are kept stateless and within Camps and generally treated abysmally - Jordan declared war on them etc. Those that stayed and became Israeli citizens have fared far better. Right of a return is an inherited characteristic both sides have created. The number of counterfactuals is vast - if they'd stayed put, if they'd assimulated into the Arab populations of the nations they fled into, if limited return was accepted, goodness knows how things might have turned out different. Those who are trapped within the Hamas controlled Gaza strip have probably come off worst When Sharon withdrew, dismantling the settlements, and offering the governance of Gaza as a stepping stone for future relations the border was open and thousands of Palestinians earned incomes in Israel. Hamas brought all that to an end with its violence. Israel ended migrant labour as terrorism exploded and what had been hoped would be a path to Peace became a realisation that the Palestinian side weren't interested in compromise.
  10. Now, here's a surprise:
  11. Yeah, but endorsing the idea that police violence is due to Israeli training does fit nicely into blaming a certain demographic ... and come on US police violence doesn't suddenly appear with the founding of the state of Israel, it is an excuse looking for a bias to connect Israel with anything bad in the world.
  12. Fascinating Reuter's article showing satellite photos of the disputed area on the India China border.
  13. Sadly the original link doesn't work for me ... it might be being blocked due to work so I'll try later on my personal computer. This seemed an appropriate thread to post this image which popped up in my Twitter feed recently: My daoist side comes out when looking at things like this - what is the natural order of things? If you have to structurally distort things to enforce an ideal of equality - say gender quotas for engineering or dietician jobs this can be against justice. The image assumes the tree has been returned to its correct position ... but governments and entrenched interests are just as good at forcing them to fit their particular ideology. I'm not entirely against affirmative action, but am very aware caution is needed. It ain't as simple as it looks. Thoughts?
  14. Just watched the Amazon + documentary on Dark Side of the Moon. Great stuff. Clare Torry ... still wow, just wow.
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