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  1. Oh, Ms Bees, how misguided you are. https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/04/surprise-satellites-show-that-thermometers-dont-lie/
  2. But then, there’s the revenue, Woolley. A billion catholics giving what 0.1-1.0% of their income every year. Not up to Living Hope levels but not trivial. They're in surplus you can bet it.
  3. Trigger’s broom. The Lady will continue. Truly tragic, but she has gone through similar in the past. Some roofer or restorer may be feeling sick to their stomach today. Goodness knows how being responsible for that feels. Terrible.
  4. What is north of the North Pole and all that.
  5. Awaits the inside scoop via Barry.
  6. Falcon Heavy in the controlled release of about the same energy as destroyed Hiroshima.
  7. Stratolauncher has flown! When Paul Allen died it looked a big problem for them but they’ve persevered!
  8. Chinahand

    Bc 1683

    Anyone else thinks BC1683 is a child?
  9. Know nothing is a very strong statement. I don’t think all statements are equally valid. Knowledge exists and allows us to understand and operate better within the universe. The idea the universe was magicked into existence in 4004 BC with the instant divine creation of life within its kinds is either false or involves a deliberate deception to hide this fact behind copious evidence inconsistent with it. The knowledge of the Big Bang explains the distribution of elements, the radiation we can measure from outer space and much beside. This knowledge is of course vastly limited and I totally agree with what you say about the limit of our vision. But that doesn’t mean we know nothing. We are able to say some ideas are so inconsistent with what we have discovered about the world they can be put aside unless other evidence throws light on those inconsistencies. There is no need to give equal weight to the biblical creation story and the discoveries of modern science. We know enough to know one is useful the other myth and legend.
  10. Nah, Sweden’s stature of limitations has already kicked in.
  11. Should you lose your job for saying: "drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters" should "repent" because "only Jesus saves" The Christian bible IS explicitly homophobic, it also approves of slavery. What should believers in it do ... keep quiet ... or should society be tolerant of their beliefs? Is it ok to be fired for communicating what the Christian bible explicitly says?
  12. The CIA will assassinate him/ extradition followed by the US Supreme Court sanctioning his execution before the year is out or so his more conspiratorial supporters think.
  13. High winds meant the launch was scrubbed. There’s a new one tonight window opening at 6:35pm ET (11:35 BST) and closing at 8:31pm ET (01:31 BST). I probably will be asleep.
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