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  1. That's a reliable source ... not.
  2. Buttering the biscuit is included in this list: https://thoughtcatalog.com/jim-goad/2014/12/400-euphemisms-for-sexual-intercourse/
  3. I think the pork leg is a reference to porking.
  4. 27 Euphemisms for sex are hidden in the picture. 1. Doing some plumbing? 2. A screw 3. Having knowledge of someone biblically.
  5. By dying ... a lot. Lxxx, you do understand that before sanitation, hygiene and medicine the human immune system wasn’t particularly good at keeping us alive.
  6. There's another thread I could post this on, but let's just enjoy the music.
  7. There's a wiki page on everything.
  8. So, what would happen if another star, wandering the Milky Way, drifted into our solar system? Andrew M. Webb has a great twitter feed. Including this animation which shows the destruction of Jupiter; and the Earth and Saturn ending up pulled from the solar system and kidnapped by the rouge wandering star.
  9. In 2009 Pepsi decided to pay a marketing company $1m for a rebrand. This is what the marketing company used to reassure Pepsi's executive team that the money had been well spent: https://www.goldennumber.net/wp-content/uploads/pepsi-arnell-021109.pdf The world is truly crazy.
  10. Goodbye old t-shirts, hello face protection!
  11. Ah De nada. Thanks. That is make you happy music right there.
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