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  1. Hahahaha Israel is a US ally, it has effective command and control of its deterrent. Just like France, just like the UK. Even Russia understands that. There's no referee. There is what each country has the power to get a way with. Israel is a powerful country.
  2. Mass fraud for the presidential election while forgetting about the Senate and losing seats in the House is one weird strategy. Trumpkins must enjoy the baroque explanation of Biden's evil genius.
  3. Her hair - same colour both images:
  4. My story involving Jack was when I was 11. I was in the children's hospital in Sheffield and when you are 11 and in hospital you aren't really interested in the news or anything else for that matter, but I do remember when a nurse came in to the ward saying the police had arrested the Ripper about 300 yards from the Hospital with a hammer in his car. For a murderer to bring fear to women across a large area of the North of England shows the evil he wrought. I can still remember to this day the relief the nurses expressed that night. Bury his black heart in the confines of Durham gaol
  5. My son thinks he should resign on his last day so Pence has an opportunity to be president too.
  6. Fun https://babylonbee.com/news/trump-quickly-identifies-as-woman-so-kamala-harris-cant-claim-to-be-the-first-female-president
  7. Fascinating talk explaining how Westerners are WIERD: Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic. ... and how that is advantageous for social development.
  8. www.twitter.com/TonyAtamanuik/status/1324933101269741568?s=19
  9. Well at least they are using prayer to help Trump win: Like the random bloke walking up an down in the background.
  10. In my view religion is always and everywhere a psychological issue and as Feynman says we are the easiest person to fool. Especially when it comes to following the CORRECT religion and being bestowed the benefits there of. Randy was a master at pricking that delusional bubble with clarity and a magicians eye for the trickster. He’ll be sadly missed the world needs more Randy the Magnificents!
  11. Resurrection to pass on a really good, if long, article on the biology of sex and why eggs and sperm is a constant while x chromosomes y chromosomes etc are inconstant associations - and how non of this has much of a relationship with attempting to classify every living thing as belong exclusively to one sex or another. Life ain't like that. It's far more complex: https://aeon.co/essays/the-existence-of-biological-sex-is-no-constraint-on-human-diversity
  12. I’ve certainly posted this before but Kipling and Billy Bragg compliment each other perfectly.
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