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  1. Abortion should be legal safe & rare. That requires a well functioning health and family planning system, education and sensible politicians. Hardly surprising that the US cannot manage it.
  2. It is a moronic cartoon that in no way characterises reality. If the cartoon was Putin swearing about all those bribes and tennis games coming to naught then it would be closer to reality, but the simple fact is Russia's influence operations have not succeeded in stopping Johnson being one of the most hawkish callers for Russia's military defeat and for the providing of long range weapons to achieve this. Sholtz on the other hand ... That little pipeline has made him much more cautious about getting out the big bazooka.
  3. That is so out of kilter with reality. Johnson & the Prime Minister of Poland are the primary hawks on arming Ukraine. Germany's Sholtz is being far more cautious delaying and delaying supplying heavier weaponry. But I suppose let's not let reality interfer with lazy presumptions.
  4. Thanks John for being such a valuable member of this community. You've put many hours into ensuring the forums are safe from legal challenges and from the blowback that posters can bring when they post controversial things. Thanks for being a mod, a most thankless task. Enjoy retirement and hope you come on here and post some good stuff, to provoke some thought and response, comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable and make the mods who succeed you wish you were still a gamekeeper & not some trouble free poacher who's enjoyed a glass or two of wine! 😉
  5. Chinahand

    TT 2022 ??

    Of course they know the risks - and I'm sure lots of them would love to be speed freaks flying their own air racers in the Air Race World Championship, but they can't afford to and so don't. The reason they can afford to come and thrill seek on our closed roads, is because they can enter at an especially low price ... because they don't have to have adequate insurance to come and do it. Think about that for a minute. Young thrill seekers, subsidised to kill and injure themselves, by the ultimate organising authority skimming on the insurance requirements.
  6. Chinahand

    TT 2022 ??

    The costs of insurance especially are too low and in no way support the injured and bereaved. It is totally immoral that the IOM government supports an event with such low insurance requirements. If these costs actually reflected the sums needed to support those injured fewer people would chose/could afford to race and so there would be fewer casualties. It is the racers choice, but effectively they are being subsidised to do it. Supply and demand. The cost of competing is being kept artificially low ... my view because the IOM government profits from the "games" and so wants a ready supply of gladiators to come. If they had to pay more, fewer would.
  7. Chinahand

    TT 2022 ??

    The wikipedia page sadly records all the statistics of death. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Isle_of_Man_TT_Mountain_Course_fatalities 67 since 2000.
  8. Is that true? Has she really gone? She’s never been one to hang around a sinking ship. Onwards and upwards. Prince Charles?
  9. The one thing we used to know about the Tory party was that they ruthlessly understood power and would happily sharpen and plunge their knives into leaders who were no longer a path to that power. And now? I don't know what it is about the Brexit generation but they simply cannot organise a piss up in a brewery. Aimless plotting, endless votes for no result, cunning plans to no where. This is another fine mess you've got us into Rodney. What was the point of that? Christ, first rule of coups ... get yourselves organised. What a load of useless plotters! Tory party ... shadow of its former self. Led by a buffoon, made up of incompetents. Bloody hell. If that's my reaction, what will be P.K.'s?
  10. Spike Lee's Inside Man. Really good. A great bank heist movie with Denzel Washington, Clive Owen & Jodie Foster in the main rolls. Cleverly plotted and filmed it's got lots of quirky moments and humour. You are regularly caught by the plotting wondering what is going to happen next and it gives you lots to debate and discuss afterwards. Well worth it. Top Gun: Maverick. The whole family went and really enjoyed it. It's got nostalgia, action, incredible flight scenes and everything you'd expect from a multi-million dollar Tom Cruise film. No where nearly as cringeworthy as I'd expected - well worth seeing it on the big screen. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. Total rubbish. Massively incoherent and random plotting which was basically non-sensical. Nothing builds or makes sense with places, characters and behaviour randomly jumping around for no discernible reason. Only good thing about it was afterwards spending a good hour discussing with the kids all the ways in which it was pants.
  11. I found it via a German website!!! Viewer rights on YouTube are odd, but clearly they respect the nuance that the IOM isn't a part of the UK!
  12. So what do you think? Is this genuine or a Poe parodying the craziness spreading across the world at the moment?
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