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  1. It is a crime to possess material likely to be of use to a terrorist. It's a huge catch all. I wonder how many ex-Squaddies have kept their field guides and handbooks too. Frankly, I'm a bit disturbed by these sorts of powers. Various academics could be caught up by it. And a law which has an exception for Professor Jeeves is a pretty poor one and there is a huge risk Professor Khan could be at risk of double standards while countless nerds are criminalised for being over curious. It's a sad reflection on our society but gives coppers a simpler way to use the system to criminalise people they are suspicious of. Slippery slope anyone?
  2. So Squid Game? Kids totally hooked. Me, I've sort of watched 1.5 episodes while doing other things and thought it quite clever if over violent. Is this much blood and gore necessary? It's ok, but Netflix's biggest hit? I'm s bit confused. Should I watch more, noting with the amount of gore it contains I need to find TV time separate to the Missus TV time, which is more challenging, especially now the kids have watched most of it!
  3. How to create a similar camaraderie for a purpose more noble than the necessary evils inherent in national defense?
  4. I've been watching Para Platoon on Amazon Prime as my blob TV. Note the irony in blobbing on the sofa watching a group of young men going through one of the most grueling experiences. At their passing out parade the lead recruit read this written by Montgomery and it struck a chord: What Manner Of Men Are These That Wear The Maroon Beret? They are firstly all volunteers and are toughened by physical training. As a result they have infectious optimism and that offensive eagerness which comes from well-being. They have 'jumped' from the air and by doing so have conquered fear. Their duty lies in the van of the battle. They are proud of this honour. They have the highest standards in all things whether it be skill in battle or smartness in the execution of all peace time duties. They are in fact - men apart - every man an emperor. Of all the factors, which make for success in battle, the spirit of the warrior is the most decisive. That spirit will be found in full measure in the men who wear the maroon beret Bernard Montgomery The phrase "infectious optimism and that offensive eagerness which comes from well-being" is thought provoking. Young men, fit, confident ready to take on the world.
  5. I've been listening to Matt Diallahunty on the Atheist experience for a while. It's an interesting show and Matt is one acute communicator. This segment where he discusses with a Theist how to improve her relationship with her dying atheist daughter is moving, and sums up the man quite well.
  6. If this is Islamist related, which looks increasingly likely then the average Muslim swims in a culture easily sympathetic to narratives of oppression and though the local mosque may be moderate the theology of k'fir and haram can oh so easily be perverted and too large proportions of the internet exist solely to facilitate that. Mention Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Kashmir and even the most moderate Muslim has some legitimate reasons to be angry. Add in a lumpen-prolitariate experience of immigrant Britain in bedsits and damp and then what comes in via the internet becomes even more dangerous still. A meme which breeds resentment and feeds off itself. A very difficult Dao to bring to an end.
  7. Too early to know at the moment ... at least he was arrested so we might get some insight into his motives - though the relationship between the mentally dysfunctional and certain fanatical beliefs isn't that far apart in some cases, so he could be classified as mad rather than bad. Frontal lobe epileptics anyone. Sad day for democracy though. We need to have politicians who meet their constituents from all backgrounds. Mr Amess hadn't particularly entered my consciousness prior to today - though I do sort of remember the quip he made about his 102 year old mum and the brexit vote - but it does seem he was genuinely a fantastic constituency MP helping all and sundry who came to his surgeries. We need MPs like that. It does put them at risk from the nutters, but the loss to our democracy by weakening that constituency link would be worse than the occasional terrible consequence.
  8. I really like Prof Mathew Cobb, he's an expert on the olfactory system of maggots, but also a huge polymath authoring multiple books. Here he's giving a talk on human evolution. It's an amazing story.
  9. My fish is named Nigel. 🐟
  10. The cartoon has a laziness which marks a certain attitude which is passing into the night, it's time past. Finding a political path for the Island with changing times is going to be really hard. It is going to take real effort and dedication. It is also going to need a strong sense of pragmatism and resistance to bunkham. Stu needs to beware lazy clichés and bunkham, get on with the hard work of holding those who spend our taxes to account and goodness knows maybe earn some responsibility to actually direct its spending. Not a particular good first impression but it is be early days.
  11. Erm ... No matter how much you favour a small state and individual liberty, public health measures and sacrificing some liberty for the communal good is necessary. Sadly the US Republican Party is now dominated by selfish Yahoos who have little understanding of this. The states where they are the majority do not do well.
  12. Have the donation conversation. Carry the card with pride. Allow others to live once you have died.
  13. Congrats to Stu and to all who were elected. But also thanks to all who stood against them. Without choice there is no democracy ... and Stu, the hard part starts now.
  14. Continuing the derail with Boris. Quite why he portrays himself as a bumbler I've never really understood. Behind all the artifice and self-aggrandising ego there's a quite a brain. Fancy memorising the first 40 lines of the Iliad ... in ancient Greek?
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