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  1. Pick me, Miss. Me, Miss. Please, Miss.
  2. Had to do a post lunch drive to a subcontractor and had the Radio on. I enjoy radio plays every now and then and this one is excellent: Drink, jealousies, families, careers and old friends meeting up again ... and the choices we make, don't make, and can't make. Click do.
  3. I’ve just been involved in a big risk exercise at work. Brexit: likelihood VH, Impact L. But society is going to collapse around us as we carry on basically as normal ... or so some say.
  4. What the heck is a .webp file?
  5. I think you should pm this to Manxie straight away. She will be very interested and most impressed by your scholarship.
  6. He’s just repeating himself! Am I understanding he doesn’t accept that the sun is above the horizon for 24 hours North of the arctic circle? That’s a heap load of reality denial. Plus the sun and the moon aren’t the same size in the sky. They are both continually changing in size and one is sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller. Are annular eclipse fake in Enoch land? Nutty.
  7. I’m not getting involved with criticising mods. They volunteer to do an impossible job. More than that I’d like to thank John, Gladys et al for their willingness to do a usually thankless task. If PGW explains what he thinks is causing his thumb to seem to move it would be instructive to his understanding of causation and science. He seems incapable of doing it rather getting involved in pointless squabbles. Ce sera sera.
  8. Why is the first reaction nowadays offence? A perfectly acceptable response, though one without Puritan self-flagellation, would be: ”great pun, glad people enjoyed it. Tourette’s is a complex condition which is often misunderstood, for more info contact ...” why go for offence. The objective should simply be consciousness raising on a complex mental health issue. It was a joke FFS!
  9. Mate your ability to express yourself makes PGW look like an exemplar of erudition. Me have magic book says world is flat have pretty pictures it must be hologram. Enoch Enoch Enoch. Gawd.
  10. Yeah cos over-exposure and over-saturation are such unconvincing explanations and “IT’S A HOLOGRAM” explains away everything. Said it before will likely say it again... Omphalos for the win.
  11. Erm ... what’s the opposite of nominative determinism? ‘Cos Ms Outlaw seems to have been affected by it! Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-49382386
  12. Saw this and was intrigued by it: I'm not quite sure what to think. Firstly I don't really know who Mr Rogers is ... I suppose it would be like "praying" to Geoffrey off Rainbow; odd. Secondly, I don't tend to verbalise my thoughts in any way which is like a prayer. I see a separation between defining "my thoughts in words" and being reminded of "my relationship to the larger universe outside myself". I get great pleasure from nature and the wider world around me - especially the night skies and the quiet sound of a woodland or a coast; and I think quite a lot about my role in society, but there is no sense of prayer in either of these two activities. I suspect there is something very American in this; a god soaked country where everyone is expected to be churched and so where people without a theory of the supernatural are still influenced by the folk memory of prayers at the end of the bed. I've mentioned Elizabeth Anderson quite a few times before on MF. Her essay "If God is Dead, Is Everything Permitted?" is quite brilliant. She talks about morality being reciprocal claim making: How ... can I answer the moralistic challenge to atheism, that without God moral rules lack any authority? I say: the authority of moral rules lies not with God, but with each of us. We each have moral authority with respect to one another. This authority is, of course, not absolute. No one has the authority to order anyone else to blind obedience. Rather, each of us has the authority to make claims on others, to call upon people to heed our interests and concerns. Whenever we lodge a complaint, or otherwise lay a claim on others' attention and conduct, we presuppose our own authority to give others reasons for action that are not dependent on appealing to the desires and preferences they already have. But whatever grounds we have for assuming our own authority to make claims is equally well possessed by anyone who we expect to heed our own claims. For, in addressing others as people to whom our claims are justified, we acknowledge them as judges of claims, and hence as moral authorities. Moral rules spring from our practices of reciprocal claim making, in which we work out together the kinds of considerations that count as reasons that all of us must heed, and thereby devise rules for living together peacefully and cooperatively, on a basis of mutual accountability. I don't pray - but I do have a sense of preparing a conversation to a community to try to work out how to "give others reasons for action" and how we can "work out together the kinds of considerations that count as reasons that all of us must heed". These private attempts at verbalisation aren't to any Geoffrey or any sense of a personality, but there is a sense of a community being willing to listen and respond - one without a supernatural, one aware of the fallibility and bias, but one still trying to find a right path in a complicated world. Is that close to what the cartoon is characterising? Maybe.
  13. Spotlight. Wordy, slow, but brilliant portrayal of the Boston Globe's Spotlight team of journalists uncovering the systematic protection of pedophilic priests preying on children in the Boston Catholic Church.
  14. Remember kids. Drugs fuck you up. Oh, John.
  15. Is changing your mind continuously an early sign of Altzeihmer’s?
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