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  1. The Tweet's text is: A theological question: Is it racist to post this image? Against whom?
  2. Isn't it visible in the post? It is on my phone/laptop. Is this visible?
  3. I don't know if it is a theological question but the stereotypes, biases, presumptions, politics, sociology and much else that could be pulled from and put into this image are legion. I know I'm long winded but I suspect entire PhDs could be written on it from multiple points of view. I don't really know where to start and am cautious of even starting as it could result in a minefield of misunderstandings, offence and claims as a white male I cannot have the experience to meaningfully comment ... But in saying that I've started. C'est la vie. Goodness racial politics make my
  4. Is Donald Trump using Fascist anti-Semitic messaging? Watch this recording of a video played to rile up the crowd just before the Capitol riot: https://vimeo.com/508134765 And then read this account of it showing the continual references to Jews and elites bringing down the glorious leader: https://www.justsecurity.org/74504/movie-at-the-ellipse-a-study-in-fascist-propaganda/ Sinister.
  5. Continuing my love of optical illusions:
  6. Just take seven minutes to enjoy the stars and comet Neowise.
  7. Every now and then the song Thing-Ummy-Bob raises up out of my subconscious. It's sung by Gracie Fields and the lyrics are very much based in Total War: there's a little lady, I want you all to meet She's working on munitions and she lives just down the street. ... And it's the girl that makes the thing that holds the oil that oils the ring that works the thing-ummy-bob that's going to win the war. I still shudder to think of the inhumanity, violence and destruction that mobilises an entire society to war. It is a very thin si
  8. Language has consequences. Try to fit too much meaning into words and they actually loses meaning - I feel this thread is doing this with the phrase concentration camp. Life is precious and to arbitrarily imprison is a big deal ... to arbitrarily kill a huge deal. Concentration camps have death rates and cause human suffering no matter how well managed and how honourable the motive for imprisoning, and that is the criteria they should be judged on, not their name. There is a huge difference between what happened on the Island and what happened in the Boer War and an even bigger
  9. Google the concentration camps the British used in the Boer War. I know Afrikaaners who firmly think it was attempted genocide.
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