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  1. Great graphic from Nature magazine on the rocket systems used to get astronauts into space:
  2. Crew Dragon is launching tonight, weather permitting, at about 21:30 BST and ascending into low earth orbit. It will be flying past the Island about 20 minutes later, but sadly it is unlikely you'll be able see as it will be too light - it you had binoculars and knew where to look you might be able to see it. But bout 2 hours later it will just be visible from the IOM low on the horizon as it flies by on it's second orbit. Heaven's above link for Castletown. See here for more details and a nice video of an earlier pass - the upper stage and Crew Dragon will still be very close together as they go by and so binoculars should resolve two objects [the video shows an earlier mission which also ejected solar panel covers, but Crew Dragon will not have these).
  3. China is flexing it's muscles and likely taking advantage of the West's self absorption in its failure to stop Coronavirus, something China is using to crow about the superiority of its political system. Firstly it is ramming through a security law in Hong Kong bringing CCP ideas on sedition and dissent into the supposedly self governing territory. Link. Secondly, moving troops into Ladakh which is a disputed region in the Hindu Kush China occupied in 1962 after a short war with India and which has been an occasional source of flare ups ever since. Link.
  4. How maths allows us to contact trace while maintaining privacy:
  5. Nice presentation of the genetics of SARS-cov-2 by Carl Zimmer in the New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/04/30/science/coronavirus-mutations.html
  6. Why doesn’t that graphic include Spain Italy and France?
  7. Prof Rory Truex of Princeton has put his entire Chinese Politics course lectures onto Youtube.
  8. I love these - creative people and a great introduction to great art:
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