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  1. Thought this simple list of things everyone used to understand was interesting. https://theelectricagora.com/2021/05/02/twenty-five-things-everyone-used-to-understand/ One's which stood out: [6] Justice will only ever be partially served, no matter what you do, and it is dangerous to make its pursuit overriding of all other considerations. [11] Even for those who live in modern, developed, peaceful nations and who are financially well off, life contains more suffering than happiness. [20] Politics should matter less to you than your family and friends. This one I worry
  2. I thought the last episode of Line of Duty was disappointing. In fact the whole series was a bit tired with very little originality. But it got huge ratings. Strange contradictions; we are meant to be living in a Golden Age of TV with Netflix et al spending multiple millions and everyone upping their game to compete but something rather mediocre is a huge ratings hit.
  3. Serious question what does consent mean? A super majority? At what level? People will vote against and lose. What will suddenly make their loss a signal of their consent? The decisiveness of a referendum will likely leave a lot of bitterness for sections of the losing community. And the no-never-we'll-use-violence-to-protect-our-community mob aren't likely to accept any vote they see as destroying the essence of their history. It's a problem far bigger than my limited horizons and goodness knows how it might end up. The status quo is only just holding together but the ground and de
  4. Got my second jab today. A risk mitigated, a smaller risk embraced. It is by taking risks we find a way.
  5. It was all a ruse due to Sheffield Wednesday envy.
  6. Ok ... so the burial service, all dignified and appropriate is finished ... we've all been very respectful and mournful. ... So ... anyone else heard rumours about the good Duke and a house in Castletown?
  7. I've been listening to The Northern Bank Job. Its an absolutely gripping portrayal of the IRA's multi-million pound heist from the Northern Bank in 2004. This is after the peace agreement and some claim it was the IRA getting its hands on enough money to pay pensions to all the ex-Provos. The truths of the robbery are masked in the violence and thuggery the Troubles brought out of Northern Ireland's psyche and that repressed capacity for thuggery is brilliantly caught in the story telling.
  8. I have very little respect for Prince Charles but my assessment of the man greatly increased when in 1999 at the last minute he didn't attend a State Banquet for CCP boss Jiang Zemin. https://m.independent.ie/world-news/charles-snubs-banquet-for-chinese-president-26136111.html
  9. In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets and steal loaves of bread. Anatole France The rich can bring other problems. In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike from committing tax evasion, buying influence and undertaking state capture. It is right and good that the state is concerned with all these social issues. And if you think our dear Sheik will be invited to the royal box ever again I think you are very mistaken. The Queen does have standards and the younger royals are afraid o
  10. That's a totally different issue. It is simply an economic fact if you buy more goods from the outside world than the world buys from you then you (or the banks you use) will use the foreign currency that results to buy foreign assets. So it it totally unsurprising UAE is purchasing UK assets. Now you raise crime. Well, apart from in certain circumstances that I will discuss below when someone commits a crime we don't strip them of their assets. The Sheik isn't immune from the law and if he commits a crime it should be investigated and prosecuted. Should he be invited to hob nob
  11. Yeah, but we can't print dollars and have to pay for them with GBP and the UAE isn't dollarised either. The interbank market still has to balance the trade flows which start and end in the UK and UAE. I really recommend this book on the issues. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0300244177/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_J1HKVP5VJRBTR6G43GQ3
  12. If you have a trade/current account deficit with a country the flip side of it is a capital account surplus of the same size. If we buy more trade goods (oil/gas etc) from them than they buy from us then they will be buying more of our assets than we will be buying of theirs. Oh look Sheila Mohammed is investing in the UK - buying assets - it's down to economics and the wealth structure of the Middle East. He's the boss he decides how to invest the GBP he gets from selling us petrochemicals. It would be a terrible thing if he kept them under his bed. Better that they are recycled
  13. Christ 'Merica is going to hell in a hand cart. Wanted black guy tragically shot while attempting to evade arrest, not something which justifies deadly force. And now the copper who accidentally shot him is up for 2nd degree manslaughter and is being denied bail. Bet she feels safe. What a mess.
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