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  1. It’s going to be Boris. That is who the Tory shires want. Gawd what a situation. Boris, three basically identical charisma free candidates and Rory Stewart trying to be I’m different honest speaking John. I’m not sure who I’d pick.
  2. A huge victory for people power in Hong Kong, but with the passage of the law only suspended, not cancelled, there is still a risk the Hong Kong authorities will force through legislation clearly lacking in democratic support. The consent of the governed is a vital principle of liberal democracy. The CPC has no understanding of the concept. Also by creating such a dichotomy between themselves and ordinary Hong Kongers the CPC is driving and creating the separatist/independence rhetoric as that is the only way to oppose imposition of unwanted laws. If the CPC insists it is our way or the highway, don't be surprised by the growth in the number of highwaymen. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-48649077
  3. Lovely example of how seemingly disparate areas of maths are in fact connected.
  4. Is there any evidence to bear on this issue what is the mountain road accident rate compared to say the A537. Does the IOM Police traffic department publish figures on accident rates? If not why not?
  5. JAXA Hayabusa2 asteroid explorer comes in for a bounce on the asteroid Ryugu
  6. The very first post in this thread was about Galaxy Zoo which has now morphed to become Zooniverse. Galaxy Zoo gets volunteers to classify Galaxies, as humans are still better at this sort of thing than computers! If enough people classify the same galaxy consistently astronomers can be pretty sure the crowd sourced data is pretty robust and saying something about the classification of galaxies. Recently the people who run the research published a paper in the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society. Edwin Hubble is the grand-father of galaxy research creating the first large set of galaxy observations in the 1920s and he came up with a Tuning Fork classification model: E0 to E5 (and beyond - they go up to E7 I think) are elliptical galaxies - these are thought to have been the result of galaxy mergers were multiple galaxies have smashed together to create amorphous blobs of galaxies without an obvious structure - they're basically symmetrical with cores and a blurr of stars orbiting in all directions about the centre. This is the wonderful fact of the universe - it is still young - over billions upon billions of years they will settle down and re-emerge as huge accretion discs as the average angular momentum of these huge agglomerations of stars tend to the mean via the law of large numbers, but at the moment stars are orbiting all over the place and hence the overall lack of structure. Beyond the ellipticals there are the spirals - the classic accretion disc galaxies with spiral arms. There are basically two types - unbarred, or barred. The causes of the bar, and the spiral arms are really really complex; involving density waves, star formation rates, and orbital resonance, but the end result is the two basic types - we live in a barred galaxy and these seem to predominate. Hubble thought there was a correlation between how the bar, the galaxy core and the tightness of spiral arms interact. The bigger the core the tighter the spiral arms will be. It now looks that this correlation was based on too limited a data set and when Galaxy Zoo brought far larger numbers to bear it disappeared. Thousands of volunteers have been able to apply their hive mind and see things missed by experts and super-computers. I think that is quite cool!
  7. ScotsAlan was wondering about accretion discs off in the thread which shall not be named. They are wonderful things and their ubiquity on huge scales is a wonderful challenge for astrophysicists to explain. There are a couple of goes: The description of the second video gives the basic explanation of why they form: In this simulation, gas clouds with random positions and motions coalesce under their mutual gravity, forming an accretion disk. It illustrates how the average angular momentum of the initial gas ends up defining the plane of the accretion disk. A gas cloud will have an average anglular momentum whether it is going to form a solar system or a galaxy. That average angular momentum will be preserved as the constituents of the cloud bounce into each other transfering energy and angular momentum, but conserving the overall amount of these two features. The result - an acretion disc.
  8. Zaphod went on a virtual galactic cruise inside Zarniwoop’s office. If he’d been exposed to the real total perspective vortex even his ego wouldn’t have survived. Which seems to be what Woolley is saying too.
  9. Now where’s Stinky to complain about Imperialist manipulation and Geopolitical meddling? It’s all going on.
  10. God you are pathetic and paranoid. Manxy and PGW are different people with very different personalities. TJ clones don’t change personality.
  11. The Hong Kong students and young people demonstrating against the extradition bill going through the local Hong Kong legislature are brave. The CPC would crush them in an instant if it had its way. Something it is working hard to achieve chipping away at one country two systems. I wonder how news of this seeps across the border into Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Keep strong Hong Kong. Stay different.
  12. Oops forgot the link. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00729d9/episodes/player
  13. This year’s Reith Lectures are quite brilliant and discuss the role of law in politics. Whether it is the human rights act or referendums ex Supreme Court judge Jonathan Sumption tackles them with incisive clarity.
  14. No one gone down to get a photo of the carcass? A part of me wants to ring up an IOM based relative with a lack of squeamishness and an axe to head down there to see what they can scavenge. I’d quite fancy a whale skull.
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