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  1. Another one, this time uncropped so you can see the scale of the explosion on the entire hemispherical view of the earth.
  2. Some of the things I think are cool: Geostationary Satellites Volcanoes
  3. Is another prohibited idea the evidence based observation that being overweight is a burden to the individual and society due to the increased morbidity it causes and it is reasonable to use both social and personal responsibility to reduce the number of people suffering from obesity?
  4. A bit of light relief, but also a pretty incredible story of commitment, compromise and longevity. Good on them - being together 81 years. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-59979000
  5. So, he's expelled for a second time! I suspect more successfully this time but no doubt the lawyers will earn some of their huge fee! I think the Aussies can exclude him. Their country their rules. But once this is all over it'd be unfair to continue to exclude him.
  6. An example of hate speech successfully removed from society. Can anyone really take this seriously and not see it as a typical example of virtue signalling? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-59981811
  7. Advertising was different in the 50s.
  8. Woke is a big issue nowadays, or so social media seems to tell me. My understanding of it is a bit limited, but my basic understanding is that if you are woke you believe that we know enough about certain issues that there is no need for these issues to still be open to debate or to be accepted in society. This is where cancel culture comes in - people who still wish to debate these issues, or hold opinions on them that aren't woke are beyond the pale and should be persona non grata. So what ideas are beyond the pale? I'd like to make it very clear, I don't necessarily agree with any of the ideas I'm including as being on a woke list of prohibited ideas. I don't necessarily disagree with them either. This is where I'm cautious of Wokism. I'm in favour of debate and as clearly as possible laying out the complexities and evidence around an issue. The world is a hugely complex place and ideas where it may seem all the issues are understood may in fact be open to re-interpretation when viewed more globally. So - what are third rail issues in contemporary woke society? 1) The idea that racism isn't the main cause of higher rates of social exclusion amongst certain racial minorities. 2) The idea that sexism isn't the main cause of lower rates of female (male) participation in STEM (caring) professions. 3) The idea that some trans-sexual women have an unfair advantage when competing in women's sport. 4) The idea that it is ok to segregate some spaces by biological sex rather than gender identification. 5) The idea that colonialism brought social and economic benefits to the people's colonised and their descendants. Ha, it's interesting trying to write these statements. I'm aware they are very sensitive and I'm trying to do it as neutrally as possible. How am I doing? Got any others. Are there a similar set of ideas people on the right can't countenance? 1) The idea that larger government can bring about social benefits. Anyway, all thoughts welcome.
  9. The invention of finance: the ability to seamlessly convert, at a reasonable cost, between large, irregular and variable cash flows and those which are relatively small and routine.
  10. Novak Djokovic: victim or perpetrator? I'm not in favour of mandatory vaccination but very much agree if you aren't you can find your freedoms curtailed for the health of those around you. So basically think he's received his just desserts. Disagree?
  11. That's very sad. I can't comprehend the wrench that will cause in a parent's life. Sinead battles with mental health issues. I hope she is supported and able to come to some sort of understanding/closure with what has happened without the distress crushing her.
  12. Roger, I disagree, but think I've said all I've got to say, but it is interesting how accusations of racism gain traction nowadays. I also do not think those living the ulta rich 5-star lifestyle are in a white bubble. Plenty of people of Arab, South- and East-Asian, and Africa heritage exist in it too. I've a certain amount of experience interacting with people from such backgrounds and find your statement unconvincing they do not live in a white-only bubble.
  13. Another provocative Twitter thread from Gurwinder.
  14. I can't really see this. I understand,though don't fully agree, that the acceptability of the use of racial terms depends upon the race of the person using them and their position in the "structural hierarchy" (goodness I find this all problematic), but wouldn't see any claims of racial superiority if a black man said to another "you are a waste of a black skin". Where is the implied superiority here? I have difficulty seeing an implied superiority suddenly emerging when used by a person from the majority/dominant culture. She's a gob and doesn't come over particularly well, but to use this incident to add racism to her list of offenses is, in my view, lazy and symptomatic of our times rather than any racist animus from her.
  15. Is this really so? In these hugely racially sensitive times referring to the colour of someone's skin is a huge no no, but genuinely is this racist rather than descriptive? Of course there is the additional complication that the gentleman she said this to was of South Asian heritage, but I can't see how this makes the statement racist, if you wanted to racially abuse someone you wouldn't use the phase in this way. For me it looks like she thought the person was white not that she was racially abusing them. You are a waste of a white skin. You are a waste of a black skin. You are a waste of a brown skin. You are a waste of breath. You are a waste if space. I'm having difficulty seeing racist intent here apart from adding an unnecessary emphasis on race, but is that racist, to simply draw attention to someone's race? I fully get in these times how some people will argue that it is symptomatic of structural racism etc. And given this I don't think the phrase should be used, but I see it basically as descriptive not abusive. I'm probably going to get in trouble for saying this but I do think our society is beginning to needlessly get in a muddle over racism. This lady may be a bit of a gob, but racist? That is a pretty serious accusation. I think all she was doing was using an outdated phrase which means you are a waste of space. Anyway presses Submit Reply slightly dreading I'll be accused of having all sorts of structurally racist and culturally insensitive views for saying this.
  16. I think Brian Cox makes some good points about the issues Don't Look Up deals with in this conversation:
  17. Would you say that if she was convicted in say a Libyan Court ? its only established by USA standards which are pretty much trial by Mob & Media She had the best lawyers money could buy and though all legal systems can improve the US system isn't that bad or much different from ours. She's welcome to appeal; I think her legal team are claiming a juror was biased and hadn't disclosed previous experience of abuse. My view is that she's basically had a fair trial. She was Epstein's madam and enabler. I would be more cautious of saying that if she'd been convicted in Libya but am happy that that had been reasonably proved in this trial. Let's see if she appeals. Do you really believe this is a miscarriage of justice? I don't.
  18. Roxanne, try the Myth of Sisyphus by Camus. A life changing read for me many years ago.
  19. ...we rarely confide in those who are better than we. Rather, we are more inclined to flee their society. Most often, on the other hand, we confess to those who are like us and who share our weaknesses. Hence we don't want to improve ourselves and be bettered, for we should first have to be judged in default. We merely wish to be pitied and encouraged in the course we have chosen. In short, we should like, at the same time, to cease being guilty and yet not to make the effort of cleansing ourselves. Albert Camus More interesting quotations from him here: https://www.orionphilosophy.com/stoic-blog/albert-camus-greatest-quotes
  20. Selective breeding of plants and animals. IE genetic engineering.
  21. I don't disagree, but you've got to be careful when a person is basically facing the rest of her life in prison to separate what she has done from the celebrity goings-on around that. She's the one on trial not the celebrities. If others have done wrong I hope there is sufficient evidence to bring them to trial, and it is highly problematic that it is likely they will use all their considerable wealth power & influence to stop that. Sexual entitlement is nasty and Epstein got away with it for far too long. How he operated, enabled via Maxwell, is now established beyond a reasonable doubt. Who else took advantage? They do deserve to sweat.
  22. Bloody hell ... The penny just dropped. Stinky is Q.
  23. Rich, entitled, spoilt woman didn't understand sexual boundaries and is jailed for the consequences of that. Why is this world news? ... my answer, because it shows how far we still have to go at educating people about sexual behaviour. It's fucking complicated. 😉😉
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