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  1. The various "tax havens" throughout Europe, Isle of Man included, will cease to function as such possibly within five years, definitely within 10 years. That is an issue not open to debate and one over which the Manx Government and Manx people have no say whatsoever. The people should be informed of that fact. Despite government hints that "agreements will be reached", the cold, hard fact is that the financial sector will for the most part move on from the Isle of Man within that time. What will follow will be a period of recession unseen in the history of the Island . When the merry-go-round comes to an abrupt halt in a few years, a great many people will be paying huge mortgages on homes that will see a depreciation of perhaps 50-80 percent. I think it is cruel that people are being dragged along with the present inflation in the Isle of Man for, unlike London, the Island has little left once the finance goes. One north African country has already made very comprehensive plans to assert itself as the new near Europe centre for finance, which turns the wheel full circle from the post-war years. (Prof St John Gregg, Isle of Man Examiner - 4 September)
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