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  1. FCMR

    Staff Wanted

    Go down the page a bit Telecoms IP engineers x 4 £35k Warhouse job on the IOM £20 ph I would hate to see you fill an application form in
  2. FCMR

    Staff Wanted

    Look around the site loads of jobs on the IOM vacant Try this
  3. FCMR

    Job Loses

    how can you lose something that you never had in the first place? NEWS I'm opening a factory at Jurby next week and I will be creating 50 new jobs. MORE NEWS I'm not opening the factory at Jurby next week, changed my mind, so there won't be any jobs. MORE NEWS Shit! 50 new jobs at Jurby were lost next week, that's a total of 60 new jobs gone down the pan now! The company are already set up and in production on the Island, the move to Jurby was for a larger unit, but Governments cock ups and delays has caused a re think, and the company may have been offered better assistance from off island, so these new jobs will be offered to others, and those currently employed let go
  4. Must be nice to make that much money to spend on a hobby. First of all Ive been in bussiness 30 years and during that time ive built a few properties and done well on them (and paid taxes on them). As for most if not all companies a tax break is given in relation to sponsorship, and if im able to raise the funds from clients and suppliers to run a race team I will and have done many times over the years. If no incentives was given by the Governments what sport would you have, and how many athletes would be able to reach their dreams.
  5. FCMR

    Job Loses

    Undercutting? What they charge for the supply of labour is so cheap, no wonder companies are going dowm this road as I said a min saving of 33% on what it cost to employ local and less hastle
  6. Im not to sure on how true this is but I believe that the House of Keys voted yes today to inflate the cost of Manx Beef, They have said that 30 month old cattle can go on the market but in doing so would flood the market causing vastly reduced prices, so they are prepared to pay the farmer a bung not to slaughter them.
  7. I could cut my cost by at least a 1/3 and still be legal if I went down this route The Answer But then I would be a right T**t for laying of locals
  8. FCMR

    Job Loses

    Maybe they are going to replace them with staff from why not if its cheaper And plans to open a new factory at Jurby may be getting shelved with the loss of 10 new jobs
  9. At one time you could just employ subbies which kept the costs down, Government now insist that anyone that works for you must be on the books, to be honest its not worth employing people unless they are cheap labour from one of the agencies, which seems to be the norm now with quite a few firms. Example the two spanish ??? tilers that were on the same job as us but employed by one of the big boys were only being paid £5-80 ph, how can a local compete with that.
  10. No I wont work for " you" and " your boys ", painting telephone boxes my ass!!! WRONG FIRM MATE Ive got new staff now
  11. Thought he was, and was subcontracted out to the house of keys
  12. What about the other 51 weeks? Maybe were all self employed - so we can do what you do and post all day oh and were all on call also. Thats why some people don't post for awhile Are you a rent boy????
  13. of being on call 24/7 come on now, why would a painter need to be on call 24/7? how do you paint a house in the dark? Hospitals schools offices most are decorated out of hours, and thats what we do
  14. What about the other 51 weeks?
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