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  1. Rog


    Why use a G4S, and how much will it cost just to use their wiring? I know all about SIM things, they get put in mobile phones by the phone shop, but how would I get one put into my camera?
  2. Rog


    What does solar panelled mean, and there must be wires to connect television cameras to a television set somewhere? I don't understand.
  3. Rog


    Oh Gawd, are these things another Phil Gawne Folly?
  4. Rog


    Err, how would the CCTV equipment have been powered and connected to where it could be monitored? It would have cost considerably more than the bloody dolls houses! And at six grand the least the supplier should have done would be to throw a couple of garden gnomes for nix! Anyway based on experience building mini-houses not best suited to the climate let alone money being made by so doing I would have thought that one particular "developer" should be providing the damm fool things for free. Fairy houses indeed. Pfft.
  5. Having ANPR with a data base like the UK DVLC have, or better yet cutting a deal to join in the UK DVLC will be worthwhile if only to address uninsured drivers. Moreover cutting a deal with the UK DVLC would free up a number of positions in the DoI which would be a good thing in itself.
  6. The only car parks with ANPR cameras that I've seen are private or privately administrated car parks such as the case with supermarkets and in any case Manx number plates are probably not on the UK DVLC database.
  7. No. Its not hypothecated. It just gets swallowed up in general taxation. aVED VED and other taxes associated with transport amount to about five times MORE than is spent on the road network over here.
  8. Not in the UK. It goes into general taxation and road maintenance etc is paid for from general taxation.
  9. Well I'm all in favour of ANPR technology, fixed, mobile, and in police cars. It's not just to flag up VED dodgers but more importantly uninsured vehicles and those without a current MOT - and I'm very much in favour of the annual testing of fitness of vehicles. All the arguments against having an MOT do not outweigh the benefits. Not one. Virtually every day that I go into Yarmo or Norwich I see at least one vehicle, not always cars , parked with a big yellow notice telling how it had been seized by the police, usually for the driver being uninsured or not having a full license and no supervising driver which means that the vehicle is uninsured and will always be seized. No "ifs", no ,"buts", and the driver and any passengers have to make their own way to where they were going with the driver facing a fixed penalty of £300 plus 6 penalty points or going to court and the possibility of an unlimited fine and more. It also gives the police the opportunity to give the vehicle the once-over. Some defects result in mandatory penalty points and big time fines for example 4 defective tyres and straightway that's 12 points and if they're really gnarly then £2500 EACH TYRE!. I like Safety Cameras, ANPR technology, and MOT testing. They make the roads much safer than they otherwise would be.
  10. First run by a retired Rastafarian copper?
  11. Rog


    AFAIK nothing in the rules restricting which countries can take part.
  12. Rog


    The heshe kept Turkey at home so not all bad.
  13. I can see a slight problem with that ----
  14. Ploice car? Check the op. I just noticed.
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