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  1. Rog

    David Rockefeller has died

    'Ere you! He was my second cousin!
  2. The land occupied by the Caliphate no doubt soon be taken back but the Caliphate, or more likely DAESH is a whole lot more than the occupancy of an area of land. DAESH is an idea and ideas are very hard to destroy unless the people with those ideas are destroyed. DAESH doesn't need land, in any case our concept of territory and borders doesn't extend into Islam. ISIS/DAESH is about people and how they think. ISIS/DAESH is about jihad, jihad against those things that are haram, and that means us and the blasphemous lives we live.
  3. Crimes have been committed based on our reality, but no crimes have been committed from an Islam reality other than those acts that run counter to Shar'ia. And reality is the right word. For devout observant Muslims our perception of the world is poles apart from theirs. It is us who are the sinners. Our government based on democratic choice and the ability to decide what is legal to do and what is not is to them rank blasphemy.
  4. Rog

    Alesha Macphail

    Should be placed within the general population at Barlinnie. Sorted.
  5. Rog

    How much more

    Of course they are! It's a very profitable business and it's very dirty money. A very great many people over here spend the money that they get from tax payers to live on on crap such as gambling, booze, cigarettes, drugs, expensive mobile phones, luxury goods yet then use foodbanks. Gambling, and especially on-line gambling is a very dirty business and picking up the crumbs that drip down from it are even worse that the low life that run the businesses.
  6. Rog

    Essex discuss

    Infinitely preferable to a cream pie though!
  7. Rog

    Essex discuss

    Not as nice as Manchester ones with lashings of custard!
  8. Rog

    Right wing Terrorism

    The root cause is Islam and what it instructs those who are observant Muslims to do.
  9. Rog

    Essex discuss

    Once away from Basildon (council house slum) and Canvey Island ( feral brats) much of Essex is rather nice. Southend has its problems now, mostly caused by immigrants, but there's some delightful places on the seafront at Leigh on Sea where the local seafood is amazing. Local oysters, crabs, and lobsters although not cheap are worth trying directly from the boatman's sheds. The major towns such as Maldon and of course Colchester really are well worth a visit. Avoid the slums of Harlow and Basildon and Essex is a rather nice county.
  10. Rog

    Right wing Terrorism

    Crying shame we've not got Stephen in Westminster.
  11. Rog

    Right wing Terrorism

    Staying a fact can not be offensive. Well two facts actually. First, I don't condone what took place Second, it is inevitable that such things happen.
  12. Rog

    Right wing Terrorism

    Another personal response to the terrorists that are colonising the West. I don't condone it but it inevitable that in the absence of appropriate response by governments individuals will start to take matters into their own hands. There's a great deal of activities taking place by Joe Public that seldom makes the news media such as slapping slices of bacon on mosques or putting araldite in mosque door locks.
  13. Rog

    Upsetting the nutters

    For (self professed) Christians they certainly are not demonstrating good witness.
  14. Rog

    Dianne Abbott

    I agree but if the government had just remained schtum it would no doubt have ruffled a few feathers but soon blown over. A week is a long time in politics.
  15. Rog

    Dianne Abbott

    I'm afraid you're right. The best way to have dealt with this was to play it very low key, not to try to make political capital out of it.