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  1. Our government, especially the government ministers, have been putting themselves and their families at great risk in spite of knowing the probable consequences in order to govern our country and deliver the best advice to us based on the best advice being given to them. We really should admire them and abide by their instructions rather than try to make cheap and silly "jokes".
  2. And the problem with that is? Both 100% factual.
  3. The result of the Black Death had a huge impact on life in England that had the effect of destroying the tied labour system. Quite what effect this present plague will have on "normal" society is impossible to predict but the economic effects will be huge if for no other reason than because of the years of austerity that will have to follow requiring a substantial contraction of the Welfare State.
  4. Look old son, you didn't understand what had been writ on the side of that infamous bus.
  5. No. The logical and long delayed legislation must be brought rapidly into place compelling all unemployed people to work in any job that they are fit to do to actually DO in return for their tax payers hand outs. If immigrants can afford to do it then our unemployed can afford to do it. I, and an increasing number of people, are strong believers in the principle of those who will not work should not eat. Covid-19 and BREXIT are going to have a huge effect on a great many things that have become taken for granted and will quite simply HAVE to change and our country will be a great deal better as a result.
  6. Just as over here those same police are exposing their families and themselves to a considerably hightened risk of infection to provide increased safety for us as well as reduce the instantaneous load on the NHS. Surely we all can do our bit by reducing the load on them by abiding with the requirements placed on us by the isolation rules?
  7. France tried the same with Germany too.
  8. Hrmm. This is sorta - well something. :- https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2020/03/21/french-police-in-bid-to-confiscate-130000-face-masks-bound-for-uk-nhs-doctors-and-nurses-battling-the-coronavirus/ On top of that the French ordered a business that was in contract with HMG to manufacture PIP to withdraw from that contract and make PIP for the French instead. https://www.euronews.com/2020/03/06/coronavirus-french-protective-mask-manufacturer-scraps-nhs-order-to-keep-masks-in-france
  9. FWIW police are now very active enforcing the rules regarding Kung Flu rules over here, drones are being used to monitor what people are getting up to. A number of mobile shops have sprung up and are doing a roaring business. Almost over night signposts have been stripped of village names or been swapped over and "go home you're not wanted" signs and graffiti are all over the place. Lots of things in short supply in the shops too. Even fresh veg, "County Lines" would seem to have changed radically with our local produce being taken to the crap holes rather than drugs being brought from the crap holes to us. I just hope you guys are getting through this nightmare OK, we seem to be a few days ahead on the shit highway but otherwise from following your press the route seems as near as dammit to being very similar. Stay safe, really.
  10. I agree that human to human transmission is still not been seen, I mentioned that, but these bloody things mutate.
  11. Not creaming, messing. Keep in mind that I am in the very high risk group because of my age, general health, and the immunosuppressant and other medication that I have to take.
  12. No, just a bit of news. In view of the unknown origin of the current plague it's probably worth keeping anything a bit unusual emerging from that neck of the woods. After all, by reading the runes when covid-19 first emerged enabled us to stock up very effectively before the widespread bulk and then panic buying even started. I clearly recall trying to give a heads up about risks you guys faced due to the supply chain and the island being on the end of it even more than we are and all I got was criticism. This time I very much doubt if the prospect of hantavirus proving to be the same threat as covid-19, for one thing a vaccine already exists, and unless there has been a marked mutation allowing it to breach the species barrier it's hardly likely to become the next pandemic --- but it's probably worth watching. That's all.
  13. Check it out vis-à-vis next bug from China.
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