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  1. ANYTHING that Gawne has ANYTHING to do with will prove to be a disaster. That creature has just too much track record to expect otherwise.
  2. Anything to do with Vader and they'll probably think a paedophile is something to do with a foot fetish.
  3. I was. Staying in a holiday flat off season while working at the Bacton gas terminal. The flat only had electric heating and I froze my ****ing arse off. Stayed skulking around the site as much as I could and ate in the canteen. Fond memories NOT. Almost got sick of steak and chips. Almost ---. It was a four week contract, mid Jan to mid Feb. Next contract was Nigeria. I managed to get myself deported! That's all anyone needs to know about THAT one though.
  4. Not clear message that the UK were going to surrender the Falkland islands at all. The UK had no option other than return Hong Kong to China and there was no way that the Hong Kong population could be George's into the UK. The only method was expecting that Argentinians to behave like civilised honourable people. That was the stupid mistake. Keep in mind the value of the resources available from the British waters surrounding the Falklands. Thatcher was without doubt the best prime minister we had in the whole of the 20th century bar none up and up to until now.
  5. So what do you believe the alternative was given all of the constraints?
  6. Be more precise. You MUST be able to! C'mon Barry, it's put up or shut up time.
  7. So at least some of your --- efforts --- will be on line eh?
  8. Care to say what that is Barrie?
  9. Ever heard of a scanner? Or even a photo on a mobile phone sent over the web? Or could it just possibly be ---- nah. Nobody would be such an askhul. Or would they ????
  10. So Barrie, I've probably missed it but would you please supply a link whereby we could read some of your work or maybe upload a copy of some of it here?
  11. Barry old son, you have absolutely no idea of what I've done. To me it doesn't matter, what matters to me is what I've achieved.
  12. A bit less thinking and a lot more learning would benefit you no end.
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