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  1. Rog

    Black Lives Matter

    Yes,but there's different abilities required in different jobs. Races are not equal in strengths and weaknesses. In this country it's not a person's race that determines how high up the tree he or she can climb, it's ability combined with inate characteristics and these are determined by both nature and nurture.
  2. Rog

    Black Lives Matter

    It's a fiercely competitive sport so what matters is ability.
  3. Rog

    Black Lives Matter

    It certainly looks that way. A legitimate protest about the behaviour of some American police was rapidly picked up and exploited mostly by ANTIFA. Marxist supporters then jumped on the battlebus and our history now is under attack further assisted by "Useful Idiots" (Google the phrase?).
  4. Rog

    Black Lives Matter

    What on earth could anyone consider as being in ANY way racist in that?
  5. Rog

    Black Lives Matter

    It is in such places as were shown in Leicester that illegals get their money other than running drugs and Leicester is far from being the only town and city that this is happening. Slum employment with pay in cash is widespread in "the colonies" that have sprung up in several parts of the UK also provide employment to add to the HUGE Benefits those "legally" in the UK receive, in many cases where multiple claims are being made, and worse yet paid, to the black workforce.
  6. Why not free competition? Monopolies are NEVER good.
  7. Based on track record it'll either involve a couple of big diesel generators on board or a long mains lead if Longworth is involved in any decisions. BTW - What DID happen to the Bench Busses in the end?
  8. Rog


    How much are you prepared to pay?
  9. We do not need a "deal" at this time. The time for any trade negotiations is AFTER severing all ties and only then establish relationships with which other nations will be most beneficial to us. As for the Chinese Plague being any reason not to get shot of all formal connection with the dreadful EU, absolutely not. The very last thing would be to delay. Quite apart from anything else delay will cost us billions.
  10. I believe ALL of that and more. And I'm FAR from alone.
  11. No doubt the UK will. However while the island has open borders with Eire it WILL mean that travellers from the island will have to have some form of passport to visit the UK. There will have to be.
  12. I'm well aware that The Irish Republic is not within the Schengen area but all that really means is that there's no border checks and for those EU states that also are not in the Schengen at most it's usually a cursary glance at one's passport, often not even that. But come Freedom Day when the unwanted and unneeded Transition period ends we (UK) want secure borders and no foreigners entering OUR nation without our permission and that is part of what BREXIT is about. There has to be an international border in place policed by our border force on ALL entrance routes into OUR nation.
  13. Most probably it'll have more to do with preventing EU citizens using the Common Travel Area open border with the Irish Republic from gaining illegal entry to the UK after BREXIT transition period ends. The existing situation simply cannot continue after that. We (UK) will ensure that there are no back doors left open in our border security and with the Irish Republic being still in the EU and with the EU freedom of movement the CTA must end - and it will.
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