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  1. offensive content edited out
  2. There is no such thing as inconsequential pollution. EVERY POSSIBLE REDUCTION THAT CAN BE MADE MUST BE MADE. My wife and I have been working to reduce our carbon footprint for several years now as have many people in our village and in fact all around East Anglia. This is a thing that must be done and "whataboutary" arguments against reducing every bit of pollution of all sorts are contemptible.
  3. In my neck of the woods Hermes are very very good. Most people in our vilage tip delivery drivers a few bob because we know that the pay rate is low in all cases. With covid and isolation usually a couple of quid in an envelope works fine. We keep a few "loaded envelopes" ready in the draw of the hall table. Do you guys on the island do something similar for people making deliveries to your homes? Just curious.
  4. Its going to be a loss to the little control the electorate had over the House of Keys.
  5. It IS a good thing because the corollary is that it sees the end of the free movement of EU people INTO Britain which was a major reason for the success of the BREXIT referendum.
  6. Rog

    Black Lives Matter

    Well of course it is.
  7. Rog

    Black Lives Matter

    All foreign aid should have been ended decades ago.
  8. Rog

    Black Lives Matter

    Ever been to any Sub-Saharan African country and worked up country? Nigeria? Congo? Angola? I have. In any case this funny and harmless little cartoon addresses ex slaves, not negroes who have emigrated to the West.
  9. Rog

    Black Lives Matter

    Says it all really.
  10. Rog

    Black Lives Matter

    Yes,but there's different abilities required in different jobs. Races are not equal in strengths and weaknesses. In this country it's not a person's race that determines how high up the tree he or she can climb, it's ability combined with inate characteristics and these are determined by both nature and nurture.
  11. Rog

    Black Lives Matter

    It's a fiercely competitive sport so what matters is ability.
  12. Rog

    Black Lives Matter

    It certainly looks that way. A legitimate protest about the behaviour of some American police was rapidly picked up and exploited mostly by ANTIFA. Marxist supporters then jumped on the battlebus and our history now is under attack further assisted by "Useful Idiots" (Google the phrase?).
  13. Rog

    Black Lives Matter

    What on earth could anyone consider as being in ANY way racist in that?
  14. Rog

    Black Lives Matter

    It is in such places as were shown in Leicester that illegals get their money other than running drugs and Leicester is far from being the only town and city that this is happening. Slum employment with pay in cash is widespread in "the colonies" that have sprung up in several parts of the UK also provide employment to add to the HUGE Benefits those "legally" in the UK receive, in many cases where multiple claims are being made, and worse yet paid, to the black workforce.
  15. Why not free competition? Monopolies are NEVER good.
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