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    NHS - Guernsey

    Seems fair enough, especially for a small place. The NHS in its present form even for a place the size of the UK is unaffordable and must be funded other than just by direct taxation. For the IOM it's crazy to even try to continue using the UK NHS model.
  2. Not only should it be free, it should be available in the public domain and updated on at least a monthly basis with previous versions also available free and on line.
  3. Why should the island get anything for doing what should have been done YEARS ago??
  4. I can't stand what I see where Stewart is concerned. But back to Maggie, those communities were based on industries that only survived on massive subsidies of hard working tax payers money. No political dogma, just plain economic sense.
  5. Oh dear, same old same old eh? Thatcher SAVED the UK. If that anti-Semitic POS Corbyn and his cabal get into office I just hope that a Maggie clone emerges in time to do the same. As for this lot I'm just sorry that Andrea Leadsom has been dropped.
  6. FWIW I believe that the question you raise is a very sensible question, the sensible answer is yes. The suggestion that speed isn't the cause of accidents is particularly true but there are times when advisory information as well as specified instructions are essential. At best a person can only drive well if they drive in a manner appropriate to the road, driving conditions, and known hazards not all of which are obvious or signposted. Imposing a speed limit means that these factors have been taken account of and a limit placed to deal with hazards that are not obvious. But here's the rub. A speed limit is also imposed to protect other road users from harm by motor vehicles. It's about making roads safe for ALL road users.
  7. Yes. And ANPR and safety cameras and an annual vehicle test directly boiler plated from the UK.
  8. Rog

    Cassius Clay

    Did it ever occur that I chose the one of many sources that I did in order to avoid eejits accusing me of going down a track that was in any way pro-Jewish or pro-Israeli? No? Thought not.
  9. Rog

    Cassius Clay

    Err, did you read the date of the WSJ source?
  10. Rog

    Cassius Clay

    LOL! Except I didn't deny having fuffed up ---- OK I didn't admit it, but I didn't deny it!
  11. Rog

    Cassius Clay

    Keep digging John. Long way to go though.
  12. Rog

    Cassius Clay

    LOL! Nice backpedaling!
  13. Rog

    Cassius Clay

    I've provided a very legitimate source, the WSJ. To seek.
  14. Rog

    Cassius Clay

    Use Google. It's all to be found.
  15. Rog

    Cassius Clay

    Check out the Wall Street Journal April 27 2017
  16. Rog

    Cassius Clay

    Sass his "conversion" not done in order to avoid the Draft?
  17. Has snuffed it. Oh dear.
  18. Rog

    TT copyright

    Thanks for that, I am well aware of the registration process but what I do find --- disturbing --- is how the IOM TT races have been hijacked as some sort of brand and that brand then registered , copyrighted, and then licensed. It really does smack of "sharp practice" to say the least. There must have been a real sleazy smarmy askhul involved to have done so.
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