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  1. But where is the traffic to go? Between the lines, or following them? The crossing outside of Admiral House - is that a pedestrian crossing or not? Were these designed approved by a traffic management consultant or some GCSE installation art student? At least if it was Banksy there would be some acerbic wit in there. Does anyone in DOI actually understand that if it is not clear how to use a road, the likely consequences are serious, if not grave? This is not designing a patio FFS.
  2. But their spelling is ok.
  3. I think they have removed the markings from that crossing, or perhaps it wasn't a crossing or perhaps it was.
  4. I criticised because they hardly came up with anything novel or insightful. Depends on what question was asked of them however. Nevertheless, I am glad they are there.
  5. Gladys


    Agree with all you say, except for probationary periods. If they are properly used then they should quickly throw up any competency issues and indicate skills gaps. But, as you say, that depends on the competency of the manager and there is also the problem of 'investment'. Recruitment is costly and time consuming as is induction training. After going through those processes there may not be the stomach to say you are not for us or this position, only to go through the whole process again.
  6. Gladys


    There is an argument that incompetence might he the fault if the individual, but it is also the fault if management who do not use the tools they have to identify it, manage it and then get rid of it. There may be an individual failure but there are also systemic failures for allowing it to continue.
  7. No, just stick to licking door handles here. A few more weeks probably isn't a big issue, and it is up to everyone to assess their own risk, IMO. That is why there should be moves to open up more travel with the UK regardless of what they do about opening their borders,the only limitation being two jabs. A bit, dare I say it, like the CI. That seems an entirely rational and pragmatic response.
  8. Stay somewhere else so you can isolate alone if you test positive.
  9. Gladys


    Yes, it is often so much easier to ignore under-performance until it gets to be a problem. By that time doing anything about it is difficult as you have allowed an unacceptable situation to continue.
  10. Bringing their employer into disrepute, misuse of company property, commiting an offence against protection of wildlife legislation, and I would top it off with being knobs.
  11. Shown the door by a not so gentle nudge of a digger.
  12. I am not pretending otherwise, but he is going. However, it would be just awful if he became PM's political pundit on IOMTV, or whatever it is called now.
  13. No, it shouldn't be the case, but it is. I doubt anything is going to be named in his honour, apart from the Liverpool landing stage, which could be Howard's Quay, perhaps?
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