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  1. They weren't taking her advice as she wasn't staff, if you remember, that is part of the furore.
  2. Agree, but if she was "on the team" perhaps she may have seen the chink in the armour. I am still dumbfounded at HE's reaction to PM's revelation that the SP staff didn't isolate.
  3. I am in North Douglas, so will be watching the GE with interest. If he gets back in, it will confirm that the general populace are either stupid or complacent. I wonder if we had a party political system, whether that would make resignation more likely. The way things are, only HQ would put pressure on him to resign and that's not likely is it?
  4. It is worse than that because DA always comes across as well briefed and knowledgeable. If he was bumbling, you would start to wonder if he knows what he is talking about.
  5. No idea, I am not a lawyer, but didn't DBC admit there were no grounds for appeal?
  6. Only those who think there are grounds for appeal.
  7. 100%. But who gave him the information and who did he consult with before delivering this hugely important development? Along with all the other 'misunderstandings', we really do need a reckoning. It isn't enough to harp back to our relative normality last year, that should have been a breathing space to develop good processes, but it was ignored. It is new ground and we can expect mistakes, what I cannot accept is arrogance, lack of transparency and the refusal to listen to people with an informed view. So on the list of accounts outstanding, I have:- The RG rebuttal
  8. And I will now have this crap popping up everywhere, because I clicked on an image to see the crime against hilarity in better detail. Typo above, but I thought it was worth keeping.
  9. There was also the spoof Viz 'Life of Christ in Cats' plate. Sadly, I could never find the plate, but found a supplier of a 'Life of Christ in Cats' tea towel, so bought three for very special friends.
  10. Do you think they could squeeze in a reference to fork handles? (Possibly the most unfunny but most loved sketch, I think.)
  11. That will be good fun, but do you think there will be any more briefings like we have had? My money is on announcements as and when things change dramatically. They might squeeze one in to confirm that they have 'stepped out of our lives' (that's my entry, btw), but after that I think they will be pretty pointless. The briefings actually add to the fear factors, imo, and reliance on how 'our parents' are going to protect us. It's up to to the GMP now. Apart from that, a few sticky moments are on the horizon.
  12. When I renewed my driving licence in 2012, I got my licence with someone else's photo on it.
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