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  1. But the last section is a cycle lane not a bus and cycle lane.
  2. I am not an accountant, and to be very pedantic, greed is actually a subset of human nature, so there!
  3. That's the point, about half way along it becomes a cycle lane, not a cycle and bus lane.
  4. The lane changes to cycles only before the filter at the lights, so buses have to go back into the centre lane anyway.
  5. My thoughts too. The layman may think that he must have been, at least, harbouring unhealthy thoughts about young girls prior to this incident.
  6. What about those of us who don't identify as "persons"?
  7. Yes, it does appear way out of whack, so much so that there has to be more about it. Possibly probation and a supervision order will keep him under close scrutiny and "re-educate" him - I don't know how good our probation and supervision services are, but if they need any input from mental health I am not too hopeful. Odd too that a photo was published.
  8. On the one hand it was spontaneous, and on the other it didn't happen at all. What does a supervision order entail?
  9. There is outrage on FB at the non-custodial sentence of a convicted paedophile. On the face of it, it is outrageous and contrary to various pledges to investigate and prosecute paedophiles, not to mention public feeling on the topic. But, is there more to it?
  10. Gladys

    Black Lives Matter

    That is entirely consistent. 1984 is about any form of authoritarian state control, facsism or communist - at the extreme end there is very little difference.
  11. Gladys

    Black Lives Matter

    To be quite clear, I have zero support for either organisation, I have deep suspicions as to their motives. I certainly do not want to apologise for something I didn't do, nor did I profit from (although I can foresee the argument that we all profited from slavery due to the benefits the profits generated for society as a whole). However, I do want to know about this history and to understand and empathise with the victims of it.
  12. Gladys

    Black Lives Matter

    The estimate is 46,000 slave owners in Britain of 800,000 slaves. I don't know if that is the number who applied for compensation, some may not have for various reasons, or the total of owners.
  13. Gladys

    Black Lives Matter

    You are projecting the crimes and guilt on yourself, I am not. You can't just ignore it in case you feel implicated, but you can learn about it. I have no guilt; I didn't participate or profit from slavery, but I do try to understand history. You are right that the money to meet these compensation payments were raised by taxes, and that thus impacted mostly on the poor, and so could be a form of wealth redistribution. But that is what happened.
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