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  1. The time to raise objections was when the policy was fixed. People should have made their views known then. What has happened is people were complacent but now that the recycling and waste policy is being implemented, it is actually affecting them and they are objecting. The objections now should be about how it is implemented, not that it is being implemented. I am sure there are situations where the arrangements as currently in place are impractical and there needs to be an adjustment. The recycling bins are not fit for purpose. However, I totally get the zoom back view when the effectiveness and true 'green' credentials of the recycling initiative are being questioned. Glass and metal recycling is a bit of a no brainer. Not sure that the cardboard and plastic recycling is quite the same, unless there are facilities here that can do something with that raw material. However what I would also say is the boat sails every day from here to the UK, whether it has recycling bound for a UK facility or not, or if it has nothing on board at all. So, on that basis the environmental impact of getting stuff to the UK has got to be nil, surely? There will be an impact for transport in the UK, but does that make it any different to UK grown recycling?
  2. Do you pay to use the public charging points? I did hear her say, though, that her energy bill for her e car was still about half of what it was for her ICE. So she must be paying something.
  3. Well quite. Get them cleaned, which will cost but in comparison to the cost of getting rid? I suppose the issue is that if they leave them in some houses but remove them from others when they are past it, would incoming tenants expect the carpets to be replaced? Would others argue that the carpet should be removed and replaced? I kind of 'get' a blanket policy, it removes a lot of hassle, but it does seem very wasteful and should not delay getting tenants housed.
  4. It does seem unnecessarily wasteful. Is it to do with being 'unfurnished' or that people were complaining about the carpets etc if left there and wanting replacements?
  5. Are there a lot of empty council houses? Is it because no one wants them or because the selection process is difficult/they need work/the Commissioners CBA?
  6. Totally agree. The recycle boxes don't work, particularly for paper and card. The elasticated covers provided lose their elasticity and become brittle and split after a little while. They are also tricky to store.
  7. You haven't hit a nerve at all. Don't worry about that. I just don't understand why people are not trying to work with it and address the flaws, instead of trying to reverse it. I would be happy to debate complaints from someone who said they had tried to work within the new arrangements but could not make it work for them for specific reasons (other than changing their habits) rather than someone who has not even tried.
  8. 1. That is a quote out of context, as you will have seen (having trawled all my posts) I have always said I was aware and for a long time, then posted the leaflet I received. 2. It was a Survey Monkey that I was invited to complete via text in October 21, which I said on here. Not sure how I can demonstrate that to you. 3. I didn't protest then, and I haven’t protested now. I don't disagree with the basic concept, understand that there will be issues, but that does not mean that the whole idea should be abandoned. My mother would have said 'like it or lump it'.
  9. Very simply, I was aware of the changes, thought there was plenty of publicity and those shouting that there was none were wrong. I also thought that the personal attacks on here of Amadeus were completely uncalled for and abusive. It is not perfect, but it needs to be given a chance and for real lessons to be learnt (and there are things that do not work, but only by trialling, can those things be put right) so that the whole concept works for all. I have also said many times that I have experienced exactly these changes over 20 years ago; you just got on with it and they worked. It was a London Borough, they had fixed their policy and their job was to implement it. There was little scope for 'but, but' arguments. I had a look on their website this evening and it is a very comprehensive and useful site on the whole topic of recycling and waste collection, but they have had well over 20 years of experience. Far from being a standard bearer, after that experience I kind of understood it would not be 'waste armageddon', but it needed people to change their behaviour and engage with it. Then we had the roll out of increasingly specious arguments against it, and each time one objection was responded to, along comes another, often deteriorating to personal attacks. The experience I had 20 plus years ago was of a local authority confident in their role to do their job, and of an electorate understanding that is what they should do. It was a mature relationship. I am sure there were bits that didn't work and there were adjustments to how it was implemented. But rather than being expected to cave in to objections, they have obviously dealt with them and there is now what seems to be a constructive implementation.
  10. Yes, and I have said consistently that they are not fit for purpose.
  11. I think they used to, but possibly stopped due to financial regulation. I am talking about a very long time ago, as I seem to do nowadays.
  12. I drink it and wipe it over my skin daily, should I be worried? Never knew it would become a habit I can't kick. Come clean moment, I also offer it to family, friends and visitors. Crikey!
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