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  1. Suppose that really is the question: what is the plan for the future and what weapons do we have to deploy?
  2. As knowledge worldwide increases, wouldn't genomics help? Say, for instance, there is a strain which has proven to be more or less devastating. If the former, quick identification can enhance tracing and allow the hospital to get ready. If the latter, then perhaps the response can be a little more low key. Like I have said, knowledge quickly obtained has to be key in a nuanced and sophisticated approach. But I am sure there will be plenty of arguments against.
  3. I was sure there was just one in hospital yesterday, but now there are 2. Am I misremembering? If I am right, that means 3 people have suffered severe issues with this outbreak, about 10%, is that a higher figure than before?
  4. Gladys


    Hen shit and feathers on an egg are a good sign!
  5. The blanking out of the bus and cycle lane signs has washed off, so it looks like the temporary measures are back.
  6. Pah, that's just a Sports Direct mugful.
  7. And I suspect making sure they isolated would be much easier in a boarding school than in a domestic setting.
  8. In my day, they would have been having a sly fag!
  9. Why? They did the right thing and had bubbled all the returning students. However, a bit of genomics on those kids would be interesting on the assumption they have come from different countries.
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