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  1. I don't agree, John. We do not hear about every cough, sneeze, incident, just that "something has happened". There was a spate of unusual stuff with no clear information. We hear on international news all the time, within minutes, about serious incidents, usually stabbings at the moment sadly. Every community in the world will have as much interest in what has happened in the next street as we do. It is not nosiness, but openness. This is an open society, and without wanting to jeopardise an investigation, why can't information be given? Frankly, when information is withheld in a criminal process there has to be a very good reason. After all, the basis of criminal law is that an offence has been committed against the whole of society. Criminality is a public offence. I would repeat that I would not expect or demand that information is given that jeopardises an investigation, but when general information is not forthcoming, you do have to question the "contract" that the individual members of society has with the state. We do live in a relatively safe place, but that should not have any relevance to openness. Quite the reverse.
  2. Frankly, the argument about not having the budget is bollocks. The police do not need a PR officer just an open disposition. We pay for you, so please tell us what is happening provided it doesn't jeopardise your investigation. Other countries seem able to have an open relationship with their citizens, other than those unopen countries like...
  3. We don't deserve a "tit bit", but an explanation as to what has happened to cause the various unusual (for the IOM) actions. I really don't want to hear the detail but an open commentary would be helpful. You cannot blame the local news purveyors - all they can report is what is fed to them. But really, several apparently serious incidents over the past few weeks and we do not know what those incidents may have been? Then there is an appeal for any information - about what you have to ask, what could have happened how could I help and what do I know that is relevant? Shocking disregard for that implied understanding between the citizen and the state.
  4. My twopennyworth - in a free society there is a "contract" between the state and the individual. Part of that contract is that there is openness of state actions, that is one of the reasons that most legal processes such as a trial are carried out in public. In return individuals must abide by the law. Yet , we have had several unspecified events over the past week or so, most of them seeming to be serious. But no information from the police. Very odd. Imagine if there was a lock down of information from, say, the Yorkshire Ripper crimes, the Manchester bombing, the London Bridge terrorist attack? Unconscionable isn't it? That is not to say that the information released should prejudice either the investigation or any resulting trial, but why is information being heavily censored? If a crime has been committed, it is a crime against every person here- that is, apparently, why the state prosecutes. I want to know what has happened. Why not? I am a citizen who fulfills my side of the contract so fulfill yours. This not a police state, but an open democracy apparently.
  5. Remember it and think it may have been Mandarin or Mayflower. But I could be confusing the name with the one where Tower House is now.
  6. No you are not. He ran two chippies one on the next turning down from the bowler (now a house, after a chippy it became a Chinese takeaway) and one round the corner. He used to give you a potato scallop while you waited for your order and would pretend to pick his nose with a finger stump to make you laugh. He was a lovely man.
  7. Perhaps most of the debate is down to shoddy, unintelligent and sensationalist reporting? Unlike other press, the IOM press seems incapable of properly interpreting and accurately reporting cases. They seize on the sensational bits (probably because the junior hack cannot communicate at any level beyond text speak) and miss the salient points. So the legal process appears broken, but when you read the judgement, eventually, there is sense.
  8. I have a very nascent idea to help with the safety of users of taxis and services like uber, obviously not so much here, but wider afield. But have no idea how to start or even decide if it it really is a good idea. Is there anyone who may be interested or would the big telecoms companies be receptive?
  9. Don't do it John, He already has them.
  10. Best wishes, John. Glad you are doing so well. X
  11. Having Googled that, I can categirically state that I am not.
  12. Oh Lord, now I have the Chuckle Brothers in my head "to me, to you". Time for some festive egg nog to minimise the psychological damage.
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