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  1. It does not involve penetration, so it's fine.
  2. Fun, providing you are not the poor sod trying to maintain it!
  3. Agree, but will that happen?
  4. I think you would have to go by the register of members.
  5. Except they would probably have to let a contract for the machine and refilling it.
  6. Whatever is griping you, please take it where it will actually solve your issues.
  7. He has apologised, so the heat is off him now.
  8. None of what I heard was particularly edifying.
  9. Thing is, how many people do really make their sex life a dominant part of their personality? If you think about it, do heterosexual people make their sex life the dominant part of their personality? There are, absolutely, some people who are sexual predators and that does define them, but that is not an exclusive preserve of non-heterosexuals, quite the reverse, even if just by sheer numbers. For most people, their sexuality is just a small element of their make up. It is more an issue of perception of someone who is not the same as you. Very simply, years ago anyone who was gay would be given a wide berth by members of the same sex, because they may be 'fancied' by them. Truth is they would probably not be attractive to that gay person who would more likely prefer to make a play for someone who may be on their wavelength, not just because they are the same sex.
  10. He had a senior moment and couldn't remember.
  11. You have been very open about your concerns, without hysteria, and that gives them credence which we should respect and respectfully point out a different view. I sympathise with your concerns for your child. The transition from primary school is a big transition not just for the child, but also for the parent who sees the little thing who could be read like a book to a still little thing who will start to want privacy and gradually increasing independence. It is hard because you have spent the past 10+ years protecting and guarding your child. Rest assured your concerns are natural, but so is the transition. The best you can do is to remain open to discussion of anything and he will still want to use you as a sounding board and guide when he is confused about stuff, no matter what the topic is. You are moving from a protect and guard role, to a support and guide role.
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