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  1. Well, note they say lawyers, not advocates, solicitors or even legal counsel. So, it is safe to assume their lawyers will not be practitioners in the everyday sense. They will be other nutcases who have "studied" this form of "law" they espouse. In other words, they will be no more legally qualified than an adherent of the folklore of the Isle of Man.
  2. Which, funnily enough, is pretty opaque!
  3. It is easy to just write these people off as nutters, but I do wonder if they are so convinced by their rightness that they would tempted to go further. A visit to the usual suspects by Mr Plod may be advisable. It would also be interesting to know who had made the FOI requests. Was it by individuals or the MTC? If the latter, then was the request correctly acceded to? Surely an FOi request has to be made by a legally recognised person?
  4. What is in Appendices B and C I wonder?
  5. Same here, not a trace on line. I hope all recipients hand the notices over to the police with the envelopes.
  6. No, I resigned as a People ages ago.
  7. They also need to understand what notice is. It is dated 20 September and states that the notice is served today, ie 20 September, which is a day before the notice was received.
  8. These guys need rounding up and an introduction to the real law of the land.
  9. Another "Commission". Who gave them the Commission?
  10. Isn't it an offence to send threatening mail by post?
  11. There are often visitors having their picture taken with the Bee Gees statue, which is nice.
  12. No, never saw him in heels. He could "appropriate" bongos to just about any situation, but not stilletoes.
  13. I didn't think chicken pox was one of the vaccinated diseases either. It is probably one of the only childhood diseases I remember that is still prevalent. There was a trend for pox parties to infect children in preference to risking shingles later, as I recall. Not that I supported that, but was not overly protective of my kids against chicken pox.
  14. What I saw of it, it was great. This was my favourite.
  15. Any proceeds to government should be ring-fenced for assisting in the change to green energy. That does not mean commissioning reports, but offering subsidies for household adaptations and so on.
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