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  1. Presumably because MUA bundles MG's demand with their own to hedge, or buy forward, or whatever. If MG don't participate in that bundling (because MUA doesn't allow them due to credit risk), the MUA would possibly still commit to the same volume of gas but are under no contractual obligation to sell to MG at the hedged price.
  2. Don't MG hedge through MUA? Wasn't that the root of a spat earlier this year when MG said they weren't allowed to buy forward or something and MUA said that was because they hadn't paid their bill?
  3. No, I thought they were huge spinners designed to catch the sun in a mystical and attractive way.
  4. Don't know much about it, but even if it is enough to charge their operating system without contributing to the network, then that is a good thing, possibly. Have to say, I am persuaded more and more by a big f*ck off connector to the UK, possibly with the power station we have, with maintenance and updating, as a back up. We are just a tiny little place and the main drive seems to be to make individuals responsible for reducing their demand on centralised unsustainable power, rather than get sustainable power onto the island, then individual effort to reduce it further. The Crogga gas will help in the transition, but really, we do not have the scale or resources to be energy secure, much like we cannot ever be food secure. We no longer have herring, for example. Time to wise up and take pragmatic steps rather than ideological steps, they can be in the same direction but not necessarily on the same path.
  5. Doesn't air always move so you set them where they will have uninterrupted airflow?
  6. Yes, I am sure it will be a shock, but we can only do the best with what we have. The loft is already insulated, it may need some more. The main areas are the loft hatch and the walls of the light tunnel which go through the loft and are, from memory, just plyboard. The front door is an old wooden door which I have put draught excluder around, but a new one, properly insulated, would be better.
  7. You are probably right, but I think I already know where the heat loss is from, mainly the three areas I have mentioned. In the warmer weather, I have also taken note of where in the house gets very hot during the summer. Will try the thermal imager, that is a great tip for the winter, thank you.
  8. Going to get some rolls of insulation, lag a light tunnel and do some insulation jiggery pokery over the loft hatch. Also going to replace my front door. Perhaps I need an energy audit.
  9. Used to be "wrong kind of leaves on the line", now "wrong kind of coal in the train".
  10. Gladys

    Isle of Pride

    But the Vardy/Rooney case was a civil one, wasn't it?
  11. Absolutely not defending the Manx or any other CSP sector, just pointing out a few realities which Kipper has added further to.
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