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  1. Yes, I wondered if he is regularly tested for antibodies, given his position, or if he was referring to an earlier test. If the latter, that does not demonstrate an understanding of current medical advice that antibodies are short-lived.
  2. Wasn't the estimate at that time that there had been around 1500 infected? Strange it hasn't been finalised.
  3. Borders, not those entitled to bed and breakfast, or are you quoting FB?
  4. Not many are magical thinkers, just thinking that the trick is to live with the virus rather than, falsely, expect to eradicate it.
  5. That is good to hear, but I know of one plumber (who I thought were in such high demand) that is still not firing on all four cylinders and does a bit of gardening on the side to make up for the days of lost work.
  6. Yes, all these women bothering their pretty little heads with useless stuff, like knowledge, experience and opinion.
  7. Didn't the CM say of course they would consult with external advisers if they agreed with their internal advisers? Rachel is internal, surely, if she is a DHSC employee?
  8. True, but I doubt we are seeing a one to one replacement of business, (per Cambon) nor will we do for some time. There will be people taking opportunities and adapting, but many will not able to given that their lifelong line of employment or business has disappeared.
  9. Isn't war a series of acts of aggression?
  10. What about the not so brave just trying to provide for their families?
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