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    Isle of Pride

    But the Vardy/Rooney case was a civil one, wasn't it?
  2. Absolutely not defending the Manx or any other CSP sector, just pointing out a few realities which Kipper has added further to.
  3. Yes, I would like to know on what basis funds had been received from one of the trusts. But the fact of settling the assets into a trust removes them from the estate of the settlor, that is why trusts are used for tax planning. So the assets settled cannot be considered as the family's rightful inheritance as they are no longer part of his estate (unless there were some odd terms in the trust). On the face of it, the family could only benefit from the assets if they were named as beneficiaries or qualified as members of a named class of beneficiaries. I might be missing something, the actual details in those interviews are quite scant to draw any real conclusions, but it may very well be that all is not as it seems. As for discussion on the murder, again we don't have much detail to come to any conclusion. However, it may be that what was in the leather wallet was related to the offshore structure of which he was the nominal or actual principal.
  4. I specifically excluded such interventions. What I was trying to convey was the complexity of the mind and self which is at the heart of what makes us human. Trying to sum some if this up as 'boys like cars, girls like dolls' is just way too simplistic. It tries to boil down a very complex thing into a simple thing which it isn't.
  5. If those were the wishes in fact. You are missing the possibility that our man was just acting as a dummy settlor. Not saying that is the case, but it is a possibility and would explain quite a lot.
  6. Well, it will come out in the wash, but if the trust was set up with beneficiaries other than the family and the substantial assets settled were not yours, not sure where you go.
  7. Not quite, it depends on who really owned the assets in the first place.
  8. Warren Buffett's house is still many steps up from the home of the man in question. That house is a very ordinary home in that area. There will be many more properties in Surbiton that would not be ostentatious palaces but more in keeping with a man of his alleged wealth. As I say, I have no knowledge or skin in the game, but there is a huge disconnect between this man owning property all over the world, shopping malls etc. and his own home. I have my own theory which I will keep to myself and it doesn't necessarily show the IOM in the best light, so that is not the reason behind it.
  9. Yes, but that is not the same as claiming a different gender 'all of a sudden'.
  10. The 'seemingly modest living person' was a lawyer himself. As I have said I have no knowledge of this, but am offering some other explanations which are not outlandish, particularly in the 1980s. I cannot comment on the murder or alleged cover-up, other than to observe that the people who would engage in the scenario I have hypothesised, may not be averse to killing someone who was no longer helpful and, of course, the Met were not unsullied in the era either.
  11. Has the "waking up one day" thing ever really happened?
  12. By no means an expert, but what is missed is the role played by the human brain which has a great capacity for self and identity, and is affected by social constructs, ie my brain (or self) does not fit the social construct of my body. We are immensely sentient beings. That is not to say the treatment should be of the brain (such as the psychiatric aversion 'remedies') but to recognise the role it plays in the misalignment with the body and, really, to deny that is to misunderstand what it is to be human. I probably haven't put that across very well, but I tried!
  13. Yes, that may be the case. However......
  14. All very strange, but it would be interesting to know on what basis the putative beneficiaries of other trusts were displaced in favour of the family. Dummy settlors, often a trusted advisor, were quite a thing in the 80s, where someone acts a settlor to establish a trust with a nominal amount in favour of beneficiaries unrelated to them (sometimes with no named beneficiaries at all, just a class of persons who would include the intended beneficiaries who could later be added) and then the real settlor introduces the assets really intended to be in the trust. The multi millions just does not tally with the end of terrace surburban three bedroomed townhouse.
  15. That doesn't surprise me. It is such a simple thing, just to get an appointment let alone when the appointment is. But, let's face it, a great many of the people seeking appointments are not in the best financial position to be able to lose their PAYG balance.
  16. That does not deserve a reply, but you got one. You are living up to your name, eejit.
  17. And cut out and replace the underlay in the affected area.
  18. It is probably more to do with staff availability to answer the phone. I have also suggested to my friend that they register with the online service which I think does allow you to make appointments.
  19. Possibly because you know the next you call it will be the same, so you keep at it. It is not always easy to pop in to the surgery either. My friend raised it with the surgery and they know it is an issue, but haven't done anything about it.
  20. My friend has exactly the same issue, a call to make an appointment gobbles up all the credit. I have suggested doing it by email but the surgery don't accept that, apparently.
  21. Gladys

    New Casino

    Remind us, where is Middlemarch? Near Middle Earth? Or some grand estate from the times when the staff knew their place?
  22. I think part if it is the old morgue.
  23. No, neither side's advocates turned up. It was reported by 3fm but I can't link the story.
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