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  1. Where would you put the Peggy? If it is Newsons, surely the property owners may have something to say about it?
  2. And the majority of the work is groundwork, is it not?
  3. It depends on the lease. IIRC, M&S was paying a pitiful amount of rent when they were where Boots is now, so not a public housing issue alone. All down to the lease and you can imagine the outrage if rents were increased outside the terms of the lease.
  4. Quite, both the Gov and his wife have really got involved in life on the island. Marshaling at the TT and the charity sleepover on Snaefell being just a couple of examples where they have done more than just grace an event, but got right in there.
  5. Gladys

    Firm closing

    Oh, she does, I am sure.
  6. Gladys

    Firm closing

    From 'Only Fanlights'?
  7. https://www.unicef.org/montenegro/en/stories/mmr-vaccine-does-not-cause-autism
  8. A good bus service would help. Regular and far reaching, perhaps even free. Run direct buses from population (even small) centres to likely destinations, like the hospital, Tesco, central Douglas. So you can be in Farmhill, for example, and know that there will be a bus that takes you to Nobles, and know that it will run every hour or half hour without having to go into Douglas to change. You should be able to work out a bus journey from a to b without too much trouble. The free bus trial didn't work, but was it because the service wasn't actually useful to most people?
  9. Jeez, don't show that to Brand, he'll be in there like a shot!
  10. 'Swordsman', what a horrid term, and anyone calling himself such is a dick.
  11. Im afeaid BR's view is illustrative of the skewed view some men have that leads us exactly to where we are with the type of behaviour Brand is accused of and why women don't make complaints there and then. Woman are increasingly becoming celibate (or, in older terms 'frigid') and are no longer succumbing to my charms? No, they just don't want to have sex with YOU (or your son).
  12. What does the ownership have to do with who appears there?
  13. The Oxford geometry set was far superior - didn't spiral out of control.
  14. The Malkinson case is a completely different set of circumstances. The high profile celeb cases are accusations against a specific and identifiable person, and are more to do with an imbalance of power because of their celebrity position.
  15. The system is probably right in that treatment being free at point of access, funded by taxes is right. What may be where reform is needed is the actual services that are delivered and the expectation of what can be delivered. Medical science continually improves and adds to treatment and cures adding to cost, and there is the expectation that most things are curable or at least capable of being ameliorated. This is a high cost. Not sure how you correlate that into reform. But at its simpler level, when medicine was pretty basic, the costs of the health service would be comparatively low. Of course, that meant that many people would not be cured or have their lives improved by treatment. That is the dilemma of a state funded health service.
  16. To add, the prank telephone messages left on Andrew Sach's answering machine in 2008, might give you a hint about RB. But, never mind, he reportedly met with Sach's granddaughter in 2019 to apologise! So that's alright then.
  17. You are, indeed, coming at it from the wrong angle. It is nothing to do with women wishing to be celibate. Perhaps they are finding that past exploitation by men holding some kind of position of power will now be taken seriously and not dismissed with 'you were asking for it', 'it was just horseplay which you tacitly consented to' or 'you are only making these allegations in the hope of a payout'. Katherine Ryan has said that she was aware of a big name who was a sex pest, but she would risk her career by naming him and did not know quite what to do. I think she reported whoever it was to the producers of the show. She doesn't strike me as a gold digger, or someone who would consider themselves vulnerable to power play. As said above, unpressured and freely given consent is what it is all about, not powerful men construing a weaker person's lack of protest as consent.
  18. Hangover and no brown sauce? No wonder you are uptight!
  19. I think the comment was sarcastic.
  20. Yes, so they can lock us all down again and really put the nail in the economic and social coffin. Or, insist on vaxxing everyone so they can get that chip into us all. Joking aside, the preoccupation of a lot of people on both sides of all Covid related arguments just shows that the fear tap turned on in 2020 is proving tricky to turn off.
  21. Sorry to hear your story. Whilst your feelings are completely understandable, I don't think many 'happily' watched other people losing their livelihoods. It was a very strange time, some people were scared for their very lives, reason and proportionality went out of the window. The impact on the economy, society and mental health, will continue for a very long time. To a degree, we should not object to minor measures to prevent spread, but I do wonder if the imposition of even small measures such as requiring masks at the hospital is going to trigger those who were scared first time round into another cycle of fear and dread.
  22. Thanks for the correction, @Roger Mexico At the time of the tragic event, it was under DHSC's watch.
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