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  1. The Germans don't f. about.
  2. That was Lord Sumption's argument, that and undue interference in cases civil liberties at the very outset. But he has been poo, poo'd.
  3. Do Ladybird do a book of quotations? I would have awarded 10/10 if they had managed to get a quote from Alan Partridge in there.
  4. Gladys

    Prog Rock

    Do you do "Smoke on the Water"?
  5. I was going to say it was No. 32, but thought that may be inappropriate.
  6. It's actually a lot of an anomaly, even if it is a comparison of an actual 4 day week with an average of 5 days you would be able to explain only a 20% or thereabouts deviation, surely?
  7. Nice selection of quotes, not many people can weave Tom Petty, Ban Ki-moon, Gen McArthur, Helen Keller, Rumsfeld and Shelley into a speech. I did, however, like his inclusion of everyone who has chosen to live here as constituents of the 'Great Manx Public".
  8. Is the system updated in real time or weekly, because I wouldn't expect a one day closure (20%) would result in such an anomaly. I am not disputing the graphs, just that jumps out and unless you have a qualification in stats, it is not easily understood. (BTW, I did study stats as part of a business related qualification, but that was many, many years ago!)
  9. This has been an a discussion point since the spring. At the end of life, what is more humane, isolation from relatives or isolation from a virus? It is a very hard one to answer.
  10. Or, 50% of clients are wrong.
  11. I thought the exact same, MR even read that bit out!
  12. I see a MHK is asking whether we have secured sufficient critical healthcare in UK hospitals. Fair question I suppose, but there is the underlying panicky message which will be picked up by the sky fall mob.
  13. I watched the briefings on FB when they cut the questions because I couldn't be bothered tuning to AM. I wrote to Chris Sully to ask him to reconsider; didn't even get an acknowledgement.
  14. Talking about rights of way, has anyone focused on Port Soderick and the fencing off of the south side of the beach by the Heroes on the Water in the old amusement arcade. Kind of churlish to mention it, but for decades you could access the south beach and oyster beach by walking around the arcade, but now it has been fenced off so you can only get there by chancing it across the river mouth depending on the tide and how the stones have been left from the last storm. It is only a small portion of the beach and the facility is great, if it ever gets used, but it has effectively cut off
  15. So, not only are the lower paid being hit with the financial impact, but they are also the section of society most likely to be badly affected by the virus. I wonder if there is a correlation.
  16. I have to disagree on health, routine treatment and consultations were suspended including cancer screening. When the reluctance of people to go to hospital with emergencies, stroke, heart attack etc. became known at ministerial level there was a campaign to persuade people to go to hospital, even though many feared going into, what was considered, a virus infested environment. That was all a result of lockdown and the fear instilled in people. The economic impact was that, generally, many people weren't earning at the same level (this really hits at the lower earning), so couldn't spe
  17. The increasing unemployment, companies folding and lack of health care for other ailments are a direct result of the measures against Covid,surely? Not sure you are old enough to remember the one in ten of the 80s, but they were terrible times, with often the less advantaged isn society taking the brunt.
  18. No problem, although we don't always absolutely agree, your posts normally come across as someone who has thought about it and come to a reasoned conclusion.
  19. Yes, but I referred to herd immunity as being another reason to open up a bit more. It is hard to tell what is and is not junk science, but I have seen several articles which are pointing to other active parts of the immune system (t and b cells) which may indicate herd immunity is a possible contender. The question you posed to John came across as very personal, like he is taking a 'let them eat cake' position which is a tad unfair.
  20. But the argument isn't just about travel, it is about living with the virus, building herd immunity and not being physically cut off from the rest of the world.
  21. Why and what is the point of that comment?
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