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  1. Very sad, condolences to friends and family. Unfortunately, there is only one person n here using this personal tragedy to promote their views. ^^^^^
  2. I get your point, but presumably you would want to test drivers and pax prior to boarding at Heysham. You have then got to get the swabs to a lab for analysis. Which lab, if it is the IOM you would have to get the results back before disembarkation to give those positives an isolation notice. The only way testing prior to embarkation would work is either if you use an instant results test, which are currently limited reliability, or you test well in advance of the sailing to allow the swabs to be sent here, analysed and results returned. Unless I have missed something.
  3. How and where are they sent immediately for analysis? I kind of agree, but the practical aspects may be more difficult to arrange.
  4. The duty of care should not result in protecting one sector at cost and risk to others. It has to be on a risk basis with an underlying requirement for reasonableness. When looking at a particular section of society then different mitigating arrangements can be out in place for that sector, not the entire population. In doing so, government is discharging its duty of care to ALL its citizens. Duty of care isn't the same as duty to eliminate all risk. It has to be reasonable and the risk to ALL sectors considered. Specifically with regard to those unable to have the vaccine, evid
  5. Thought the principle was escape.
  6. No need to apologise, but thank you. Zooming out on the specifics as to whether the IOM needs to have its own discreet genomics facility in the fight against covid, and looking at the bigger picture, the debacle with R G has been highly visible. Biotech was a sector IOMG was hoping to encourage here to diversify our economy and reduce the reliance on the finance sector, which is becoming increasingly vulnerable. HQ made a statement about the accreditation of RG's facility, or lack thereof, which is challenged by RG. A biotech company looking at relocating to the island will look a
  7. Gladys

    Manx Care

    Well, here we go, the real cost of covid.
  8. Gladys

    Manx Care

    It may feel wrong, but it still cost.
  9. Indeed. Biotech is an important economic diversifiedr, particularly as the world becomes more hostile to offshore. Biden is introducing reporting of funds in and out of accounts, beyond the existing balance reporting, adding more cost and process. BEPS, substance and all those things currently targeting offshore is not so relevant to biotech, which could be a sector that provides employment. A strong biotech sector would be complementary to development of medicinal cannabis applications. But of course, that implication of the cack-handed response was not even considered.
  10. This was a sector they were keen to develop, and a good one that has less of the odour of purely finance based business. As you say an IP register or some tie up for accreditation to create something analogous to the ship registry which gives some assurance as to the facility meeting certain industry standards would give international credence. But no, when a home grown expert is dismissed as not meeting whatever accreditation standard (which R G disputes) what validation of the sector has been given?
  11. We feed into it I suppose. But I think Andy's point Is more to make the IOM a good place to set up biotech, specifically genome sequencing, as another business stream, apart from finance, gaming etc. The message sent out with the RG debacle is likely to have been very damaging to such businesses who may have been thinking about setting up here. If IOMG treats one of their own like that, what would they do to an outsider?
  12. Do they PK? Or did I miss your reply? The answer to those not wearing masks is not to let them in surely?
  13. Foe something to be embargoed, it has to be issued first, with a request that it not be published until a certain date and time. So, by definition, if a press release wasn't issued, it cannot be embargoed. You see it most usually when the facts reported are unlikely to change, but there is some other reason why the document cannot be published before a certain date and time. A real life example is the laying of financial statements before Parliament where they are sent to the Commons Library and embargoed until the relevant Minister has made an announcement that they are available.
  14. A stabbing in broad daylight in one of the island's main towns makes this big in IOM terms.
  15. Well, I can't comment on Derek's motivation, but can say that serious stuff happens here and the police seem very reluctant to advise the public promptly. And you have to take Derek's point that the Manx media are also pretty poor as rather than wait for a press release, they should have been on the phone to the press liaison person to get the story. It's not about nosiness or intrusive reporting, it is about the police fulfilling their part of policing by consent which means that they have openness within the bounds of not prejudicing the investigation and any resulting case, as we
  16. Thanks for that link, Derek. It confirms my view and doesn't really help explain why a lid is kept on some incidents here. Oddly, those incidents are usually in the more serious category.
  17. Its not advertising but publication which plays an important role in a lot of processes. I have tried to find the rules about the police obligation, if it is an obligation or just practice, to make public certain events, with no luck. I understand not wanting to prejudice either a trial or investigation, but I am pretty sure there are requirements to make things public. After all, it is one of the differences between an open society and a police state. It was the same with the Broadway seige a couple of years ago.
  18. I don't see how reporting the incident would prejudice a trial, just as I can't see how a news blackout would help in ascertaining if others were involved - if others were involved they would know it happened or was planned. All a news blackout achieves is fuelling speculation.
  19. Indeed, but I think in her PAC evidence she did allude to not being 100% in support of some measures. I can't remember which, however. She also said something along the lines that the role of CMO was not in her remit. Do we have a CMO? Is it possible that she has been expected to fulfill functions beyond those of DofPH? Edit to add: Dr Rosalind Ransom was CMD but I can find nothing about her after March/ April last year. There is someone else occupying the role on the Manx Care board.
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