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  1. Context is important, of course. But the question may be better phrased "everyone did a great job, and achieved what we wanted. Thank you. But, as ever, we can always learn. So, I would be really grateful for your feedback on the part you played, what you thought was good and what you thought wasn’t and why.' Or something like that. In those situations you want people to open up, not feel they are going to be the example of how not to do it.
  2. If that is true, then he failed the management course. What a shocking thing to say to motivate a team and surely policing is all about teamwork? Mind you, I have seen other management techniques that were equally shocking. They work at first and then you start to wonder. There is nothing more destructive than someone deploying management 'techniques' when they either don't understand them, or worse, consciously apply them in the wrong way.
  3. Is it a similar size project, really? Did the clock tower (Big Ben is the bell) start off costing taxpayers nothing then gradually edge up? I don't know where the fallacy is, they are just not comparable, apart from the amounts involved.
  4. Gladys

    Roundel Live

    When I click on it I get a Joe Lycett clip. He is far funnier than anything the DOI can give us.
  5. Gladys

    Roundel Live

    No longer available.
  6. Hardly much of a comparison. The clock tower is an international and historical landmark. Also, if we compared the cost of each project as a percentage of the respective GNP, theirs would still be small change. The restoration of a national monument, including the clock machinery, could be expected to include many unknowns. See your point, though, but it doesn't make me feel any better.
  7. Quilp and I went to the source - O level Eng Lit.
  8. The whole covid thing has been a battle of minds. First, to get people on side to do the right thing, and now to turn off the fear. Which is what many have said for a very long time. It is surprising how many intelligent people seem to be completely devoid of rational thought on this. Yet how many are ignoring the very real, and often fatal, impact restrictions have had and continue to have? As we have said, the cure should not be worse than the thing it is intending to cure.
  9. Thanks for your interest. We will keep your application on file should a suitable vacancy arise.
  10. Except when condoning a march in contravention of the rules.
  11. Do you mean Stu Peters? My Tesco sighting of Vader was today, so bang up to date on sightings.
  12. How did you reach that impression?
  13. Just checked, maintenance grant £1,500, accommodation costs £2,440.
  14. They aren't. The term accommodation fees are around £2,500, the term maintenance grant is £1,000 something. I will check, but the maintenance grant goes nowhere near accommodation costs, let alone other costs, particularly in the first year when most stay in halls.
  15. He carries on much of his research in the aisles of Tesco. I often see him holding court at the end of the fruitcake aisle.
  16. Perhaps it should read "They should be aligned... ". I don't have rose tinted glasses, if you read my posts on the topic, you will see I have been critical of not just this but other follies. However, you have to pay attention to the detail and correct lines of responsibility and the contractual arrangements in place. You can't just ride roughshod over those things which may make the simple solution we see as unrealistic, such as sending someone from the Sea Terminal to sit on site in Liverpool. That would be a disaster as it would cloud the contractual lines of responsibility even if there was someone there who was qualified to do the job. My own view is as I have posted above, this was a prestigious project and the desire to claim a bit of the Liverpool waterfront as forever Manx may have affected cold, hard judgements. At some point, the viability must have been called into question, possibly when further voids were found. At that point, who made the decision to plough on to the tune of many millions in additional cost and why? The additional cost seems never to have been quantified at a time when the plug could have been pulled, not without cost, but with a known cost.
  17. I haven't accused you of working for IOMG.🙂 I was just arguing with the semantic approach which seemed to "semanticise" responsibility and accountability away.
  18. You do realise that there is probably nothing basic about following up on a constituents concerns? The concerns will be wide and varied, as will the potential avenues within IOMG that can be followed
  19. You are veering off into a different argument. But isn't it the position that DOI is responsible for discharging certain of IOMG's functions and responsibilities? Nobody is saying IOMG is not accountable for this but that the lead responsibility is with the DOI. Do you really think that DOI has no responsibility to perform its functions with due skill and care and that what happened is IOMG chose the wrong geezer so responsibility lies in a wider amorphous thing without a single human taking the rap? That really is semantic hair-splitting of the highest order, worthy only of a Yes Minister bureaucrat.
  20. Yes, but IOMG is not every Tom Dick and Harry on the island, that is the point. Just because the contract is entered into by a government department, does not mean that every IOM resident is a party to it, regardless of the constitutional definition of the contracting party.
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