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    The issues with getting an appointment pre-date Covid by a long shot. I used to be with Snaefell Surgery years ago. Even then you were required to phone from 8.30 on the day for an appointment that day. You could not arrange for a non-emergency appointment, say, later that week or the next, or whenever, you still had to phone on the day. I spoke to the practice manager and explained that this presented difficulties as at 8.30 I was on the road, dropping kids off at school and on to work so it really wasn't good for me. By the time I got to work, all appointments had invariably gone. The reply was that it worked for them and that was that! I spoke to someone at the then DHSS but there was no real help or even a nudge to go through a complaints process. Therefore, I moved to another practice and never had a problem since. That must have been 15 + years ago.
  2. Seconded. Hope he recovers well and enjoys retirement.
  3. But the joy of painting on the camouflage!
  4. And he single handedly procured the necessary for the oxygen plant at Noble's. We really didn't appreciate what greatness we had! More to the truth, the hospital said we need to be able to produce our own oxygen and CoMin agreed, as it was something of a no-brainer. Others used their skill and knowledge to secure that facility, you can be sure.
  5. "Someone broke the rules"? Who, the Steam Packet?
  6. Aah, sorry, I thought you said you knew what happened to them. I have vague memories of Maggie, but I was very much on the outside of that circle.
  7. What happened to him? I mean beyond the Brinks Mat stuff.
  8. It's just an excuse for them to turn you off and on again.
  9. But we are not talking about the Crown Dependencies meeting. How can he be building relationships when he is at the end of his term? What purpose does it actually serve for IOM PLC and who is paying?
  10. In the words of Sean Lock "a challenging w*nk".
  11. Same here. I never know if TVOR is deliberately stirring the pot, or if they genuinely believe what they post. I would hope the former, but suspect the latter.
  12. Eloquent and passionate. What is not to like?
  13. Is it normal for a retiring CM to do a valedictory tour?
  14. Well no, but it is symptomatic of the intellect we have had controlling us for the past while. Everyone makes mistakes, particularly when speaking in public. However, the bright ones know immediately and acknowledge their error, usually by some humour, the not so bright ones don't even notice.
  15. Indeed, and at another the CM referred to a "fraudulent slip" rather than "Freudian slip".
  16. The fact he has been a member of DOI means that he should, absolutely, refer to it.
  17. By party politics, very simply. People tend to ally themselves to a certain socio-political ideology, from left to right. When you find the party that most closely aligns with your own view then it is more likely you will take an interest in politics and will vote for the person in that party because you think you know what you are voting for. It is no more sophisticated than that. Without party politics, it is really just a beauty parade with lots of statements about this or that issue, but no underlying ideology that identifies the approach to matters not covered in your manifesto wishlist. Selecting the candidate to vote for is difficult and you really don't know what you will get. IMHO, lack of party politics is a major failing in our democratic process.
  18. Yes, I have found the same. It was just idle curiosity because I remember PD and CK as pretty colourful and wondered what became of them both. ETA The PD of the charity was born in 1974 so not the same person.
  19. Ta. So PD may still be around.
  20. I was reminded of Chris Kingston today, I have vague memories of him and a gang that included Patrick Diamond. Were they just friends or also business associates? I have a recollection that Mr Diamond was linked with some pretty high profile naughty stuff. Whatever happened to them?
  21. It is. If it comes to fruition it will be of a small dysfunctional UK airport
  22. Exactly, when it was promised to Tynwald and the GMP.
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