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  1. I'll have a beer thanks. They do seem to be useless but some poor sod is going fall foul of this nonsense.
  2. Gladys

    Black Lives Matter

    To be fair, that seems to be from 2015, before he became a victim?
  3. Which one? The drunk, womaniser, jailbird, suicidal one, or the number illiterate like me?
  4. As you say, until they fine someone while ignoring the buses using the cycle lane bit. Like an old boy I used to know would say "they could f*ck up a brand new c*nt." Colourful, but says it all.
  5. But even the DOI can spell it, not like it has two easily confused vowels, is it?
  6. No, but they positively mark that it is a cycle lane from just beyond the crossing.
  7. No, I know, I am just perplexed at how this is really supposed to work.
  8. LOL, and you thought I was one of them?
  9. Phew, thought I was losing it. So, if the buses use that last stretch which is marked as a cycle lane are they breaking the law?
  10. But the lane is clearly marked as a cycle lane in the latter part.
  11. Ok, so I will take this in stages:- 1. There is a left hand lane from the grandstand to the pedestrian crossing just south of the cemetery which says bus and cycle lane. So only buses and cycles can use it. 2. That lane then becomes a cycle lane just after the crossing. So, only cycles can use it? So, where do the buses go? Into the centre lane? Or can they continue in the left lane up to the lights? 3. If not, they have to move into the centre lane even if they are intending to turn left at the lights. 4. They can only move back into the left lane at the filter section just before the lights. Am I missing something or is that just illogical, surely the whole lane down to the filter section should be for cycles AND buses? I am starting to doubt myself and wonder if I have misread the road markings.
  12. Thanks Chris. I am not talking about the legal process, but the practical effect of what has been put in place.
  13. Gladys

    Black Lives Matter

    No. I don't feel shame either, although it is a shameful part of our history. We all think if we were alive at the time that we would be right behind Wilberforce, but would we, really? We can only judge past events through our current eyes and understanding. Who knows exactly what we would have made of it, what our circumstances, knowledge and attitudes would be. Perhaps we couldn't read, write, or did not have the time to think of very much beyond working to feed our families. The workers in the cotton mills may have had no knowledge of how the raw material was produced, and even if they did would they really think a slave's lot was worse than their own? They may have been very grateful for the cotton coming in as the workhouse was an even worse fate. They may have just scraped together enough money to bury the latest child to have died before reaching the age of three, and so on. There are very many layers to this particular onion. That is not to downplay how terrible slavery was, but to put a context on it.
  14. Of all the things I have heard accountants described as, crazy would not be up there!
  15. Chris, please read my post in reply to Ellan Vannin I am not sure if it is just me but no one seems to think this is a bit daft.
  16. You are still not understanding the issue, if it is a bus and cycle lane to the footbridge then changes to a cycle lane, the buses should (?) move into the central lane until they get to the filter section by the lights. Anyway, found this https://m.facebook.com/groups/197401303927080?view=permalink&id=1181266248873909
  17. But the last section is a cycle lane not a bus and cycle lane.
  18. I am not an accountant, and to be very pedantic, greed is actually a subset of human nature, so there!
  19. That's the point, about half way along it becomes a cycle lane, not a cycle and bus lane.
  20. The lane changes to cycles only before the filter at the lights, so buses have to go back into the centre lane anyway.
  21. My thoughts too. The layman may think that he must have been, at least, harbouring unhealthy thoughts about young girls prior to this incident.
  22. What about those of us who don't identify as "persons"?
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