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  1. Yes, that was quite a telling comment. Then goes on to confuse JW with Wrighty!
  2. Oh, I see and agree wholeheartedly. One of the IOM's proclaimed USPs is/was it's political stability.
  3. I will listen again in case I misheard, as he also referred to his suitability to be CM.
  4. Why would investors pull their money because he resigns?
  5. He said he needs to resign to leave the way clear to address the issues. Sure it will be on listen again.
  6. Indeed, most threats also provide an opportunity. CT on MR today was quite clear that DA needs to resign so that a line can be drawn and action taken to address the institional failings within the CS and, I would add, in how it interacts with Ministers and MHKs.
  7. I know you wouldn't breach a confidence, but it would be interesting to hear his view of the current shenanigans. Perhaps he could be encouraged to break cover.
  8. I didn't misunderstand 😉
  9. Save on the heating bills! Not witch, memsaab please, I have made this point many times (well, once).
  10. Well, it isn't really. It is a basic demonstration of an inquiring mind.
  11. But there were those who said they didn't want a Ministerial post as a cornerstone of their campaign?
  12. I have raised my concerns with my MHK. He was receptive but not vocal. I just hope he is keeping his powder dry.
  13. Why would the back benchers not question this? They have nothing to lose, they can't be ousted. That is the point of them, isn't it?
  14. Well, I have probably been a bit of a joke on here, but I have been banging on about the Nolan Principles for ages. No one listened. Are Ministers not subject to them?
  15. Of course it is, but it is an example of the disdain they have for us and that it is swallowed hook, line and sinker by the MHKs gives you a fair indication of what is so wrong with this island. The damage limitation is not intended to protect the island and its people, but the system which has so patently and disastrously failed. Yet no one, absolutely no-one, has stood up and said "we have got this and will deal with it effectively in your and the island's best interests". Not one single MHK. No, it will wait a week. This reply should really be on the other thread.
  16. Problem is, the UK is the only nation we can look to.
  17. I don't think anyone is looking at it as an aberration, but it is the first time the gritty, sordid details have been published. Years ago, (back in the mid 80s) people felt the accessibility of politicians was one of our defining features. Where else could you meet your most senior politician (it wasn't CM then, I think) or Head of Treasury on Prospect Hill and engage with them? They were visible, accessible and accountable. Not so now, which is such a shame because they are all (and I mean all MHKs) swept up in a kind of arrogance (or fear?) of position, forgetting the basics that they serve one master, the Manx public. That no-one seems to be questioning the sub judice edict and what it really means or applies to, just reiterates the point. Who gave that advice and on what basis? The term "busted flush" comes to mind.
  18. I often 75% agree with your posts, but on this it is 100%. The lack of a fast damage limitation exercise is woeful.
  19. Would be better schmoozing the electorate at the moment.
  20. Interesting that the reg office is at Badgers Wood! 🤭
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