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  1. And what do you think will happen then?
  2. Has it inconvenienced 500,000 visitors?
  3. LOL, but I have to say that we always referred to "Derry" in conversation. My dad was a southern Irish protestant, and my mum was a Manx Catholic, so I don't fecking know.
  4. They should be able to write a coherent response also.
  5. Sorry to hear of DA's disappointment; contrition would have been more appropriate. He felt able to comment as a Minister on employment matters in the past (RG's unclear employment status, RR not being dismissed, being the first to spring to mind). He is also wisely keeping his counsel as the matter is sub judice. Is it? I thought the publication of the Tribunal decision meant it was no longer sub judice, the settlement may still be. But no one is really expecting him to comment on that, rather on the major failings (and that is putting it kindly) in the department of which he was Minister. Do the sub judice rules apply in this case anyway? No doubt he has taken the advice of the same party that advised him on GDPR in respect to "the letter".
  6. On my passport and birth certificate it is Londonderry.
  7. Yes, I would have signed as "Mingey Memsaab". TBH a change.org petition is not what is needed. It is a barrage of emails to MHKs. Let's stoke the bastards.
  8. You had to mention sewage, didn't you?
  9. The claim is asking for reinstatement as well as compensation. That will be an interesting one to watch as it is unpicked.
  10. Good call on the apology. As for your second question, a lack of complacency and compliance (for which we were congratulated during Covid) within the population would be a start
  11. See, I knew I would miss some. The anaesthetic 4 is another scandal that needs a microscope over it. Seems like another pillory situation. Utterly, utterly shameful.
  12. Sorry it was Jeremy Spake that I was referring to.
  13. Which is why I am not volunteering!
  14. There's the letter, the point by point rebuttal, the Steam Packet fiasco, the Liverpool landing stage, the prom, the airport (parking the state of it, and the director who was allowed to just walk, whereas we must observe notice periods for the new director) and the critical report into the DOI, the vax hubs, and so it goes on. Someone needs to catalogue all of it, every single last balls up.
  15. Frankly, call in the UK. Look at the list of debacles, some could be attributed to incompetence, but this is another level and we have to wait a week before an official response from the CM? Really?
  16. Would it be over-dramatic to say this is an affront to every man, woman and child on this island? Not only to treat RR the way she was treated, but to have such little regard for the law of the island and, yes you've guessed it, the basic principles of conduct in public life. I really feel so personally insulted by the lack of respect for the island by these people, lack of respect for the position of public trust they hold and a lack of respect for the institutions intended to assure us of certain protections and rights as a civilised jurisdiction. I feel an email in the strongest terms to my MHK is warranted. Add this to the catalogue of mismanagement and squander that we have seen over recent years, perhaps it is time to call in the UK government.
  17. The judgement refers to that - they make no assessment of which was right or wrong, just how the Dr was treated from an employment perspective.
  18. Now showing. https://www.judgments.im/content/J2943.htm
  19. Decision published, but it is coming up as a Runtime Error.
  20. I thought reinstatement is one remedy for unfair dismissal, but not sure if it has to be offered.
  21. No need to apologise, Roger. All will be clearer when the Tribunal judgement is published. From what has been published so far, damage limitation should not be interpreted as preserving individuals, but the reputation of the IOM in general and the health service, whether DHSC or Manx Care, in particular. That area has taken quite a few knocks recently.
  22. Except you can imagine the kick-off if the work is done and the insurer declines part or all of the claim. The insurer will adjust payment of the claim to what they think is a reasonable indemnity ie to put you back in the position you were before the loss. Even for property damage, insurers will at least want a couple of quotes. If you proceed without their clearance you do run the risk of not having your claim met in full. It is a different matter if either side has been dragging their feet in progressing the claim. To add, a good broker will help you with the claim.
  23. That is not what he is saying.
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