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  1. That is not what he is saying.
  2. Isn’t the judiciary independent of the AG's office, so why would an external judge need to be brought in because the AG's office presented one side of the case? I can see it if it needs someone with particular technical skills, eg an understanding of documentary forensics, although you would think weighing the veracity of evidence is part of the job anyway. I can't see it as necessary on the grounds of impartiality. The way it was presented by PM sounded more like a judicial review, with the AG arguing the strength of their client's evidence rather than an investigation as such. I could be wrong, but we only have PM's tweets to go by.
  3. Gender issues are a very different thing to identifying as another species. Schools should accommodate and support the former. As for the latter, it may be symptomatic of a psychological issue that needs different support. They are two very different issues and should not be looked at in the same way. During an exam years ago, a student stood up and said "I'm an orange and oranges don't take exams", then walked out. I think he was probably told something like "well, you won't mind failing then".
  4. This was also a problem fir the NHS vax app. I had to go to B&Q to download it as advised by 111! The vpn issue needs to be sorted.
  5. No, I mean was he employed at Heathrow last year. That was the impression. I remember the original series.
  6. Was Jez employed by Heathrow as it seems he was welcomed back in October 21?
  7. Minutes are, by their nature, produced after the event. The issue how long after, how accurate and at what point did they become accepted by all attendees as an accurate record.
  8. I am not defending anyone, just pointing out that it isn't straightforward (think I posted above about the difference between verbatim records and summaries). The fact of amendment would show in the metadata, I think, but it would be quite a forensic exercise to establish the veracity of the documents. If documents were changed in anticipation of submission, then there has to be a very large question mark over their reliability.
  9. Late production of minutes does not necessarily mean they were fabricated, not good practice, but not necessarily fabricated. The real question is whether they are a true record of a meeting that took place.
  10. I thought it would be.
  11. No idea. Think he referred to his sources. All sounds like a buggers muddle, again.
  12. Why would they need to ship a judge in? Nothing was said about criminal charges, but is evidence at a Tribunal given under oath?
  13. And an accurate time line of the material provided is to be given to a judge, according to PM. So, does that mean a judicial review?
  14. TBF, you would expect child psychology and safeguarding would be included within the teacher training curriculum as standard. Sociology was a mandatory subject when I did my law degree and that was 40 years ago well before PC was a thing. You have to have a basic grasp of the human context of your chosen discipline.
  15. Save myself the cost of a new TV more likely - I am sure I will throw something at it.
  16. Did we get any publicity? Tempted to watch the series to see what he says about the IOM.
  17. Wasn't there some clarification that he was doing this in his own time, weekends holidays, lunchtimes?
  18. There is a conflation of several issues there. If they are conflated then none will be properly addressed. Gender and sexuality identification is one thing, but identification as a different species is not within that realm. TBH, if that is being accommodated, there needs to be a proper psychological assessment and very different support given. Unless, of course, there is a bit of puss-taking going on.
  19. PJ (I think) was the "coolest dude" ever. If I remember correctly, the bassist was about to leave to back a major female singer of the time. Fun days in the Villiers.
  20. Not as funny as that unfunny series, I suspect.
  21. Jez's new series starts next week.
  22. Which way round? Manx influenced Scouse, or Scouse influenced Manx, after both being influenced by Irish, particularly from the mid 29th century.
  23. I really don't understand what this thread is about. Is it that pupils are being allowed to behave like cats? Or the Furries? Or gender identification?
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