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  1. I kind of agree, unlikely to be the kind of violence and hooliganism that beset English football.
  2. We already have many influences on our local accent.
  3. You can, if you like.
  4. Why can't these things be accurately reported?
  5. And thr carpet the same shade as the waistcoat.
  6. Can't disagree with you, but the winge about the use of ipads is missing that point.
  7. It is a simple thing to check whether he was paid during the Covid support period. He said he wasn't and it doesn't seem like he needed the job, just that he was doing it to help. Possibly it was part of his full time job that he continued after he ceased full time employment rather than them outsourcing to an accountant or engaging another person. Of all the questionable things that have happened, this isn’t one I could be arsed getting bothered about.
  8. Good observation.
  9. And he says he didn't receive a salary from Gradely, and is no longer a director of Walkabout, since 2018. Not sure where the issue is really.
  10. Which company received the Covid support, Gradely or Walkabout?
  11. Well, yes, but that isn’t what is being debated now. As I said, it sounded like he was doing them a favour and he said he did the work in his own time at weekends. I am no fan of Ashie, but this looks like it is a bit of a sideshow really.
  12. On the MR FB debate, he says he didn't receive the salary during Covid. He had explained what it was for and how much. I can't find that now, but from memory it was for some bookkeeping and was a relatively small amount. I am not sure it is the whiffy arrangement some think it is. Sounded like he was doing the company a bit of a favour.
  13. The amount of Lloyd's shares is irrelevant, he said he holds shares but isn't a shareholder. He also waffled about related party, which didn't inspire confidence that he actually understood what it meant. He is in charge of the money, FFS.
  14. Still missing the point. A jury is there to hear evidence and decide, so they shouldn't be going in with a predetermined position, that is why they are strict rules about what can be published etc. It isn’t a meeting or a debate, but a forum where arguments are presented to the jury. Tynwald is a debating chamber.
  15. He has shares in Lloyd's, but isn’t a shareholder, apparently. More intriguingly, he is an employee of Gradely (if I picked that up correctly) and receives a fixed amount. So what does he do to receive a salary? Will listen again, because it isn't clear.
  16. It's procedural and governance advice that would be needed. After a quick scan of the Ministerial Code, I couldn't see who ministers are advised to take such advice from, there must be someone, but I couldn't see it. I will look again because if there is a code and set of guidelines, you would think someone would be given responsibility to understand them and assist CoMin in complying.
  17. It's a perfectly acceptable alternative spelling, according to a 10 second Google!
  18. I have been trying to find what the role is in relation to CoMin and other than being the head of the civil service, can't find who has that responsibility. The AG also attends as does a Secretary. Will keep digging.
  19. Gladys

    Of and off

    Of course not, Doc. 🙂
  20. 😁 I quite like "Memsaab", but they never give that option.
  21. So we are still transitioning then?
  22. What does he mean that the island transitioned long ago? Are all the wind turbines and solar panels hidden?
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