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  1. flaps

    Cut & paste

    I wish they'd copied the road safety strategy from somewhere else, it would have been much more useful.
  2. I've read through the road safety strategy, and I have to say it's very disappointing. It seems to be all about gathering data and 'evidence' and discussing stuff rather than actually doing anything. Amazingly, it also dismisses at the start any suggestion of an all-island speed limit. There is obviously already plenty of evidence of serious RTC's on roads with no speed limit, such as the A18, so what they hope to achieve by gathering more for more years I don't know. In the time they spend gathering evidence, many more people are going to be KSI'd. It also refers a lot to our 'special' circumstances; ie unlimited roads and motorsport events. I really do think it's just a massive cop out. How on earth you can talk about an evidence based strategy, then dismiss speed control before you've even started... clearly somebody has already made their mind up about this.
  3. I was told by a road safety campaigner that the IOM accident rate is around double that of the worst county in the UK (South Glamorgan, I think). Not sure where the figures were from, or which period that was in relation to. www.roadcrashindex.org is quite interesting
  4. I had that happen to me last year between upper and lower foxdale. I was doing 40, got pulled over. He told me it was 30 all the way through. I assumed it must have changed, so apologised profusely and grovelled. He let me off. Imagine how annoyed I was when returning that way, to see that it was 40 after all, and he was wrong.
  5. There's nothing unique about our roads. There's nothing special about here. We're not a special case. The only reason our accident record is one of the worst anywhere, is because of the speeding culture here, and the lack of enforcement. The RPU has been cut to the bone, and there are no cameras, and roads with no speed limits. If I travel at 30 in a 30, I'm the slowest vehicle on the road, with a line of traffic tailgating me. At the end of the day, humans don't like admitting we are the problem. We don't want an all island speed limit, as we all like to have a blast, so we'll make up nonsense to justify it, like, er, "It's not speed that kills, it's bad driving".... yeah yeah whatever. Education doesn't work, as we won't admit we are the problem. Enforcement is the only thing that will make people wise up, and there's hardly any of that. When you see some Athol Street type overtaking 4 cars at once on a blind bend in his Audi - that guy is intelligent. He knows he's being a twat, but he doesn't care about anyone else. Enforcement is what's needed. 1000 RTC's a year is utterly ridiculous. I see the wall is knocked down again at church bends. Those holes in walls aren't caused by people driving slow. It's not cyclists. It's people driving like twats. Those 1000 RTC's per year involve about 1500 cars. That's right - a huge proportion aren't 'collisions' but people just driving their own car off the road. 2 reasons for that - 1 - too fast, 2 not looking where you're going, ie on your phone. Speed, and inattention. People feel safe in their cars now. And if you feel safe, you'll take risks. This is why people who drive big cars are aggressive drivers. Just imagine this - instead of an airbag on your steering wheel, there was a big spike. You'd drive carefully then. You certainly wouldn't be looking at twitter. The lack of real policy or strategy regarding road safety here is shameful. And we can't use the excuse of our motorsport events. Other places have motorsport events too, and they don't acccept loads of deaths and 100 accidents in a week, just because there's a race on.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_Fry_Richardson Lewis Fry Richardson, quite incredibly, described the process of numerical weather prediction long before computers had been invented. In his vision, 'computers' were lots of people doing computations. His theory was that by using the equations of fluid dynamics, it would be possible to predict how the atmosphere would evolve, if we had observations of the current base conditions. He was right, and that's how its' done. Amazing. In a sense, that app on your phone? He invented that... before computers.
  7. flaps

    Cycling news

    Yes, the government would pay for your new bike up front, then take the money out of your wages. So it was a loan, not a free bike or discount or anything like that. Technically, as your pay was docked before tax, you'd pay slightly less tax on your salary. In short, it wasn't worth the paperwork. At the end of the day, cost is not a barrier to cycling, as a decent enough bike for commuting a couple of miles can be picked up for £50.
  8. flaps

    Cycling news

    Ballakermeen is a good place to start, as it's in a residential area where there are problems with school run traffic. More kids on bikes or walking will be less 4x4's clogging up the streets.
  9. The Classic TT is a good event, and pulls in quite a few punters, helped by the bank holiday. It seems that a lot of those people don't stay for the MGP. Watching amateurs just doesn't have the same attraction as the top stars. It's like how a club race might attract 500 spectators, and British Superbike 40,000 at the same circuit. It also seems very dangerous having club-level riders and newcomers pushing themselves on such a dangerous course. Go and watch the Senior MGP on Friday and you'll have no trouble getting a good vantage point. Is it worth the inconvenience? Good question... Re the CoC. He usually makes pretty good decisions. On Monday though, I do think they could have run the parade while the roads were still a bit damp in places. It would have at least given the spectators something to look at. But hey, no-one is right all the time. At least the roads weren't closed for hours with nothing happening. The weather has been difficult for this event. These days, conditions have to be virtually perfect. That's quite a big ask. We've been pretty lucky. One year, they'll get nothing done at all.
  10. My motorcycle has 2 lights at the front. The dipped light is permanently on - there is no switch. The other is 'main beam'. So, it can look like only one light is working, but that is not the case - the other is main beam only. The issue of bright vehicle lights is real. The technology might be good for the driver, but is dangerous and antisocial to everyone else. Also, the fashion for leaving fog lights on all the time. Manufacturers really need to sort it.
  11. Of course, riding a bicycle over the mountain section during TT/MGP is pretty daft, as the road is populated with people riding/driving in an unsafe manner. Most cyclists would not do it. Because a small number have, the police and DoI have brought in a temporary restriction, which is fair enough. One point though - this will have absolutely no effect whatsoever on the accident rate up there - as the accidents are caused by motorcyclists travelling at excessive speed, and misjudging the road. Interesting that at the TT, the coast road had a temporary 50 limit on it - and there were no accidents. The mountain had no limit, one way, and there were loads. No surprise there. But when will our elected representatives admit the glaringly obvious and do something? How long can something so absolutely clear for all to see be ignored? Ban cyclists if you want, but it will do nothing to the ridiculous accident rate up there. Oh, and the other thing about 'Road Tax' - what a load of absolute utter tosh. Just shut the f up you bunch of imbeciles. Just imagine there was a cycle tax of some sort - are all you lot of arseholes suddenly going to be driving round, giving cyclists loads of room, passing carefully where its' safe, slowing down and waving politely at people on bikes? No - are you hell. You'll still have your total irrational hatred just the same. I really just don't get it. The congestion on our roads is caused by loads and loads of cars. Car after car after car. Something like 80,000 on our little island. Cyclists are hard to pass because there's always loads of cars coming the other way, but we won't admit that to ourselves because that would be admitting we are part of the problem, and on-one is going to do that. On any typical journey, a driver is held up by buses, junctions, traffic light, stop signs, pedestrian crossings (THEY DONT EVEN PAY ROAD TAX!!!!) etc and we accept it patiently, but people get all arsey about cyclists. It's bollocks that what it is. Absolute utter tripe.
  12. Don't be coming on here with your actual facts! Uninformed speculation and moaning only, please
  13. flaps

    Manx Radio

    I'd imagine commercial radio is in something of a precarious position at the moment. Streaming services like Mixcloud, iTunes, Spotify or whatever let you choose a genre you're in the mood for, and away they go playing stuff you like with no adverts or annoying twaddle. I was decorating yesterday, and had Mixcloud on, playing 70's soul and funk for a few hours - frankly, it was bloody ace! Manx Radio is difficult to endure for more than half an hour because of the annoying adverts for DPM, Quayside Exhausts etc. which are in between every single song. It's SO bad, that they have a 'feature' called Back To Back, where they play TWO songs (completely unrelated). And they're not even back to back, as they are separated by an advert! How is playing 2 songs a 'feature'? Absolute shite. I see in the news today Bill Malarkey reckons there should be less 'talk' content. That would reduce costs, but also make it pointless. Without the local news/current affairs and specialist shows it's not worth having. Who would bother with commercial radio without quality content? If it's just a jukebox ticking over, with loads of adverts, it's got no future.
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