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  1. Talking of which why does Alex Bradley not even manage the same pronunciation of heysham when used twice in the same sentence, pretty shit for the state funded broadcaster. Perhaps what the Island needs is a press-correcting service from a second-rate software developer.
  2. http://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/horde-of-viking-treasure-found-in-field-in-andreas/ "Horde"? Shome mishtake, shurely.
  3. That last statement makes it sound as though you're a very regular listener! A former employee, more like, who was sacked from Manx Radio. Manx1Bloke's sock puppet. I think there was, at one point, a banning order from MR, wasn't there?
  4. Are Manx Radio commercials still made off the Island , as they used to be. If so then the Island is only partly to blame for the snotty-nosed and banal stuff coming out of the Station. During times like the TT they are a constant embarrassment to me and I am sure many others. If they are made on the Island then so much worse, in that we are to blame for them ourselves, in that we subsidise them, via the handouts of our money from Government No matter where they're made, the advertiser will be signing them off. If it's a not-very-good ad, then why do firms agree to them? Probably a lack of competition breeding dull advertising, whereas the UK market is saturated with ads desperate to stand out.
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  6. I'm not aware of any bus drivers on the Island, just fat lazy overpaid overunionised dicks with a very high opinion of their job, which consists of sitting down for 45 hours a week.
  7. No wonder they ignore your side of the story.
  8. Could it be that at least three times journalists have been physically intimidated by bus drivers when they were only trying to get their side of the story? Including some work experience / trainee from Manx Radio? Prompting apologies from the union for the attitude of its members? You complain about how much say the government has, there's an easy way to rectify it - get in touch with a journalist and give them a story instead of behaving like spoilt dicks and blaming somebody else for your misfortune. The only way to win a strike is to keep public sympathy, and the best way of throwing that away is to piss off the media covering it. And I say that as one of the few people left on the Island who still has a lot of sympathy for the strike.
  9. Nobody I know in the UK press would give a shit about a loan to a hotel in the Isle of Man.
  10. It also raises the questions: Why did Manx1Bloke stop posting last October and you started posting in January? Are you and he the same person? Is that why you're obsessed with Manx Radio? Were you sacked and escorted from the building the same way he was? Were the police called by MR about your behaviour too?
  11. (a) Those great people are in the UK and so not subject to the broadcasting code you linked to. (b) Whether people agree with candidates or not doesn't affect whether you breach that code. It's not a defence to say people are capable of judging for themselves - the breach occurs when you don't balance the debate. © The issues can be aired. Discussion of issues isn't banned, discussion of the election is. There's nothing to stop you ringing in and complaining about dog shit in West Douglas and suggesting a solution. You just can't say Chris Thomas will do something about it if he's elected.
  12. Actually you can - that's what you're complaining about, isn't it? I'm not so au fait with the broadcasting code, but I can tell you the Newspaper Society and the Press Complaints Commission have very, very similar rules. If you can't guarantee you can balance a debate because everybody taking part could favour one candidate then you shouldn't hold the debate. It's very different to having one or more candidates to field questions. And of course, in print it's a lot easier to balance because you have time to do so. Personally, having heard some of the calls to MR I'm not surprised the by-election is a no-go. And I don't recall ever having heard a "speak your brains" phone-in on a by-election or a local election or a general election. Can I suggest you debate the issues rather than push for people to support Chris Thomas? I'd say a call in to a radio station about getting rid of Legislative Council is OK - saying you should vote for CT because he supports getting rid of it is not. So there's no stifling of debate, simply a denial of unfair campaigning by supporters.
  13. Wrong. I suggest you read them. 4.1(i): "due impartiality must be strictly maintained in coverage of the campaign in any constituency." That means if there are lots of comments in favour of one candidate, that rule is breached. Most media outlets do exactly the same thing and avoid open, live comments from the public during election periods because of the danger a particular candidate will be favoured. Newspapers will balance their letters page or dump the openly campaigning letters.
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