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  1. 32 gig wireless Ipad for sale.

    I got this Ipad at the end of June and don't use it at all. It's basically brand new.

    I'm open to offers but obviously don't want to lose to much on it..



  2. In my opinion, these injuries are self-inflicted. If you must push something round the TT course could it not be a hospital bed for children with leukaemia, for instance? I am very sorry these people are in pain and hope they make a speedy recovery but they can't seriously be asking for people to contribute to the outcome of their recklessness in taking part in such a dangerious sport. They knew the risks and chose to take them. The people who benefit from the charity I mentioned have no choice in being in their situation.


    Edited to add: I believe the prudence of taking part in dangerous sports and then requesting donations in the light of subsequent injuries has already been covered here in another thread.


    Yes it's been covered in another thread but you brought it into this thread.


    Like I said if people want to set up fundraisers it's up to them, if people want to support them, it's up to them.

    If you want to set up a bed push for children with Leukemia I'm sure it will be well supported. If you do set it up give me a call as I'm sure we'll all gladly help with it.


    Domino Wrote


    I read the link, and what it says is the money being scrounged is to finance jollies for their mates. I'm with Gilly on this one


    I can assure you that is not the case.

  3. A sponsored sidecar push around the TT race course in aid of an injured sidecar duo raises about £3,000.


    Source : http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/1/hi/world/...man/8135115.stm


    Question 1: Will you give me some money for these people who were injured racing in theTT?

    Question 2: Will you give me some money for these people who were injured if I push a sidecar round the TT course?

    I assume they asked the first question before they asked the second? Personally, speaking I wouldn't give to either but I would be considerably less irritated if someone just asked me quesiotn 1, tbh. Just - why?


    Why? Read the link.


    1 It was sponsored, so yes.


    2 I think the answer to question 1 answers question 2.


    You've said you wouldn't give to either, so why are you irritated? and why would someone have to exclusively answer question 1 for you, when the answer is in the link provided?


    To be quite honest, I for one don't care what you think, or that you're irritated by these fundraising events and I know that everyone who is supporting these fundraising events doesn't care that it irritates you either.

    If people want to give to any fundraiser, no matter what the cause, that's up them, nobody twists their arm and nobody forces them to do it, obviously though, people feel strongly enough about these fundraising events to support them.





  4. 1998 Renault Megane Scenic 1.9DTI with new cambelt and clutch. Colour, metallic illusion blue. This car has 65,000 miles on the clock is used daily and is an excellent runner. It's taxed until early next year.

    Price £2995.

    This is a great reliable family car that has never let us down and the only reason for selling is we have a new car coming.



    If interested drop me a pm or email for further details.

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