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  1. a well the water rates should be cheaper nex year
  2. a plaster i know is left owed £**00 by this CJ Bridson out fit .and he had tryed to get the cash for the last 12 weeks . he got a letter in the post on monday from CJ Bridson saying sorry. what i dont understand is when the plaster was working the last 12 weeks he was getting paid each week him and his mens wages weekly . but missed about for the out standing £**00 owed to him. i think its drity tricks and being in the building trade my self i've seen loads of firms go bump and rip the common builder off . i think CJ Bridson will do all right by folding and then starting a new firm up late
  4. just like ramsey . that would but the fist beak out
  5. use old boys should stop deing lazy . & give out some ham baps hay bay
  6. it happens every where . no its the way society that makes us human's. weak. its all wrong
  7. its just pond life doing there thing . they should bring back the birch.kill of the tads then befor the frogs get sent to a free gym club = prison . and become big fish
  8. it should be one way all year so the intelligent people don,t have to go back to ramsey. ramsey should be fenced off and made prison camp. its the arsehole of the isle of man
  9. just give the poor lad a sandwich and oral sex problem solved !!!!!!!!
  10. she works for ..... phones4u
  11. Request a three month statement from the robbing bastards and try to work out what you are being charged he he he what a laugh. They are robbing you blind. dumb fucks
  12. It's not creating a 'sod wall' as there is already one there which is being increased in width or being offered further support by a stack of turfs , just hoping it's not being paid for out of rates/taxes! that a good idear that lol. so any taker for a bet ? how still it wash's down in a good rain fall ?
  13. so thats wear the nursery & library money has been spent . hmmm
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