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    Local testing

    We had 2 tests in 2 weeks and both came back within 18hrs
  2. What! It was Pat Eyres that said he'd bought a Lambretta. Thats what I thought What's the problem? It's spelt 'Ayres' by the way. I post under whichever name is logged in at the time, doesn't everybody? Nope :-)))
  3. Now thats why I dont like to talk about Footie... not soccer (bloody yanks)
  4. I dont think you need a reason why people leave the Isle of Man, alot of manxies seem to move to Australia.. is that because its the farthest away
  5. Wigan 4 City 0 Could this game see the biggest come back of all time...... Bastards
  6. Im just sick of City being a mid table team
  7. I see that big bloke with the beard and the black leather jacket in ramsey during the early hours, he sleeps on the bench across from raymotors still holding his can. Most of these tramps and beggers have or even earn more money than me lol
  8. I was working HARD lol some dark skinned fella walked past me with a black hoodie on as i was taking the picture so i jumped in the van and legged it, he looked well dodgy.
  9. What we need is a Road that goes straight from Laxey to Peel, Trying to get to peel from Laxy is a pain in the ass.
  10. Not the best of pictures but the tide was right to the top this morning in Ramsey (3.00am/4.00am) Good Job it was calm. Imagine what its gonna be like in 30-50 years when the sea has risen by a metre or two....or even more.
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