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  1. Easily 20+ pint cuppas per day,tea or coffee, not sure if I could give me cuppa up..... so yes hooked !
  2. Electric cooker wanted, good clean working order please, tel:466950
  3. Yay Simon Pegg, deffo watching this, looks great, shame we have to wait so long though grrrrr !
  4. Pile of old s**T ! Worst film I've seen in a while.
  5. Enchanted at 2.30 and Bee movie at 3.00, doors open at 2.00
  6. Same here still sits on the top of my cd collection, love it !!! "Big Room Trance" another top freebie thanks to Mixmag.
  7. Any dance music would do me, hard trance, funky....... just no more 70's and 80's....... I've had a belly full of it !!!!
  8. JFK !!!! Respect !!! About time club life on the island got a big boot up the arse, I'll be there for sure !!! Colours
  9. What a great night, thanks to everyone who turned up, boy was my head bad the next day lol ..... cabbaged !!!
  10. Yeah, 'cos listening to the same 10-20 year old tunes week in week out is the way forward Ahh, the Coooler! Think, PINEAPPLES.. lol You nutter Mups ! Legends was excellent on Saturday..... bring it on !!!!
  11. What was Louie ( Lulu ) like throwing a glass of water over that gobby cow from Manchester lol !!! Chuffing great !!!
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