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    Just far to expensive
  2. I went for a meal on friday night and have never been so shocked in all my life oh how i miss the old menu and to be informed they dont sell chicken burgers at tea time
  3. Revan

    Bay Festival

    I went and had one good weekend not all music was to my taste at the end of the day it was somthing good for this place. And I look forward to the next one
  4. Did any body see the fairy this morning
  5. my god we are clever do you even attend the cave reunions i'm saying you dont but just insist on a winge about anything you can chip in on
  6. yet again slim all ways got to give your 10 pence worth cheers
  7. You know the second visionary says something you all jump on the band wagon and have a go it was quite funny at first to be honest but who gives a flying fuck about the cave reunion any more 21 pages this just needs to stop
  8. there taking the hobbits to irsangard techno remix so so funny
  9. Revan


    yeah i seen that one lmao And where the fuck is smail beach big topic at the pub on a sunday A few are talkin does any one think there is brothels of here some onetold me that old polish shop down the road from the irlander chippy was one
  10. Revan


    so is any one going to own up to it then someone must be thats what i am saying
  11. Real one's are the best Only problem is the misses wont let me have one She winges about the mess
  12. Revan


    i see you have quoted the website whats that all about
  13. Revan


    No i cant we went investergating one monday night up ramsey and found a few at it so i am guessing you are a dogger then
  14. Revan


    wanted to know if its true found after 2 bottles of pino For further refences check http://www.swinger-personals.co.uk/Isle-of-Man-dogging.html
  15. i only poped in for like 5 mins to meet a few mates. what a dive of a place it needs to be shut down and thats the end of that you have to nice bar near by CEST LA VIE + THE VICTORIA TAVERN the only reason it is busy cos of the cheap drink and the chance of seeing a fight at some point
  16. It has to be by fair the worst pub in douglas the only funny thing is morris he legend of the place
  17. To be fair it was vile thats the only word that comes to mind But if you are saying is true i will have to go one sunday If i am let down i will be back The funny thing is how the man who got blammed has give his 10p worth how funny
  18. you said there was you ,gid and more of you remind but is the dj box in there a square foot big sure it is myself. Where do you all stand on each others shoulders. So are you going to shite life in jan that should be a night not to be missed
  19. The way you talk about havana you would think we are ibiza with so many djs to be fair the music is a bit crap
  20. For a Burger cest la vie was nice today the bbq steak burger was well nice Route 66 will have a lot of hard work it used to be nice will it be again we will have to wait and see
  21. I really can not stand this place. Last time i went i waited for 40 mins then got a cold and very soggy pizza. The staff were to busy talking to each other than taking a second drinks order In other words it was shit
  22. I has lost all intrest in this thing since that stupid pitbull started if mccain wants to win he should push here straight of a cliff and cheer evey fucker up followed shortly by george w bush.I hope in 1000 years time when they teach there kids they miss out the two turms that he has had what an complete and utter ass
  23. Revan

    Food Wars

    By far on the beans front HP are the clear winners and heinz are shit
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