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  1. NBC Camps and the Isle of Man Basketball Association will be running a basketball mini-camp on Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th August at King Williams College for ages 7-11. The camp will run from 09:30 - 15:30 and will feature UK & US coaches. Cost is only £40 for the two days. NBC Camps is the worlds largest overnight basketball camp and is based in the Northwest of America, operating over 30 sites in four countries. NBC has been coming to the Isle of Man for over 15 years and operates under the ethos of "Superior Athletic and Life Skills Training". NBC coaches create an atmospher
  2. Last drop to £350! It's a great phone, is there no interest?
  3. Hi all, I have a HTC Touch Pro for sale. Loaded with the latest ROM from HTC it's a great touch screen phone with a slide out full QWERTY keyboard. Runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional which includes word, excel and powerpoint mobile. Great phone for mobile professional/tech geek, the Touch FLO 3D interface is great. Phone is in very good condition, selling as I criminally under utilise it! More details on the phone available from here. Unlocked to all networks, will throw in 4GB micro-SDHC card. Selling for £450 ono. Any questions let me know!
  4. Any takers? Will drop each by a tenner!
  5. What games are included with this?
  6. Hey all, I have two monitors available if anyone is interested. 1.)19in CRT monitor. Good picture quality but a bit too bulky for my desk. £50 ono. 2.)18.1in LG Flatron LCD Monitor. This monitor is goosed. It displays no life when plugged in, was working fine one day, not the next. Could be a blown fuse in the monitor, could be something worse. I'm not inclined to try and fix it as it's surplus to requirements now anyway. £30 ono. I'm based in Onchan and have a preference for the buyer to collect. Let me know if you're interested!
  7. They are if you print them and dump then on the Minister involved and the papers. Only thing politicians care about is their own neck, evidence enough of that in the UK with them all falling hand over fist to be seen as the ones who were first to pay back their expenses.
  8. Agree with what's been said, the TT wasn't much of a festival this year. The racing is important but it's not the only thing people come over for. The atmosphere and fun is a big draw as well, an atmosphere that was lacking this year, glad I dodged a bullet by not having friends over this year. There's a petition online about it - TT Petition, I've signed up and I encourage others to as well!
  9. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/Bushys-boss...over.5357729.jp Have to say I agree with the above. I've no problem with tax payers not footing the cost - even though there is an argument to be had over the economic benefit to the island and thereby all the tax payers. The problem I have is that if Bushy's were willing to do it themselves and foot the cost why did the DTL refuse?? To me it seems their trying too hard to force the Villa down people's throats as the only place for entertainment in Douglas and that was hardly a success this year with events having to be made free!! I'm
  10. By far the best one of all time was Going For Gold! Especially given the fact that most competitors were put at an immediate disadvantage of not having English as their primary language. A cunning ploy!
  11. I get BBC NorthWest from my hovel in Onchan, nothing beats NorthWest tonight with Gordon Burns and Tiny Bangs. I jest you not.
  12. An interesting article but a tad too politically biased for my liking. Condeming the G8 deal for the crisis in Niger is hardly fair given that the crisis was well developed before the talks even began. Two things seriously concern me about the situation in Niger. 1.)The media and many aid agencies refused to acknowledge the problem existed until it was too late, this led to a slow response from the public and the current severity of the crisis. 2.)The fact the President of Niger can - with a straight face - say his people are well-fed. It does seem terrible in this "year of A
  13. That's a bit harsh. How do you know those families haven't been saving all year round for their one holiday in the sun? There are also other concerns, not every flight is for a holiday. There was a gentleman on the radio this morning who was trying to get to Australia to visit his dying mother but couldn't due to these cancellations. Are you 'gutted' for him? If living in or around London is such a major hardship then they should move away and as this isn't a dispute about pay what exactly does the minimum wage have to do with it? The actions of the management of the catering company in th
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