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  1. ...as a typical taxi driver I am able to drive from my house to the airport or Douglas rarely touching my brakes or bothering with the likes of indicators or mirrors or keeping two hands on the wheel while simultaneously using a mobile and a radio and counting me money, because I read the road and anticipate where problems might arise by assuming I'm the only one on the road and sodding everyone else - and then charging the poor sucker sat in the back scared out of his wits a fortune for the privilige. Fixed Genius!!! FAF
  2. Don't introduce new ideas to the debate, we've got him on the run. If you delete your post I'll delete this and we're back to him arguing muslim memory man allah, or is it muhammad or george for that matter.
  3. Some of them could listen to a lecture and then repeat it again from memory afterwards. A lot of the ahadith were preserved thanks to the powerful memories of those people. Not very powerful then, so the whole book is hearsay. I rest my case Your Lord.
  4. I do own and ride a bicycle, I also have a license to drive anything at any weight and length. I actually spend a lot of time behind a steering wheel or set of handlebars. I've held a license for over 35 yrs without any endorsement. I've only been involved in two collisions, one a rear ender and the other when I was a passenger. How is careful consideration exampled by continually heavy braking, I am able to drive from my house to the airport or Douglas rarely touching my brakes because I read the road and anticipate where problems might arise. So today I hate 'R' plate drivers who think they are the dogs and everybody else is there for target practice.
  5. Nope. the civil service (and I'm assuming the MHK's) all got a one off non pensionable lump sum of £300 each for 2009/10, and have been given a pay freeze for this year. It has also been mooted that the pay freeze will be a 5 year thing too. Add to this the inflation rate currently standing at 5.3%, and with the proposed pension reforms leading to up to 5% more contributions it is pretty much in real terms a large pay cut It was actually £200 - before tax and NI at the higher rate. And you'll discover MHKs didn't get it.
  6. You really should reappraise your driving style. If you're "slamming on" a lot it kind of indicates you are driving too fast and without reading the road properly. And flashing your lights is meant to be used at night instead of using the horn when it would be illegal. You flashing just indicates your presence, people are right to wait for you to pass. If you want to let people out you should slow down and wave your hand to indicate so.
  7. Hahahahhahahahah. Not one iota, anywhere, anytime, beyond her being a figment of the imagination, ever.
  8. Surreal, what's a Ccv?
  9. People who use derogatory terms for those suffering from cerebral palsy as a cheap insult against those whose musical choices they disagree with.
  10. That Mr Moore looks a bit shifty.
  11. Shoprite car park in Ramsey, because the commissioners won't give us a taxi rank.
  12. My money is on Roden, firm but fair and a good communicator. Plus he's already got a wig so it is a money saving option.
  13. Maybe, Homer forbid, that he actually listened to what the electorate said in the recent by-election. It is obvious people are well miffed with this present government and want more openness and accountability by the fact that the successful candidate and his nearest rival are both on that ticket. Refreshing that someone considered a maverick to a degree is feeling confident enough in the run-up to the general election to air his views in a controlled way. I have heard more than one MHK talking about accountability as an important issue in the 'near future' (read election). Of course this sudden concern may well disappear once re-elected, like many past manifesto commitments by 'independents' , but it is nice to see while it lasts. I see Phil as one of the few conviction politicians in the house and not riding on the coattails of his friends or family connections. Good on him but I don't see CM as an ambition he harbours, quite likely just the reverse as i suspect he favours a popularly elected CM rather than the 'old boys club' and 'buggins turn' we enjoy at the moment.
  14. Faeries don't exist and have no cultural significance. If we all took that attitude where would some other famous places of non existent things be now? Loch Ness and it's pretend monster, annual income? Wigan and the pier, annual income? Giant's causeway, annual income? Devil's Dyke, annual income? Devil's leap, annual income? Just a few at random to point out that it doesn't have to be accurate to get noticed, just a popular myth (emphasis on the word popular)
  15. Check in staff work for the airlines, Police work for the police, Car hire for car hire firms, Taxis for themselves. Leaving ground crew, tower staff, cafe, shop and cleaners/maintenance, doubt whether their total bill comes to £2m. How much are the management team costing?
  16. The lunatics have taken over the asylum, quite literally in the island's case. The more mentally ill people there are the more normal I become.
  17. Self employed don't get taxed 18% at all. Subbies get taxed on their earnings at 18%, what is known as 'emergency tax' and get any over-payments back at the end of the year, unless they have a certificate to allow payment in full. Self employed are subject to filling out a form at year end and then wait for a demand, or rebate whichever is relevant in their circumstances. All allowances apply, same as an employed person.
  18. No such thing as the 'Chiltern Hundreds' here, if there were I wonder, how about assistant governor? It would not be enforceable, legally, but could be used to embarrass and highlight the hypocrisy of the member. If, however, there were a clause stating that all financial help received from the party were to be repaid that would be enforceable. The difference between 'independents' and LVP is that LVP members would not take a government positions. (Unless to not do so would seriously weaken the ability of government to govern) To act as an independent in this government would be to take a government position and agree to accept the ministerial code, see the hypocrisy? (Unless TB sacks you, see D Cannan). As for LVP footing the bill, why, the resignation would be a personal act and not a party act. (see above) If a sitting member joined LVP they would not be expected, by the party, to go for election again as they haven't signed the agreement. The whole thing is in the planning stages at the moment to avoid what happened before, this forum along with other resources will be looked at to help us formulate the idea.
  19. Well, that's the rub, unfortunately. It needs a sufficient number of like minded people who also have a desire to stand to come together and hammer out the details into a formal statement of their intentions and beliefs to present at elections. There would probably have to be a minimum of around six or seven actually getting into particular seats (Middle, Ayre, Ramsey, and so on) to avoid being immediately marginalized and rendered impotent by CoMin, which is quite a lot, and of course all that would be binding them is what amounts to a gentleman's agreement (and, as Bill Malarkey demonstrated with Lib Van, even a more formal association can be thrown off without a moment's pause). Whether it's actually feasible, I don't know (with opinion perhaps leaning slightly towards the more pessimistic side). Erring on the side of caution, it could maybe take about half a year or more of regular discussions and lots of spare time research to do a proper job and get from basic principles to something approaching a decent plan of reform, be it political, economic or both, and reach agreement on all of the details. It would also require people who were able and prepared to set aside their differences on other matters of policy and ideology and, given that new candidates typically do very poorly in elections, it'd also have to be a set up that could survive the possibility of early defeat and having to wait a further five years (or at least be capable of drafting new people in as some inevitably tire of the process). It'd be a hell of commitment: essentially asking for a group of people to run a political association in their spare time for anything up to six years or perhaps even beyond that, in addition to tutoring themselves in the economics and politics of the Island. An alternative measure might be the establishment of something akin to PAG, although narrower in focus, more modest in scope and more specific in its aim - an initially recreational political debating society following a specific programme of discussing and identifying the key points and potential improvements to the Manx political system, with the ultimate aim of coming up with some kind of charter and candidates who want to endorse it. As far as the LV and Malarkeys 'treason'. LV have learned their lesson and all candidates will sign an agreement or contract that if they resign from the party for any reason they will seek re-election under an independent ticket. I understand there was a 'gentleman's agreement' last time, but unfortunately no gentleman. Still at least he took some LV policies with him and is acting on them.
  20. I thought it was micheal jackson at first glance.
  21. Oh yes. lacking any evidence of charitable donations or works by Muslims among the general population, I'm afraid that's all I've got to go on.
  22. Maybe with the hike in road duty they might introduce 6mnth discs, as in the UK? What if you de-register a car and then re-register it? Apart from a retest it could be a saving. Is that possible?
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