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  1. I’ve got no issues with houses going up on sheep fields. They are completely devoid of wildlife anyway. But my thoughts are -how many mature trees and established hedges do they plan to destroy -they need to only plant native bushes/ trees in the developmemt -plastic chav grass must be banned on the site those 3 would help to increase wildlife from a sheep field. infrastructure wise -tt access road won’t work with that additional traffic -those planned access roads to the estate won’t work in morning rush hour unless rbs -don’t see how palatine and the local schools could cope. -would need some way to cross peel road for pedestrians as it’s near impossible from that side going south at the moment In rush hour. An underpass is the only way I can see that works since they don’t like painting on the tt course. Oh and buy to let must be restricted to maximum 10% of the estate initially and a 10 year restriction on being able to let out once bought.
  2. Great man. I hope the isle of man name something after him.
  3. Happy to pay private but finding a private way is where I'm stuck.
  4. Thanks that's really helpful.
  5. Thanks for replying. Unfortunately the waiting list for NHS is about 3 years. Their psychiatrists are dealing with people who need are in much more need. Yes you can still refer to it as aspergers or you can refer to it as autism spectrum disorder (asd).
  6. Are there any Psychiatrists over here that do adult aspergers evaluations ? Googling and looking at the gov website doesn’t seem to bring back any useful info.
  7. It will be a grey wagtail. They breed on the Isle of Man rivers. Yellow wagtails are rare migrants. Maybe 1 or 2 a year pass through. At places like langness, derbyhaven and the point of ayre. (Ie coastal migration points)
  8. That’s a sparrowhawk 👍
  9. Ah yes just seen MTG got it in Nov last year. They provide server support for the Manx gov so at least that's something for Publics data security. As for Argon and IT works, they definitely dont and from hearing things on the grapevine they haven't got a hope in hell of getting anywhere near them.
  10. Typhoon house and Skanco business systems. They did the printers and desktop support. The government went with Argon and It works. Neither had any ISO standards. Yet both 9001 and 27001 was a requirement for the gov tender. It seems if you quote low enough the Gov will ditch off any requirement especially any that are in place to protect the publics information and data.
  11. http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/government-aims-to-be-fully-compliant/ So the Gov claims they will be fully compliant with the Data security regulations coming in yet last year happily dumped off the only two Island-based computer service providers with ISO27001 (Information security management) for two companies who not only don't have any data security policy/procedures but don't even have ISO9001 (Quality management). Basically the government thought the public's data and personal information is not worth the same as saving them a bit of money on the Computer service tenders. Lovely.
  12. Yes. I watched it happen. Extremely lucky it didn't flip upside down and the props didn't shatter through the cabin.Also we haven't got a CAA. We are under the UKs CAA. Incorrect we have our own CAA and our own Air Navigation Order and authority over Manx Airspace ! Is that new or something to do with the M register ? ? We always got audited by the U.K. CAA and it was them who dealt with any incidents here.
  13. Yes. I watched it happen. Extremely lucky it didn't flip upside down and the props didn't shatter through the cabin. Also we haven't got a CAA. We are under the UKs CAA.
  14. To allow modders to make the TT course for racing sims.
  15. They did scan the circuit and went on to subsequently release 3 editions of a video game featuring the TT course. I believe a new game is due out for the X Box.(link) http://www.thecheckeredflag.co.uk/2016/04/isle-man-tt-video-game-way/ ETA: It was around 2005/2006 when the first edition PS2 game was released. Yeah not that game. That wasn't a laser scan of the course either. Sony were over in July 2014.
  16. Have you looked on the "Gaming" section for this forum ? Ta
  17. I think the developers from Gran Turismo 7 have already been collecting this data. I've seen the scan car and I've also seen a a few people taking photos for the modelling. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/isle-of-man-tt-course-to-feature-on-playstation-s-gran-turismo-7-1-6747127 I saw two scanning carsAnd saw a few bods taking photos at the grandstand. Maybe there will be an announcement at the gt sport event or e3 coming up
  18. A couple of years ago does anyone know if Sony did actually laser scan the TT course? I remember seeing two cars at the grandstand with gizmos on them and us being warned of slow moving vehicles on the course. I'm even sure I remember hearing a report on Manx radio saying the gov had signed with Sony giving them the licence. But now I can't find anything apart from some things saying Sony took some pictures.
  19. Do you think the MWT is overstating the impact of red squirrels on the island? Will they be devastating? The predation of birds eggs has been shown to happen rarely by squirrels, and surely long tails, cats, gulls, etc, take more birds eggs? And how do the UK bird populations cope with having red squirrels in their neighbourhood? Also, if food is so scarce on the island, its unlikely that the squirrels will massively overpopulate the island. I'm still not convinced that we should have squirrels, but I'm not convinced by validity of the "no" argument being pushed by the MWT. I'm not impressed by his response tbh. He has been here about a week so knows little to nothing about the island and I would hazard a guess did not have enough time to do a full study of the islands plantations to see if they could support a population of squirrels so I think he would have been much better in responding with a we (mwt) are looking into it as there could be problems but we have no data or facts to back up that worry.
  20. I would prefer any money they have would be spent on re introducing species man has killed off here. For example: Yellowhammer (probably now extinct in the last few years, Gov didn't nothing and let it happen), Dipper (rivers are now not so poisoned as they were), White-tailed Eagle (that wasn't Man's fault tbf) then there's loads of other things that once bred here and doesn't now. Corn bunting, Nightjar, Ring Ouzel, Bittern. I could go on and on but add some of them back and our wildlife in total then becomes a lot more attractive to the cash rich Eco-tourist. But and its a big but. If the only money the Gov are willing to spend on wildlife is introducing Red Squirrel then I am all for it. As anything is better than nothing (which is what we haven now). The Red Squirrels will not touch the local bird population. Just one cat ran over will save more birds than Red Squirrels would kill. I am sure someone qualified enough will be able to tell if we have enough food to support a population of Red Squirrels. If so then fair enough.
  21. The Solway Harvester wasn't fishing at the time it sank. It was heading back to port in gale force conditions.
  22. Are we allowed to know what actually happened? I cant quite get my head around the campaign of giving cyclists more room than we do now and what that has to do with this accident? Reading between the lines that would suggest this old lady drove up behind the cyclist and just ran clean over her and didnt drive round the cyclist? If that's the case she should be banned from driving for life, thats not an accident. I had always assumed she had pulled out of a side road and not seen the cyclist, which you can sort of understand is possible when you see cyclists wearing all black in dull conditions etc.
  23. I would rather have a pack of Staffies in a pub than one screaming kid!
  24. Is there anywhere to find out which classes are doing which stages? I remember a few years back I would go watch a stage and then find out the histories and the trophy weren't doing it. I dont get to watch many stages nowadays so want to watch one where all the classes are doing it. Cheers
  25. spanna

    Oculus rift

    I'm a sim nut so it's perfect for me.
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