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  1. I hope this comes out right: We are lucky on this Island, we have unrestricted roads (although the DOT are endeavouring to reduce them whether we like it or not) and we have a police force that still applies the law with a sense of fair play. What they are saying here is that if you display to the world that you abuse our island and its laws then they will seek you out. I for one am happy with the current staus-quo, I have no intent to publish video's of myself doing 140mph over the mountain - although I do it.
  2. I believe that Magic Xp was all about upgrading the governments systems to Windows XP and Windows 2003. I now hear that they intend to do the who thing again - at great expenses - to move them all to Windows Vista. More taxpayers dollars wasted.
  3. Half the problem is that our politicians aren't real politicians at all. None of them are properly qualified or experienced to run a nation. Add to this the fact that they do not engage with the electorate to find out what people really want and you have a rift as wide as the grand canyon. It also undermines our confidence in politicians when they make decisions that aren't transparent. So, why vote? As to being on the electoral register, what happened to Joined Up Government? This has been a Government directive (at least from an I.T. perspective) for many years but where is the evidence of j
  4. Am I missing something here (I'm not a regular subscriber) but, if they introduce an all Island Speed Limit the only way they can enforce it is with speed camera's.
  5. In the accent of Sean Connery: "I think you misheard me Moneypenny, I said I wanted some of Pussies Bum..."
  6. Still here too, but had a couple in the Prospect at lunch time and will be there again at 4:00pm. Till when I don't know :-)
  7. (In the voice of Rolf Harris) 'Its a giraffe - can you see it yet?'
  8. We've been trying to think of a topic for our New Years Eve party. Naughty sounds real cool - and should be fun too!
  9. Love is.... wakeing your partner up before you go to bed rather than going to bed alone.
  10. Wasnt the weather great this weekend? :-)
  11. Don't use the phone! Get somebody to help you who's better then the people they are using.
  12. The wifes done a British Sign Language course at the college. I think they do all levels.
  13. I keep hearing people talking about 'dozens' of people. I know some divers who have asked and been given permission (and a key) to access Dreswick so they aren't on the list of disgruntled users. In fact this is better than the previous owners. Are there really so many Langness walkers upset by the changes who don't understand what Mr Clarkson has done and why or is this a storm in a teacup created by lack of news by the local media? 'Its a celebrity, shine the spotlight on him, it might increase ratings'
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