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  1. Has anyone here got comments on Port Grenaugh Kennels (because Ballapaws is full)?
  2. nickyw

    Mhk Skeet

    If it is true, it is only true for one of them, not all 24. The other 23 have been, quite wrongly, lumped in with the one the allegation actually focuses on. When I studied law (many years ago), I recall the lecturer explaining that you cannot defame a group of people. Thus, the other 23 cannot sue for defamation. This reminds me of the brave newspaper editor who ran a front page splash along the lines of "Half of the council are stupid idiots!". Some councillors took umbrage and complained threatening all sorts of legal trouble, so the canny editor to his credit offered to make amends with another front page splash to withdraw the previous statement. The offended ccouncillors were happy with that result (i.e. craven giving-in) until they saw the next splash which read, wait for it... "Half the council are not stupid idiots!".
  3. John - I think that is a very short-sighted view! We don't need cheap food, we need to be able to feed ourselves. We need to pay our farmers what it costs to produce good quality, safe food, and keep them in business. We must not become over reliant on imported food. This will become much clearer over the next twenty years as demographic trends and/or global warming make food scarcer worldwide. Maybe one day the export of foodstuffs will be the biggest business in the Island! In the meantime, we should all be grateful for the Manx businesses that do contribute so much to our economy, even if it means paying a small Manx premium. Don't be fooled into thinking Tesco are interested in doing anybody but themselves any favours.
  4. It's clear that until Treasury explain to the public (or even our MHK's) how the VAT sharing arrangement works there will be confusion as to what the true situation is. I propose that anyone who is concerned at the recent turn of events asks their MHK "Please may we have an explanation of the VAT sharing arrangement?". In the meantime I am boycotting Tesco as I really do not want our Island to look like "Tescoland" across. Tesco is a very big, successful business. At the expense of others.
  5. Thanks for the comments - it's clear that what the Manx public need access to is the facts behind the VAT sharing agreement. According to the press, this is still secret! I think we all need to press our MHK's to persuade the Treasury to be a bit more open with us about this agreement which is likely going to cost us dearly in the coming years. In the meantime, shop local and buy Manx is my mantra!
  6. My (poor) understanding is that VAT paid here (on Island) to companies incorporated in the UK forms part of the UK's contribution to the Common Purse. Therefore, the Island loses out twice! The UK benefits and we don't get the credit. I'm no expert, perhaps someone else here is.
  7. My MHK told me. I admit I believed him! May I suggest that although I do not understand exactlyhow it works out to the Island's disadvantage, there may well be someone here who could explain it in simple terms.
  8. Everyone who is pleased to live in this green and pleasant land should realise that continuing to spend money in Tesco, B&Q, M&S and other shops which are foreign registered companies (i.e. they are not Manx registered companies) is a sure way to help the Island dig ourselves into a deeper hole, what with the UK's dramatic surprise VAT sharing deal announced last week. SHOP LOCAL AND BUY MANX! If you must shop in M&S etc., tell them you think they should re-register as a Manx company to truly support the local economy. Is there any support out there for this simple idea?
  9. It certainly didn't last time this came up. Ahh, here you go, deffo not a manx company: http://portal.gov.im/pvi/CompanyDetails.aspx?company=003012F M&S isn't either: http://portal.gov.im/pvi/CompanyDetails.aspx?company=004100F B&Q isn't: http://portal.gov.im/pvi/CompanyDetails.aspx?company=000489F Boots isn't: http://portal.gov.im/pvi/CompanyDetails.aspx?company=002194F Game isn't: http://portal.gov.im/pvi/CompanyDetails.aspx?company=003228F HMV isn't: http://portal.gov.im/pvi/CompanyDetails.aspx?company=002283F ...lots of companies not featuring in our GDP. Anyone know what the Coop supermarkets holding company is called? For goodness' sake, someone please tell John Houghton or Bill Henderson about this!
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