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  1. american beauty, eternal sunsine of the spotless mind, peter pan, amelie, garden state, waking life and vanilla sky.
  2. Leave the bright blue door on the white-washed floor. Leave the death lecher under city hall. Leave the joyful air and that rubber ball today. Leave the lilac print on the linen sheet. Leave the bird you killed at your father's feet. Let the sideways rain in the crooked street remain. Leave whimpering dog in his cold kennel. Leave the dead starlit on her pedestal. Leave the acid kids in their green fishbowls today. Leave the sad guitar in its hard-shell case. Leave the worried look on your lover's face. Let the orange embers in the fireplace remain. Cause everything must belong somewhere. The train off in the distance, bicycle chained to the stairs. Everything must belong somewhere. I know that now, that's why I'm staying here. Leave the ocean's roar in the turquoise shell. Leave the widower in his private hell. Leave the liberty in that broken bell today. Leave the epic poem on its yellow page. Leave the grey macaw in his covered cage. Let the traveling band on the interstate remain. Cause everything must belong somewhere. Sound-stage in California, televisions in Times Square. Everything must belong somewhere. I know that now, that's why I'm staying here. Yeah I know that now that's why I'm staying here. Leave the secret tops on the trundle bed. Leave the garden tools in the rusted shed. Leave those bad ideas in your troubled head today. Leave the restless ghost in his old hotel. Leave the homeless man in his cardboard cell. Let the painted horse on the somber carousel remain. Cause everything must belong somewhere. Just like the gold around your finger and the silver in his hair. Yeah, everything must belong somewhere. I know that now, that's why I'm staying here. I know that now, that's why I'm staying here. In truth, the fullest tears resound. Each blade of grass as it lies down. The world requires no audience. no witnesses, no witnesses. Leave the old town drunk on his wooden stool. Leave the autumn leaves in the swimming pool. Leave the poor black child in his crumbling school today. Leave novelist in his daydream tune. Leave the scientist in his rubik's cube. Let true genius in the padded room remain. Leave horses hair on the slanted bow. Leave the slot machines on the riverboat. Leave the cauliflower in the casserole today. Leave the hot white-trash in their shopping malls. Leave the hawks of war in their capitals. Let the organs moan in the cathedral remain. Cause everything must belong somewhere. You lock the devil in the basement, God up into the air. Yeah, everything must belong somewhere. I know it's true, I wish you'd leave me here. I know it's true, why don't you leave me here?
  3. her lies wind over me, like smoke from a secret cigarette. burning all the evidence. secret wings unfold in embers, fading out across the rooftops. playing, spinning on the carousel. we all stare, wrapping round her fingers shes smiling as she curls her long dark hair, she just twirls for us. captivated. while shes vidicated, haven in a glossy face. redemption always was her grace. so delicate, her ettiquette.. the way she moves, like the fireworks over the dead sky we watch all the pretty colours rise and float and fly when will she fade out? she takes of her pretty mask, undone and holding back. unravel all her ribbon veins, maybe shes just the same. maybe she loves the attention narcissistic, histrionic.. how can she be happy?
  4. i understand what holladaise is saying about being blunt, or telling us what to feel by using words like apathy and pain, and in a sense i agree, but poetry isnt always like art. it isnt always best when metaphorical, or when it makes you think, sometimes it can hit you hardest when it is blunt. but i dont even think this poem is blunt, i shows much more then just what it says and there are parts which do linger in the subconsious before unfolding, unless thats me just being crap. i like the last two lines, if anything they contradict what hollandaise is saying. initial immagery to me, is a playground scene, like a painting of an african woman crying in the dust, you need to think about it. sorry im not very good at getting my point across.
  5. thsi is a load of crap i just felt like writing. and had the tune to something corporate - constantine in my head at the time i turned 15 when no-one was watching, i hid upstairs in that big old house while they sat down, around a birthday tea pretending everything was ok. i tried to run away, at Kerry bay. i drunk until my knuckled bled from fist fights with the wall. i cried before i went to bed. and didnt sleep at all. and now im slumber in my own room and still pretend the cold is you when i know damn well the sheets are off and wishes dont come true. at christmas i discovered whiskey i dont care much for the taste but i like the way i can forget what i was thinking, at a pretty steady rate. i talk to this kid whos drinking every night, or getting high out of his f*cking head, instead of sleeping tight and he says hes lonely, but he doesnt say much more, i told him that i used to run away, but that i dont do it anymore. and lately, ive been speaking to a guy, about where were going to go, and all our dreams. that we will never live up to. and last month, i forgot id locked the door so i went down to the graveyard, and i lay down on the floor.. i watched the darkness fall and the stars creep across the sky and i made-believed some other things, so i wouldnt have to cry. ive been pushing it away, a little too often these days, because im tired. thats what i told him on the phone, when he asked me why id done it back in hospital last june. then he wrote me a song. and he said.. he said that nothing's set in stone, but soon they are carving out his epitath and i am all alone i cant go home. because ive no home. just this.. daydream refuge, where i dont go to sleep till late and we talk about everything but today.
  6. i got 18 hm.. i always thought i was very hostile.
  7. ohh... i cant even spell it!!
  8. sori who is this? and tuppence i dont know anything about modorating..
  9. if anyone has any videos or pictures of the band 'Back Door Slam' please could they pm or email me. they played at Castle Rushen BOTB and the all island teen Riverside, they have also done some various gigs round the island, any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  10. hi i was just wondering if anyone anywhere has some rugby pictures or videos of Brian Garvey(who died in the car crash last Thursday) he played for Castle Rushen, the Sothern Nomads and County Cheshire for a small period of time. if anyone has any information please pm or email me, thanks.
  11. ok thanks. it was Brian Garvey.
  12. sorry i dont know if this is in the right place or not but it does involve the car accident last Thursday night. my brother was one of the fatalities and my family would really really appriciate it if anyone has any video footage of him or Richard. He was a very talented rugby player and musician, with the band Back Door Slam (who played at the Riverside BOTB), im sure there must be some tapes somewhere its just a case of tracking them down, so please is anyone has any, or any idea who might could they email me. please. thanks.
  13. id have smashing pumpkins - stumbleine and a song my brother wrote for me.
  14. yaaaay, i got a hug of zephyr!! im sorry puddy if i offended you with the cat thing, even if you do become a cat woman im sure you will still be a very lobely person
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