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  1. speaking to flybe flight crew earlier on , she told me the reason easyjet are so quick to cancel the iom flights is because unlike flybe they have no base here and won't risk flying in if they can'y fly out again. This is really not an excuse to relieve them of their compensation obligations
  2. I did , this is why I asked "It is unclear whether "the earliest opportunity" requires airlines to endorse a ticket onto another carrier."
  3. ok , do you happen to know if you can't get on the next flight with easyjet - will they reimburse a flight you are forced to take with flybe ?
  4. So how does this affect flight delay compensation especially as flybe are still travelling the same route ?
  5. Ben delayed this evening , something wrapped around the propeller apparently - divers to be called if they can't resolve the issue
  6. Hmm , Pammie - 3 posts spanning 4 months and all in defence of the Steam packet ? Think I'll leave you to it
  7. Costly trip in the end , paid for a family room in Liverpool , next day having been told that there were no sailings until the thursday (including 0215 sailings ) we payed for 3 flybe flights for monday £240 including rail fares to Manchester . Flybe flight was cancelled due to fog on the IOM ( fair enough ) - flybe didn't quibble about putting us up in the Hilton for a night and finally got home this evening Final result about £450 down on hotel flight bills meals etc and 2 lost days of earnings as i am self employed . Wife has lost 2 days holiday entitlement .
  8. Stuck in liverpool after 5 hrs waiting , they offered to coach us to heysham for the 0215. Sailing , didn't fancy that with a young child so booked into a hotel . Does anyone know wether they are likely to rpay up ? Not too hopeful to be honest
  9. Well do you eat Chinese anywhere Onchan ?
  10. Thanks , i will speak to the owners tomorrow . Not too sure who they are as yet
  11. What sort of employment contract allows terms and conditions like that? I'm sure that is illegal I'll find out tomorrow , she hasn't been given any payslips or any record of NI being payed at all either
  12. Well , i called the restaurant and was openly told by the manager that the tips were used to pay the staff ! I asked what would happen if nobody tipped after a meal and he says the owners would have to pay "out of their own pockets " Incredible .
  13. Some good points thanks , but TJ , we don't have a money tree it's just a shame her first work experience had to be sullied by these greedy sods
  14. A young lad did that last week and was sacked for not pocketing his tip ! So the story goes Sacked for not pocketing his tip,why? Did you mean sacked for pocketing his tip? Sorry sacked for not informing his boss about his tip
  15. Yes I read something earlier regarding this , some law or other was passed and ignored - i feel like passing a few leaflets outside in the car park informing customers but I don't fancy porridge on a sunday morning
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