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  1. Straight from the Daily Mail . Congrats
  2. God you're such a fucking prick. Why don't you knock on your neighbors door and tell him , you little jumped up keyboard warrior.
  3. Not like he was living in a 2 up 2 down is it ? They could have a row and not see eachother for a week without leaving home.
  4. Bollocks , since the Tories threatened the BBC with massive cuts they have kissed arse big time . I couldn't bring myself to watch the BBC news from last spring because of it , channel 4 being the only viable option .
  5. So if the UK government suddenly refused to take questions from the media , bar the BBC you think that would be taken lying down ? No , it wouldn't because they live in a democracy . Has the penny dropped yet ?
  6. Yeah that's all we need , she's spent the last 12 months crawling in and out of Boris Johnsons arse hole . Hopefully she'll stay there
  7. Astonishing , it actually beggars belief .
  8. No , you dimwit . Go and have a rest
  9. Along with the bus/taxi drivers who collect from the airport and boat terminal , then go about their business as usual
  10. France - rife with covid UK - rife with covid Is the penny dropping yet?
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