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  1. If the youtuber was in charge instead of the spoilt brat we have now , i for one would feel safer
  2. That's what happens when weak governments ask people to toe the line instead of simply enforcing the law . Asking some thick selfish cunts to do things will usually result in rejection You don't ask stupid people to do what's necessary , you must tell them
  3. Well , I know a guy who for certain is breaking the 14 day rule , I reported him to the police and guess what ? He is still out and about today . I gave them his address etc .
  4. Re read my post , i said just as in that particular case . I f we were following the lead of say south korea or taiwan - mass testing very stringent controls on quarantine etc we had a chance to limit the number of infections . Howard had all the answers for his homework questions , he chose UK and USA models instead of the above .
  5. Sorry , but I think that's nonsense - if we had closed the ports just on saturday , the "1st" case wouldn't have happened along with the possible infection of others .
  6. Like I care you retard , " dilligaf" wow - how inspiring . You're just a silly little keyboard warrior with an axe to grind - all bitter and twisted and nothing more worthwhile to do than troll an important discussion with your meaningless drivel . Go to bed you dimwit
  7. Thick as 2 short planks , a big mouth with an even bigger ego . The whole world with all its expert advice closes its schools ......and you know better ? What a pleb.
  8. I'm not a teacher , but what an arrogant tosser you are
  9. So you don't think leaving schools open will add to the likelihood of the virus spiralling beyond control ? Clearly you are not very bright , leave your personal vendetta with teachers at the door with your spurs and saddle .
  10. speaking to flybe flight crew earlier on , she told me the reason easyjet are so quick to cancel the iom flights is because unlike flybe they have no base here and won't risk flying in if they can'y fly out again. This is really not an excuse to relieve them of their compensation obligations
  11. I did , this is why I asked "It is unclear whether "the earliest opportunity" requires airlines to endorse a ticket onto another carrier."
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