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  1. Yes , let's keep the downtrodden down , where they belong .
  2. Northern working class Chip and ex Tory ? Something doesn't add up there.
  3. Give the horrible c*nts 100 hrs community service , perhaps they'll think twice next time . If not , double it
  4. They were given a drink and a biscuit. Piss take , but not even remotely surprising.
  5. Giving it another go apparently
  6. Sensible , at the moment the only winners are the surveyor's and estate agents . The process at present is a joke
  7. Given his latest fuck ups and cover ups he couldn't risk any more disasters really , the useless greedy corrupt fat fuck.
  8. So if you believe something to be wrong , you should just vote in favour of it anyway regardless of conscience? What A Dickhead
  9. Really ? I seem to remember the Italian and Spanish lockdowns being a whole lot stricter than anything experienced in the UK . I guess it just doesn't suit your psychotic agenda eh ? Funny that
  10. Shifty goings on , no doubt about it.
  11. I just hope they can take their heads out of their arses , and really fight for the gas customers . These greedy fuckers need a bloody nose , why should they be protected from making losses for a while? Everyone else has been hit hard of late , yet these lot are crying for a 28% increase to guarantee they break even? Bollocks
  12. Yeah , they're not good but they're slow.
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