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  1. I just hope they can take their heads out of their arses , and really fight for the gas customers . These greedy fuckers need a bloody nose , why should they be protected from making losses for a while? Everyone else has been hit hard of late , yet these lot are crying for a 28% increase to guarantee they break even? Bollocks
  2. Yeah , they're not good but they're slow.
  3. This . I'm 53 - second dose today , if not for the totally insane and reckless 2 week vaccination holiday I'd be "fully" protected as the island opens up to the UK. I work with Joe public every day...... Crazy
  4. It's not a donation , hospice cover a lot of services on behalf of iom health service
  5. Of course he doesn't , but having completely fucked up over the delay in shutting down travel to and from India , he's covering this arse to any more criticism further down the line . The man is an absolute failure both as a human being and prime minister .
  6. Yeah , go mate and take Banker with you . Thanks
  7. floors4u


    I didn't take it out . Do you have any further comment as to whether this is normal practice?
  8. floors4u


    Just wondered if anyone can tell me , is it usual for a bank not to offer a reduced settlement fee on a personal loan when payed back early ? My wife had approx £7700 left to repay over approximately 3 years . I was certain her settlement would be a decent amount less than this figure due to the interest owing . But no , not only did they not offer a reduced settlement , but they also charged an extra £260 for loss of interest payed !! The mind boggles.
  9. Hmm , temporary regional passports as well eh ? Jeez
  10. Hmm , let's look at this - does "Boris Johnson" and "letter box" ring any bells in that strange little world of yours?
  11. Well you're completely out of touch , either that or it doesn't suit your agenda .
  12. Don't you feel in the least but stupid continually quoting this time after time after time ? What are you 12?
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