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  1. I like it when there are topics that have never been discussed before
  2. Seems reasonable to me and I'm sure lots of people would agree even if they're too afraid to say so.
  3. Means testing is needed of course. There should also be annual means testing too. Temporary residents at the address should also be taken into account and included in the means test. Occupants should be restricted from having more than two children. Occupants should also be forbidden from taking more than one overseas holiday per year or having a Sky subscription to anything other than the basic package. How about that?
  4. The issue is how close are the values of the extremists to the values of the mainstream community they claim to represent/act for. I happen to think the religion of the bible belt is connected with the KKK and that particular brand of Christianity has been and still is supported by significant numbers of right wing Americans, but even so I do admit the values of the KKK are now well outside the range of the majority of Christians. Is this the case with Muslim extremists and the general Muslim populations? I have to say I'm troubled. Attitudes I can only call Medieval are still very much supported across the Muslim world. The percentages approving of Killing someone if they changed their religion is truly shocking, and such attitudes are also found within Muslim populations in the West and even the UK: These results are from Muslims polled (16 – 24) for Policy Exchange: -37 percent of young British Muslims want Sharia law in Britain. -36 percent of young British Muslims think apostates should be killed. -13 percent of young British Muslims said they “admired” Al Qaeda. These ideas are seriously scary, and they are not just held by zealots, but within the mainstream. Interesting charts as always in the Economist. To me those figures tell me that we ought to be trying to get countries like Turkey, Indonesia, Bosnia, etc. more involved with fighting extremism. Turkey has problems with extremism but it is tackling them quite well (not helped by massive arrivals of refugees from Syria). Sharia Law is incompatible with western society. Islam is not incompatible.
  5. This attack has made me feel the same. I have always thought that there were limits to free speech along the lines of a freedom to say what you believe but not a freedom to offend. Now I'll happily stand up for free speech. This attack may help European unity somewhat - or am I being too naive?
  6. £150 per week? More like £50. Most unemployed were formerly hard-working and now feel embarrased to have to queue up to collect their meagre benefits. Then to force them into these schemes is just as humiliating. Plus of course while they're busy stocking shelves in fucking Sainsbury they're not able to be out there looking for a job that would really suit them. And if these companies need workers so badly why aren't they employing them the proper way? Thankfully even the multi national companies have seen the faults in these shitty ConLib scheme.
  7. Don't want someone to pack your bags then do it yourself. Don't want to give 50p or a quid to charity then don't.
  8. Cobblers. Do you have *any* idea what the alternative is to the bailout fund actually is? As has been said many times, if Greece defaults the consequences will be far, far worse. This is not about democracy, it's about mature fiscal management. Does mature fiscal management mean reducing the potential for growth in Greece over the next decade? Creating even more unemployed (already around 20%) which therefore increases benefit expenditure? Reducing support the the elderly, students, unemployed, single parents and the disabled? How will this help the Greek economy? It may help the German economy and help repay some of the dates for a little while but that's all. I hear that the EU are now trying to postpone the elections in Greece - they know that if the elections are held then more extreme parties will (rightly) win and will go back on all of the repayment agreements. This is democracy and it's time Greece told the IMF, EU and its creditors to go fuck themselves (as Argentina did).
  9. A median of about £500 per week? If that's true then quit your moaning
  10. Completely wrong. Don't know if he is innocent but there is clearly doubt here and in such cases the "ultimate punishment" should not be carried out. And since he was convicted in 1991 he has basically been punished twice - 20 years in prison (more than a life sentence in most countries) and death. There were massive problems with this convistion, most prosecution witnesses now back away from their original statements, other people have been accused of the crime, there is no DNA or blood evidence and importantly the man always maintained his innocence - "death row, go to hell", as the protesters were chanting yesterday.
  11. I think the forum sections are fine as they are but sub-forums would be a good idea but only if threads in those sub-forums also appear in the parent forum. Is this possible or can a thread only be in one forum section at a time? Hope that was clear - for example with some webmail sites you can only put things into folders whereas with GMail you can tag them and so they appear in different tags at the same time.
  12. They are so cute. Although I want them both I don't think it would be right to put them in the post for the week long delivery to me. Good luck.
  13. The MHKs do a fantastic job. I think they should be on some kind of performance-related pay contract. The amount of support that their voters have for them would assure them of a very nice salary.
  14. Seems like a good idea. Any mod saying that it would be such a lot of work is either very lazy or doesn't have a clue. On this kind of IP board it would take no more than 5 minutes to create the new forum, select the election topics and then move them to the new forum.
  15. How ever right he may be, he isn't making a good impression by describing the pier as "a piece of junk". You may well think that but as a politician you should be able to choose your words more carefully and should concentrate on explaining why a breast care consultant would be a good use of money rather than just slagging off the other option. Then again, he is standing for election in Onchan and maybe all Onchanites think this way about the pier.
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