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  1. Lil_G

    [BBC News] Banned pitbull seized on island

    I don't think Champ is a Pit Bull, from the looks of his face he's too short & wide in the muzzle, Pit's are more staffy looking, longer and more narrow in the face, that's why people call them "irish staffys" where as Champ appears to have a more of Dogue de Dordeaux or Mastiff cross type face, who ever was originally sold the dog was probably told he was a Pit Bull because they were willing the pay some stupid amount for a Pit Bull not actually knowing what one look likes. Silly girl should of taken the oportunity to have him re-homed instead of dragging it on and him being stuck in kennels, probably the reason he's unsure of people, having them looking at him all day, eye balling him, my dog would probably act the same in that situation.
  2. Lil_G

    [BBC News] Banned pitbull seized on island

    how about an Australian who lives in Yorkshire wearing a flat cap?
  3. Lil_G

    [BBC News] Banned pitbull seized on island

    Hmmmmm do you know what makes up an australian silky terrier............a yorkshire terrier & an australian terrier, so comparing them is nothing like comparing an apple & landmine.........apple, no landmine, landmine, no apple.
  4. Lil_G

    [BBC News] Banned pitbull seized on island

    I think comparing them makes sense, could you tell an australian person from a yorkshire person, based on looks alone?
  5. Lil_G

    [BBC News] Banned pitbull seized on island

    According to the idiots in the Kennel Club they aren't. The "idiots" at the KC have a valid point, a GP couldn't tell you if I was manx, american, sweedish, french or irish based on my looks, the same that a vet couldn't tell the difference between an australian silky terrier and a yorkshire terrier, unless of course they are breed experts but I'd doubt most are.
  6. Hello, could anybody tell me where would be the best place to buy a domain name? Thank you
  7. Lil_G

    I Hate Mondays!

    actually i dont mind gettin up in the morning's now my annoyin brother doesnt live at home. blowing his fckin nose at 6:30 "pheewww bleh snot gurgle growl shhnnenemendbvfbvb jwowqoewfjkfwejv" haha life is sooo much better with that extra half an hour
  8. Lil_G

    I Hate Mondays!

    i dont mind mondays, i hate havin to get out of bed but i have one annoyin sh!t of a dog who wont let u lie in the worst day of the week is friday for me cuz over half the office leaves early, some go at lunch then slowly they all disapear and its like me left on my own at 5, RUBBISH!
  9. Lil_G


    oh my god has no one seen My Name is Earl.................the TASH is deff the coolest thing goin at the moment, espcially the handle bar tash, but personlly facial hair is jus wrong an arm pit hair an chest hair jus body hair in general eeeuuuwww
  10. Lil_G

    Lucky Number Slevin

    oh my god i thought it was a proper class film, i heard a review on radio1 and they said it was rubbish but i jus went to see it anyways and was totally not expectin what happened, im deff buyin it on dvd, only thing that spoiled it was the rubbish pop corn i got, last time i went it was salt an sweet..........butter jus a no no
  11. Lil_G

    Malcolm In The Middle

    me and my bro have always Malcolm in the middle since it first started on Sky one ages ago, its proper class, u do deff have to watch it from the start to really understand certains things but its still good even if u've only jus started watchin it
  12. Lil_G

    Under Age Drinking

    i never got cought goin in to pubs in douglas, the first time i went i was 15 an got in everywhere apart from paramount but when i was 17 i got in. i did get caught absolutly hammered when i was 14 drinkin in the slums of ballasalla and i was brought home by the police and i had to go the police station durin the week but all i got was told off ha ha
  13. Lil_G

    Do You Consider Yourself To Be Fit?

    i dont consider myself to be fit as in healthy, im way to lazy but i wud say im fit as in looks.......fittest in my family B)