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  1. Nothing sinister or worth knowing I'm afraid! I had an operation and the wound isn't healing as well as I think it should, it doesn't look very healthy so I want some advice on it. I can't get about very much under my own steam so going to the doctor would mean the husband having time off too and as it's mostly just reassurance I want, it doesn't justify half a days holiday or A&E really. I think I'll pop to the minor injuries unit at the Cottage one night, I'd completely forgotten that place existed tbh! I looked into MannDoc and as you say momo, it's not really a service you'd u
  2. Thanks guys, I'll look into MannDoc!
  3. Is that your own GP though? Could I see a nurse in a completely different district....? Sebrof, I'm sure it doesn't warrant A&E. My main reason for finding one local to my job is that I can't take anymore time out to see doctors and I don't want to waste half a day sat in A&E for what is most likely something the nurse can solve. I'll give the GP darrrn Sarrrrf a ring tomorrow and see what they say. Actually, isn't there a wound clinic/nurse.....? The DHSS website is not helping me with this at all.
  4. I have an injury that I'd like a Dr. or nurse to see but I don't want to make an appointment and go to my GPs surgery and I don't want to go up to A&E. Is there any kind of 'drop in' type medical facility in the south of the island? Could I even just ring up any other GPs surgery and ask to see the practice nurse....?
  5. Ahh man, I was just in Thorntons picking my Easter egg too.... Looks like a repair job then, hope it's not too pricey and if it's working sporadically, it may not be anything too serious.
  6. No problem ans, I was merely passing on information. Hopefully it'll keep working!
  7. Is it a frost free one ans? The frost forms at the back of these, instead of all round the inside and after time (sometimes less than 12 months) the frost build up can stop the whole thing working. Try unplugging it (if you haven't already) and leaving it to thaw for a couple of days, it might work after that and you may save yourself the repair mans call out fee......
  8. It's gonna be football pitches.
  9. Right, due to over zealous ticket booking I have 4no. tickets for sale. They are WEEKEND CAMPING tickets, with COACH TRANSFER from Liverpool, super handy if you're coming from the island that weekend! These tickets were purchased today from www.seetickets.com (reputable ticket sales) and I've had booking confirmation that I can offer as proof to anyone interested in buying and I'm happy they'll be on their way in August! I don't want to make money from them particularly, so I'm offering them for sale for a total of £778.36 (face value £193.39 x 4 plus £4.80 booking fee) or £194.59
  10. I am looking for a builder to repair a roof and renovate inside due to water damage. It's not just a few slates missing and the water damage is fairly extensive. Any suggestions?
  11. Why is it such a shame to see them go? A bit of nostalgia? The old Imperial was a right state, a huge pebble-dash monstrosity, it looked like a mental health institute.... All of the hotels along that prom are past their best. I'm sure if business was booming they would be renovated or at least painted. The only part of those hotels that are presentable is the facade, take a walk round the side! They were the last century's equivalent of the some of the cheap tat that gets built today, they were built to make money in a tourist boom that had it's day more than 50 years ago.
  12. School holiday dates are published 2 years in advance and the children are off for 18 weeks a year. I can't see how people are unable to take their holidays when the children are on school holidays, yes it costs more but if a 2 week foreign holiday means that much to you, save a bit harder or for a bit longer. If you absolutely have to take time off during term time, then you just have to put up with having an unauthorised absence or 2. I really don't see why a couple of days of unauthorised absence would matter when up til now, most parents would happily take their children out of school
  13. Stu, you need a new boiler. £150/month!? That's shocking. Just on heating? We probably spend less than £300 a year on heating. We don't live in an efficient house, not by a long way! But we have solid fuel central heating, which means no coal, no heat. We don't put the immersion on for hot water as we have a dishwasher and an electric shower. People will use energy just because it's there, you probably don't need the heating to come on in the morning, you'd just prefer not to feel cold when you get out of the shower. People will sit around their houses in winter wearing t-shirts with no socks
  14. You people need to build a bridge and get over it. I don't like 'love' or 'sweetheart' at work. It is belittling, especially when whoever says it usually assumes you couldn't possibly help them with their query. I loathe 'babe' especially from orange faced teenage sales assistance. "Y'alright babe...is that everything babe" Shut up you silly cow!!
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