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  1. I'm inclined to see this activity as a means to get young Manks women to shut up and go to bed?
  2. There are some scary people out there! Or should I say, there are some scary people in power out there! Each to their own... This question goes out to all the pagans among us. Does anyone know what, why or how there's a relationship between why we celebrate Hop tu naa and then we celebrate the mid-winter Solstice???? And correct me if I'm wrong, (which I maybe) but isn't tomorrow (2nd Nov 2009) the true hop tu naa...???
  3. Are you taking the piss? Your son was ill enough for you to call an ambulance and tie up paramedics, and you're saying it's nothing? You're entitled to your opinion mate, but don't you think using words like 'tie up paramedics' a little condescending. Was I meant to do something else. Sorry I wasn't clear enough for you to understand. It's pretty obvious there was no diagnosis and I don't think anyone will be properly diagnosed unless they are on deaths door. But of course you could be right, I could just be hamming it up for attention. On a probability scale, I think Swine flu is a good candidate, you're welcome to disagree, but I wouldn't bother. Quite right. You should take it to your workplace and spread it around people who may have other health issues at the time so they can get seriously ill. Yeah, OK ANS.... whatever..... Like you've never passed biological material to another person.... I find that hard to believe seeing how good you are at piling your crap on here... you're so perfect... that might be why so many of us find you so irritating. ------------------------------ As usual, the cretinous vultures start picking... My point was to try and alleviate some of the fears being fed by the media by giving my experience. IT'S JUST FLU, STOP WHINING ABOUT IT.
  4. Ah pish posh media rubbish. Let me tell you my story. and then you might have a better understanding on how things like these nice viruses spread among us so easily. Many people around me seemed unable to come to terms with the possibility that we had swine flu. I was finding myself bewildered as to why people were playing it down to the point of thinking I'm a hypochondriac. Starts off with my little lad (4yrs) getting croup and struggling to breath. Well my little boy started sleeping all day on sunday and we thought he was just tired. By early evening he was struggling to breath (heavy chest) but not quite enough to worry us. 24 hours later (Monday) we had paramedics at our home as our son had a temperature of 39'C, by the time the ambulance arrived (minutes later) they registered his temperature at 40'C. Luckily a hefty dose of paracetamol brought his temp down to a cool 38'C. The doctor at A&E didn't think it serious as he had responded to the paracetamol and appeared to have an ear and throat infection, or as she put it " a mild infection and no antibiotics needed" So off we went home. Me and the missus took shifts that night at home to stay up and watch him. We had to keep him cool and changing his position (kids are wriggle bums aren't they) that allowed him to breath easier, and a times we could see his lips turning blue. After about 12 hrs, his temperature came down to a sensible level and the panic was over. Tuesday, took him doctors and doctor was flabbergasted that the hospital hadn't even given our son antibacterial treatment for his throat infection. The Dr asked us if we had been to an infected country recently and could this be swine flu? So my son gets better over the next few days but was showing a lot of discomfort in his breathing and general chest area. We are convinced he had weird bout of croup but can't work out why nothing had preceded it. He's had chest problems before and if he gets flu or other virus like infections, he seems to get croup, not croup followed by an ear infection. Anyway, come Thursday we're all feeling relieved that our little boy is over this mysterious illness (he's still ill, just not as bad). Then on Thursday evening, I start to get feverish and feeling weak; you know what I'm talking about, that unmistakable flu feeling. I put it down to the stress of the previous week and convince myself that tomorrow I'll be feeling better after a good nights sleep. Friday, feeling groggy. Phone doctors surgery to find out what we should do if we have flu. Receptionist gives us a number to call, it's a recorded message about flu and how basically they ain't doing sweetFA about it. I spend the weekend realising I caught it from my son who in turn caught it from a kid at nursery. I'm feeling ok but for a sore throat. which is getting worse, then my ears start to play up, I think it was about Sunday my partner starts feeling ill with it. This was a rather strange flu, spent a week going from feeling fine to feeling like crap, but all in all I've had worse flu than this before today, I'm quite convinced this isn't swine flu, it can't be, this couldn't kill a flea. But I'm a typical bloke when it comes to illness and the last time a flu got me bad was way back in '96; now that was real flu. My partner is more sensitive and appears rather down with her dose of it. I keep referring to feeling ok to feeling bad with it and wondering what all the fuss is about this flu; and of course if it is swine flu, then I'm not impressed... Then.. It all comes clear to me why my son was so seriously ill the previous week. I woke up in the morning with the mother of all sore throats (not tonsillitis) and my chest is agony, I mean try and imagine what it would be like to swallow a fishing hook and try to pull it out..... It was then that the penny dropped with what my son had. The poor sod has had the flu and at the end it's hit his chest. We've thought of it as croup when in fact it was the death throws of the the flu. I didn't get it as bad as my child and my wife didn't get it in the chest like my son and I. I'm racing through this as it is late (01:30am) so excuse my vagueness. Symptoms. Feeling feverish, hot flushes, cold flushes, about 24hrs but didn't have a temperature like my son. The snottiest nose and I swear it tried to come out of my ears as at times I felt like I was deaf. Constant ear popping and tinnitus. skin, bone and muscle was feeling like it hurts, didn't last long though. Sore throat all the way through that got progressively worse as it moved down my larynx. Start feeling better and then my lungs feel like they want to burst. this is the scary bit and lasts about three days followed by a good week of coughing lungs up. mostly at night. Oh, and yeh it's nice to know, but we all had mild diarhia was also present but not the sqwits. So there you go. I'm +80% sure we had swine flu but we'll never know as nobody gave a shoit. I can see how it could kill, if you have weak lungs etc this is going to hit hard. The youngest are at greatest risk as we didn't even see it coming. Anyone with kids in nursery will need to be vigilant, the symptoms are mild until the end when it crashes into the lungs like one of ANS's posts. totally unpredicted and seriously not welcome. My daughter didn't get it though, so it shows that even in close contact your not garrenteed to get it. Oh, and as for all these posts and comments on whole work forces going down, well it just shows what a bunch of dirty gits you all are. lol. Lastly, did you know that a study on how flu spreads proved that it was the touching infected surfaces that did the damage, and not the sneezing as many think. Hence the emphasis on 'catch it - bin it - kill it' campaign. The fact it is spreading so well is testimony to how dirty we are. The media are full of shiiiiiiiiit, and a healthy person won't even take time off work with this flu. There... don't panic. don't buy tabloid and sensationalist papers, there for idiots, especially 'The Guardian' who in my opinion are proper feeding this. Go read some real educational stuff about the flu written by people who know what they are talking about.
  5. Oh, yes, those good old days where half of the Island would be unemployed after September each year. Those good old days, when they parked buses outside the dole office / job centre so people didn't have to wait in the rain. Those good old days, when people were put in 'Winter work gangs' to get them off the dole, digging up roads. Those good old days when a career was either with the IOM Bank, Steam Packet or Government. Anything else was only found away from these shores. I tell you what, you ####off back to those 'Good old days'. I'm fine here thanks. Do me a favour and show me where a Manks nationalist of merit has harped on about going back to re-live those good old days...
  6. £100+ for nutting someone is great value, is it me or is there a pricing scheme for doing these sorts of things..??? How much for biting someone's ear off? I suppose he got away with it because he's such a good boy, and this sort of behaviour is out of character for him; or maybe Moyle thought the person who got nutted deserved it! Does anyone know what provoked him? http://icnewcastle.icnetwork.co.uk/0200spo...50081-14667450/
  7. Manxman2 - you do realise that they will continue to stab at everything you say until you get bored and quit.
  8. What I'd give to have seen the look on their faces when they realised they had lost control. :lol: It's always nice to know there is now another safe driver (or two) on Manks roads. Or at least they will be careful drivers now they have a better understanding how quickly it can all end. That which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
  9. I wonder what the churches roll was on this tradition. I mean, wasn't the Wren associated with the druids.
  10. My only criticism for MilitantDogOwner, is that it's a bit silly to think (some) sheeple on this forum have the scope and ability, to understand your position outside the realm of their own little worlds. Eh, before you lot start, that includes me. Also, what kind of cock?suck'n fag makes a joke about another man's wife. I do have a suggestion though; how about these bands meet in a place that won't upset those of us who don't believe in all that religious Christ shoit or don't have time for it. Go to a more public venue! That way, if I don't want to give you my money or listen to your nostalgic hooting, I don't have too. MilitantDogOwner, if they can play horns outside your home and demand money, then my advice is to play jingle bells on the car horn outside their homes and see if they like it. Just remember that sounding your horn from a stationary vehicle is not recommended (legally), so keep moving. Also, from a lot of the narrow minded responses on this thread, I'd like to see what would happen if the Mormon morons, or another ethnic or religious group came outside their homes; (and by 'their' I mean those of you who think MDO is wrong) as they were settling down to their tea, demanding money. This forum would see a similar bitch-fest asking for someone to stop them. Ask yourselves. Why do the bands or charities for that matter, only come around at this time of year? And if you think it's because they want to give a little festive spirit to their fellow man, then you're definably in the sheeple camp. Merry F'n Christ's-mass to you all.
  11. Having Bill Malarkey 'on board' with Peter Karran was a massive asset. At least having a seconder will allow the motion to be debated and then voted on. And that is where our politicians' true colours show. No seconder, them the motion will drop like a stone off the end of the Victoria Pier. We should listen to what Peter Karran has to say to the motion. If you agree with it but your MHK (or for that matter, any MHK) doesn't second it then you should ask them why. If they don't have a damn good reply then they should consider if they are worthy of your vote at the next election. Totally agree with you.
  12. staaue


    I'm not suffering from xenophobia you clown.
  13. staaue


    As a country, we don't want to default on a loan, so retrospectively approving it was the right thing to do. I agree, the right thing to do is smooth over and honour these agreements. It's a way of Tynwald showing responsibility, the buck stops with the treasury etc.... Now send the right message, sack all who were involved; otherwise, we risk the same thing happening again.
  14. staaue


    Who...? Deemster Moore's laws. :lol: Why would you give a crap about such a monumental screw up. You sir, are not even a native of this country; so I think I'll take your opinion as biased. ChinaHand. So you think he should be left to run things after all that has happened.
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