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  1. I think it was in the 1990s Wolverhampton University did a survey of the Deads and probably the surrounding mine workings and said that they should be covered over as a matter of urgency. I bet you couldn't find a copy of that report now!

  2. I spent the day at Rushen Abbey today as a grand parent / helper and thoroughly enjoyed it as did the children. There is obviously a christian bias, not overdone and a lot of historical input about the Abbey and the monks. The staff have an excellent relationship with the children and the emphasis was on fun and respect for others. There is no bible bashing or praying and the Christian content is put over very subtly. I have also experienced their input in a school and they inspire some fascinating discussions opening up the children's minds and preparing them for secondary school. Religion is hardly mentioned although the leader makes them aware of his faith but not pushing it.

  3. I drove over the Round Table last night and it is an amazing sight. It did strike me on the way back that there wasn't a sheep in sight. Maybe a coincidence!

  4. Those green fields with nothing growing in them are obviously growing grass or they wouldn't be green. The grass is probably to be cut for a crop of hay or silage.

    Set aside land in the UK can always be recognised by the weeds and unkempt state of the fields. You don't see that in the isle of Man.


  5. There's something wrong with our tele! Some channels are fine but on others the picture breaks up spasmodically. Has anyone had trouble with their signal or am I looking at the expensive option with a broken tv.

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