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  1. I wonder if the farmers as part of the Countryside Care scheme are responsible for the condition of footpaths going through their land. As it has been decreed that they are responsible for trimming the roadside hedges I wonder how many will. Cyclists, walkers and horse riders are now having to move further over into the middle of the road to escape the clutches of the brambles!

  2. Foxdale Deads have never been in government ownership. Signs have been put up in the last few months advising the public to keep out which by and large they have. In last weeks Courier there was a planning application for a large mansion house on the site. Although it is not zoned for building I'm sure permission will be granted!

  3. Courgettes are pretty easy to grow. I put purple sprouting broccolli in where my spuds came out of last year and we are eating it now like wise with cabbages. my spinach has overwintered and is growing on well. The last of the leeks came out yesterday. Allansons in St johns have a good selection of veg and I believe Kirby Garden have tomato plants in already.

  4. King Bill's is not selective and gets excellent results from all it's children through the first class teaching and the higher expectations of the pupils. I believe pupils who are not expected to make the grade at IB are probably encouraged to do A levels elsewhere.

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