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  1. God knows what the plans are but I can just picture a big posh house there. I rather liked it as it was. I wonder was permission given to remove the trees.
  2. His speech was no worse than Zara Philips' when she won and a lot better than I expected. If only he could call " the guys" something else for a change!
  3. I have never forgotten J. A. s sayings. Procrastination is the thief of time and Think before you ink.
  4. I could give you the name of the company now but they do not have to disclose the names of the directors except for the company secretary who is an Atholl Street lawyer.
  5. If the mound isn't polluted how come it's not allowed to be removed from the site and is being buried under the houses and under the proposed children's play area.
  6. I was in my local convenience store this morning and the chap behind the counter was listening to his i pod and singing along the whole time that he was serving me. Couldn't blame it on local customer service though as he definitely wasn't Manx!
  7. This will be the person who hides behind a British Virgin Islands company and is rumoured to be planning to build a large house on the site although it is not zoned for building!
  8. I can remember farmers going on to the beach at Castletown with horses and carts and filling them with wrack. I think they used some at Cregneish as well and it was from them that I heard about the stone problem.
  9. I believe the stones mixed in with the seaweed can be a problem.
  10. The parking is pretty dire in Castletown and I'm pretty sure Shoprite aren't going to be too pleased with Tesco customers coming through their entrance or parking in their car park.
  11. Mr Skinner, geography teacher before Mr Kinder married One of his pupils called Grace. Looking back it was an excellent school and I loved every minute of my time there. I had a long chat with Wily Wally this year and he is as sharp as ever. His ambition is to be retired for as long as he taught there and he's well on the way.
  12. Could be a man who lives in a castle in a far away land.I was reliably informed(not by a man in the pub) by a friend in his constituency. He has worked out how much the current MHK has cost over the last five years and he will save the manx people that expense.
  13. So how would you feel about a candidate who was telling prospective voters that he doesn't need the money so won't be taking a wage or a pension?
  14. Lord Boot seems to be singing from the same hymn sheet as the Liberal Vannin candidate for Garff. Both want a Plan B in place regarding abrogation. Maybe he got the idea from listening to Dobson the night before his own broadcast.
  15. I'm surprised no one has ever complained about the Parish Walk!
  16. Anybody seen any proof that Mrs.C or her father were born in the Isle of Man?
  17. Typically that strategy does not seem to have been progressed. Having been engulfed in a cloud of smoke from a neighbour which included burning plastic I spoke to one of the Environmental protection officers who said that they were still in the process of drawing up the legislation to stop nuisance burning. He said the same thing last year!
  18. I can only think that people are not aware of the composition of the aptly named Deads. 20 years ago Wolverhampton uni did a study and recommended to our government that the seriously polluted areas be covered over as a matter of urgency but still nothing has been done. Very small children are frequently seen riding round in clouds of dust, even having a barbecue at the side. When the new surface was put in at The Bowl it was found that the old pitch had been put in on a base of material from the Deads. This was considered to be so polluted that it had to be covered before the new pitch was put in.
  19. I had long tails in mine. Be very careful what you put in it. They could also have been attracted by the warmth.
  20. Elsie was married to Harry's brother Les who died tragically a long time ago.
  21. Hi Ray, Maybe a dozen or more years ago I was teaching at the Buchan School and had a little girl in my class whose father was seriously interested in opening a dry sky slope. Her name was Towers and I believe she lived in Union Mills but they could well have moved off the island by now.I think he was looking at the land south of the road between Braddan School and the Strang on the south side of the road.
  22. Archallagan consultancy fees etc.
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