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  1. The further development of Foxdale towards the east is reliant on the Deads being reclaimed and used as public amenity land. As Dandara now have a foothold in the village I'm sure this will probably happen. There was a surveyor on the Deads for a couple of days a few months back. It amazes me how people with young children take them there to ride their bikes knowing how polluted it is especially in the summer with the dust blowing around them. The new pitch at the Bowl has had to be laid on a special membrane as the original footings were made of fill from Foxdale that's how serious the risk would appear to be.
  2. I don't know how it all works but where does a new very expensive cull facility fit in to this? Could it not work in conjunction with the meat plant?
  3. Trap baited so hope we catch it tonight. Funnily enough only the white hens were killed, must have been able to see them better in the dark.
  4. A polecat killed most of my hens last night. Has anyone else had any experience with these nasty little beasts? Will it wander off to someone elses hen run or will I have to try to trap it, if so how?
  5. There were spring cabbage and chard plants in Allansons at St Johns last week. You could also put garlic in soon.
  6. My son has a set looking for a good home. Can't remember off hand what they are but there are 3 different pairs of differing weights. Text or phone 462663
  7. Who were the off island Consultants? If they were the same ones that did Archallagan their figures never added up!
  8. I agree. Cringle is a legend and to have such a sense of humour at his time of life is worthy of celebration with his own rock. On a serious note I'm sure his History Man series should be published.
  9. I know exactly how I would feel if a plane took off over my house at 7am on a Sunday! I know that certain people have attempted to get a Certificate of Lawfulness for businesses that have caused a nuisance to their neighbours and have been unsuccessful. These operations as far as I am aware had not been turned down by planning in the previous 10 years as this airstrip has.
  10. They will be better off dead than rescued and placed in the same situation as the Santon cockerels.
  11. I bet Mount Rule airport isn't closed today!
  12. I wouldn't hold out any hope of help from planning or any department of what was DOLGE. We have had issues with a very noisy neighbour and have been trying for years to get something done. All sorts of things have been suggested including noise abatement orders but they never follow through. It has always surprised me that these planes flying in and out of what has always been a very sensitive area are not subject to any security restraints.
  13. As an experienced butcher could you give me your views on bull beef. Would you consider it an inferior product? I believe there is a lot produced on the Island at the moment. Can butchers refuse to buy bull beef from the abattoir?
  14. Will this have any implications as to the theft by the UK of the Kaupthing money?
  15. Nice one on The Headlines Again "Knackers Yard"
  16. I'm pretty sure Mr Briggs doesn't have any children. Although I am in favour of allotments being made available to all who want one I must admit that the Braaid allotments are an eyesore when seen from the Foxdale road.
  17. Closed today as the heating wasn't working!
  18. Anyone interested in the Manx Ministerial system should read Roly Drower's 2005 0ration at the Illiam Dhone Ceremony. I'm sure someone should be able to produce a link to it if it hasn't been on before.
  19. Does your degree of Manxness have any bearing under Protocol 3 on the availability of health care in the EU.
  20. Many moons ago when it first opened I worked at Ballaquayle school and every year we had a best decorated turnip competition. The smell in the school was horrendous and all the candles were lit - no health and safety then! The children all took part in the processional Hop tu naa dance around the hall. I have seen this dance done quite recently and the kids love it.
  21. Last year there was a particlarly good crop at Pooilvaish farm and there is always a good display at the Eairy Dam. This will eventually be cut probably those outside the fence by DOT and those inside by DAFF. I have never heard of anyone being prosecuted.
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