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  1. Unfortunately some motorcyclists seem to be a law unto themselves and are hell bent on spoiling things for other people. Last week I saw motor cycle tyre marks in Archallagan, I have seen bikes in South Barrule plantation and I have been told that they also ride in the Cringle plantation. I often see the "weekend visitors" usually plastered in mud and often riding like mad things on the road.

  2. We used to enjoy trips to Ireland but having bought a bigger camper a couple of years ago we found that it was overweight for the what was then the Seacat. Can anyone tell me what the weight limit is on the Snaefell as I can't remember which of the Seacats it is? Do they still weigh campers before embarkation?

  3. According to Heritage Homes it was an accident. It seems to be an occupational hazard on building and industrial sites these days. There was a big black plume within a few hundred yards of my house this morning. I believe there will be new legislation brought in in the new year to stop these unfortunate accidents.

  4. There is a further Manx connection at the Olympics although purely financial. The horse ridden by Mary King in the 3day event is owned by Eddie Davies (Strix). He spends vast amounts of momey on Eventers and show jumpers.

  5. Went on Tuesday and thought it was excellent. I've seen it in Londom with Stephanie Lawrence and David Cassidy and this production was equally as good. Did Micky remind any one else of one of our MHKs?

  6. I had a visit from a chap from DOLGE about the case I reported and he reckons fly tipping on the island is out of hand. It's over a month now since I told them and the commissioners and the stuff is still lying there and i'm still waiting to make a statement. Three years ago I reported a heap of asbestos dumped in the same place and that's still there as well.

  7. I saw some people tipping right next to a main road in broad daylight about a month ago. I reported it to the appropriate authorities and hopefully action will be taken but the heap of rubbish plus another one from a return visit is still there. In the same area there is also rubbish from previous tippings which has been lying there for months and noone seems to care.

  8. I remember a Juan in Castletown who would be about seventy now. Also come to think of it a certain very popular teacher at CRHS had a son called Juan who will be in his early fifties.

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