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  1. How could he be a Councillor in England up to 2003 if he has been resident in the Isle of Man for the last 20 years?
  2. Living in Malew I am still waiting to meet two of the candidates,they must be pretty confident as there are three votes in our household. My daughter is in Glenfaba and she received yet another letter from Sir Geoffrey today. It would appear that if he is elected like the Clinton's you get two for the price of one. Today's epistle has a message from Suzie. " It has been a long campaign and I have been behind Geoffrey, sometimes in front, all the way. I have been on the doorstep with Geoffrey, not just working behind the scenes, as I want people to know that I am fully signed up and part of the team! If Geoffrey is elected I can assure you that I will not only continue to support him politically, but that I look forward to meeting you socially. We are both committed to the local community and will attend and support local functions together or individually wherever and whenever we are invited." All we need is another high profile politician's wife! prominence is also given to his views on immigration. Surely he is an immigrant.
  3. The same thing is happening with Archallagan. The whole thing is being driven along by the civil servants. Somewhere there will be a man (or in the case of DOLGE maybe a woman) with a plan and they won't back down.
  4. You've got a good point there. He makes an absolute fool of himself every year at the Royal Manx show.
  5. Malew and Santon 1 visit 2 manifestos Perhaps they can't find their way to the Eairy. More votes in Ballasalla!
  6. First gig across was Ike and Tina Turner at Sheffield uni only we didn't call them unis in those days. Best ever was the Beegees in Dublin.
  7. Perhps you mean Geoffrey Boot Baron of Waughton! www.prestoungrange.org/prestoungrange/html/household/edinburge_gazette.html
  8. The Rolling Stones at the Palace Ballroom!
  9. A house that we used to live in now has a large parking area opposite which was certainly not on our deeds. Government owned land!
  10. Maggle has a point,very well put! I ride horses on the roads but usually now only at weekends because of the increasing danger especially from heavy wagons. What really annoys me is the number of riders who don't bother to thank you when you slow down and the people who do not wear hi viz clothing. I think I am correct in saying however that in the Highway Code it is advised that riders should ride in twos to encourage the traffic to move out into the road to overtake. This obviously wouldn't apply in a narrow lane. The British Horse Society organised a road safety lecture last week but I don't suppose it was very well attended. The Pony Club also have tests for their members and a series of lectures before they take the test.
  11. IN the past I've run it through the cycle again and then it opens.Worth a try.
  12. I'm sure there is a thread somewhere on what questions to ask prospective MHKs.Does anyone know where to find it as I'm sure I'll forget everything I want to ask if and when anyone turns up.
  13. I've got barns,sheds,garden,so should be able to help. Email woo@manx.net.
  14. Got one ready to go now also a Manxie and one with a tail. Give us a ring on 851657
  15. A friend of mine who lives up a very long farm lane had a letter pushed through her letter box from a director of a very well known local company saying that he had been driving past and would she consider selling her house and some land as he was looking for somewhere with land for his ponies.
  16. Has anyone driven along the Starvey Road lately. What was once a public highway appears to have turned into a very muddy farm lane. There also appear to be planning issues. There are all sorts of housesand shedswith big roadways coming off it, landfill sites and even a quarry. I hope the road which is all breaking up due to the heavy traffic is cleaned up before the rally.
  17. I'm sorry but in my experience ministers are not able to work for their constituents as they are not allowed to campaign against issues with which they are not in agreement.
  18. How can you be sure fly ash can't be sent to landfill. Any thing is possible in the Isle of Man!
  19. I think the new UK regulations apply to plastic such as fertiliser bags and bale wrappings. In the IOM these seem to end up wrapped around trees.
  20. I'm sure it was a coincidence but I was driving along the Plains of Heaven last night shortly after 7.30 and definitely saw a greenish firework.
  21. Those are my husband's horses on the stamp. I only went once. It was like watching paint dry only worse because it was so cold.
  22. If all the MHK's were women there wouldn't be a problem. How about some of the lady members of this forum standing for election.
  23. I'm sure lots of people think that Clarkson can walk on water so why would he need a boat or a harbour?
  24. It's nearly as bad as Jarndyce and Jarndyce.
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